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I thought I will never tell you how I love you raglak OS

I was waiting outside the emergency room.The red light in the bulb flickers which makes my heart wrench. I looked through small round glass and saw her lying pale on hospital bed. She looked weak with many wires attached to her petite figure. She’s the exact replica of delicate glass either you break it by holding strong,or you preserve it holding loose.

Few months before.

Ragini ,ragini is the most beautiful girl I have ever met. She is  like goddess Aphrodite (love goddess) who came to capture everyone’s heart. I fell for at first sight,when I first locked my eyes with her.I met her at a airport, she came to me to ask about details of flight.

She stuttered which was kinda cute. I was out of trance when she waved a hand in front of face. We spoke till flight came n she went.

I sat there on airport waiting for my plane,maybe if destiny permits I will meet her.

Days flew, minutes n hours passed we were away from each other.She invaded my personal territory n made it blossom with her memories.Everyday the first n last face I see is her.I wanted all love from her.I imagined how it would be to be loved by someone,as I was a orphan no no I have many bros n sis n moms than anyone could have,they give me more affection. But love??

The miracle happened she joined my office as my personal assistant. I was very happy.My heart was jumping up n down .It became my secret hobby to oogle at her from my desk n secretly stalk her.

Yes I noticed all her cute activities, small smile n naughty pranks in office,which makes me fall for her more…


Ragini POV

Every time I see him I’m enchanted by his magic charm. I’m lost in his pool eyes of chocolate.

I loved him for a long time.I fell for him way before we met according to him we met only at airport.But I saw him before that in traffic when he was helping a old man I fell for him.My love for him increases with my raising heartbeat.

I stalked him practically that day at airport, I came to drop my grandma n took initiative to speak with him.Then I joined his office. Now I am looking at him daily.

I decided to confess my feelings for him soon.

Its better late than never right???

Laksh POV

I got a phone call which practically changed my life.My father was I’ll n expected me to come.When I went my father wanted me to take after him his company.

That day ragini resigned her post when enquired she said she was going to be married that’s why.

Laksh POV

10 days passed after I reached here,no call from her ,not even a single call.I rang her once twice n thousands but no response.

Did I forgot to mention that ragini n I exchanged numbers n we spoke daily which became a  habit.I called my office n asked about ragini as my pa of course. They said a thing which shattered my heart,she was getting married n she resigned.


Ragini POV

I know where I am.I am in a coma.I could hear footsteps of people stepping in n out. I could hear muffles cries n my own heartbeat in monitor thudding in room.I felt so lonely.

I waited for him.For laksh maybe oneday he will come.I just want to hear his voice once then go somewhere in sky.

Some months before when laksh went home.

Ragini was going to Home in her scooty ,when a driver who drove haphazardly his truck hit her.She flew upwards n then was thrown towards the opposite side.

Ragini:Icould  feel my body pain increases.I felt dark cool liquid flowing from my body.I closed my  eyes with last vision of his face that etched in my memory n darkness surrounded me.

Nine months passed

I’m here back to see ragini.yes I love her so much even if she marries someone I’ll be happy.

I reached her house n asked about her.Her mom told me that she had an accident n was in coma.

I rushed to hospital then I reached her room.I could hear her heartbeat increase as if she sensed my presence. I open my mouth to speak n then closed it.Then after 20 mins I whispered one word ragini ,her body started shaking I shouted ragini n called for doctors.

Ragini POV

I felt his presence after so long then I heard his voice whisper my name with much love.I tried to open my eyes n fight for him once ,then my body started reacting differently.Maybe that was our destiny.I knew he love me,then his shout confirmed his love.atleasr now I could die peacefully.


Doctors came out,they said she was safe n a miracle she even survived .They permitted to see her.

Laksh went in with baby steps.ragini woke up she shifted slightly laksh made her sit n offered her glass of water .

Neither of them spoke.Them laksh said I want you say you something .ragini too said the same.

Laksh stopped her

No ragini I have waited far long n it will be me first.

I love you ragini.I want to live with you for eternity.Even if there is no eternity I’ll love you till infinity.

Pls will you marry me.Ragini nodded. She said

I love you laksh even before you met me yes I saw you way before n then she smiled then I spoke with you to make you notice ms n then office.when I want to propose you but accident.

Laksh shushed her  I love you ragini,I will even bring stars for you.

Ragini replied with a smile

I don’t want you to bring stars for me

I want to sit n watch them with you….

Ragini n laksh said I thought I never was going to tell you how much I love you n they smiled.


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