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I miss you a shivika story chapter 9

Hi my friends sorry for late my exams are on the way that’s why I’m irregular but don’t worry I promise that after my exams I’ll regular here’s the next chapter


Shivika room***

S- Anika how much anay takes time to sleep

A- shivaay he must be take 3-4 hours ( secretly smiling)

S- what why I mean u should gave him this habbit to sleep early

A- shivaay but why you so desperate to make him sleep

S- Anika you said na that if I’ll try I’ll get my princess soon

A- ohh wo to Maine aise he bol diya tha

S- what why no u r kidding with me na

A- no shivaay

S- u r still angry with me I’m sorry

A- shhh no more discussion about past just make a beautiful future

She slept ansh in his crib and move towards the washroom, shivaay is hell desperate for the beautiful night

She came after sometime nd he just like a innocent kid ,but she came out and tell him common shivaay let’s sleep I’m hell tired

S- anika but what about our first night

A- it’s not our first night

S- ok

Guys extremely sorry for short update but I’ll compensate it with next big. Chapter pls drop your comments and suggestions and likes pls I’ll post next part tommorow

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