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I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2) episode-12

I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari(Season 2)episode-11

Ragini:sanskar plz talk to me..
Sanskar who is getting ready for office ,ignored her..
Ragini:sanskar im really sorry for hiding it..i thought to tell u..but i knw u wont agree for this..
Sanskar( turned at her):u knw that right.. But u still want to do that..
Ragini( hugs him back):im helplss sanskar..i want to complete our family..u don’t know ,how it feels when ever suji maa sees swalak with their kid..i knw how they feels ,i did it for thinking about our family Sanskar..
Sanskar(brks d hugs nd turns at her aggressively):u thought about urself ,u thought about family,then y didnt u think about me..
Ragini:its not like that sanskar..y dont u understand..
Sanskar(holds her shoulders tight nd looks at her angrily making her horrified):im not understanding u could u say like was me who always understanding u..but u..u never understand me..u never cared about my love..
Ragini looks at him painfully…
Sanskar:this is all my fault loving u this much right..
Ragini closed her eyes could not able to bear his words…
Sanskar:it has to happened to me for loving u this whatever u want..i dont care..never try to talk to me..
Saying he leaves angrily ,ragini stood numb..
After 2hours ,sanskar who was realized his morning behaviour towards ragini ,came to apologize her as his love for her incredible.he would not have hurt her like that..
As soon as sanskar comes home ,ragini hugs him tightly nd burst into bitter cry ..sanskar closed his eyes with pain..
Ragini:im sorry ,..i hav thrown all medicine into dustbin..i dont need anything..i want u..i will never ask again about this…she sobs like a child..
Sanskar heart ached ,he held her into his embrace..suddenly ragini sob stopped..Sanskar brks d hug nd looks at her unconscious..
Sanskar(worried):ragini..ragini(he patted her cheek)
No response..
Sanskar lifts her nd placed her on bed,nd called doc…tears rolling don from his eyes..
Sanskar:im really sorry ragini ,plz open ur eyes…open ur eyes..
He merged her forehead with his’s while crying..
Sanskar askd doc who just treated her…
Sanskar:kya hua doc ,is she fine,nothing happend na..
Doc:calm down sanskar,she is ok…but
Doc:u have to be careful about her health..something is bothering her sanskar…she was not taking food properly..she is very wk..take care..she will get conscious soon..dont wry..
Saying he leaves..
Sanskar goes near ragini takes her sleeping figure into his embrace nd hugged tightly..he blamed himself for her condition…
Ragini opened her eyes nd looks at sanskar who sat beside her..he gives a wk smile..
Sanskar(he placed his finger on her lips):shhh…fitst eat this…
Ragini looks at his swollen eyes..
Sanskar forworded morsel to her..
Ragini:did u cry???
Ragini(tears formed in her eyes):sorry
Sanskar(immediately hugged her) more word..
Ragini:i hate myself for hurting u like this..
Sanskar(brk d hug):stop it..
Sanskar:we will talk later..first eat..
Saying he feeds her…ragini jst looks at him…
After feeding food..He lifts her in his arms nd takes her into washroom..
Sanskar:get fresh..
He turns to go..
Ragini:wont u help me..
Sanskar(smiles wkly):nxt time..i hav small work..
Saying he comes out..
Ragini got fresh nd comes out..sanskar neard her ,he filled her hairline with sindhur nd kissed her forehead…
Sanskar:come..we are going somewhere…
Ragini jst nodded looking into his eyes…
Sanskar sat in car ,ragini sat beside him placing her head on sanskar shoulder…sanskar droves..
They reached hospital..Ragini looks at him confused..
Ragini:y we came here sanskar..
He holds her hand nd take her to doc ,from whom she got treatment for her operation..
Doc:come Mr maheswari…im waiting for u only..
Sanskar passed smile to him..
Ragini looks puzzled..
Doc:come u have check up naa..
Ragini:but doc i called u nd told everything na..i dont want this operation..
Doc(looked at sanskar):didnt u tell her…

Doc:he called me nd we had some talk..
Ragini looks at sanskar who is smiling at her…
Doc:mr sanskar..hope u get clear about that..
Sanskar nodded..
Ragini:im sry doc ,i dont want this..
Sanskar(cupped ragini face):i knw y u r talking like telling u this whole heartedly..
Sanskar:no but nd telling u na..u will have operation..
Ragini doesnt knw whether she would feel happy or not..she knws sanskar is doing for her..he isnt happy with this..
Sanskar:stop thinking…all will be fine..
Doc :haa..ragini ,jst 1wk left..after 1wk..i will arrange ur operation..
Ragini about to speak..sanskar nodded as no…
Ragini looks at him emotionally..
They reached home…
Sanskar:now u r happy naa
Ragini nodded as no
Ragini:kyun ki u r not happy ..
Sanskar:who said that happy
Sanskar:hmmm..i have promised,i will be with always,i will never leave u alone ,i will come along with u ,even if it was hell…
Ragini(hugged him):it wont happen..
Sanskar smiles faintly..
Ragini brk d hug nd looks at him with puppy face..
Sanskar:kya hua
Ragini:i love u..plz never say ,im not caring ur love..
Sanskar:im sry
Ragini:promise me..dont talk like that again..
Both hugs eo….

I knw there is adoption option..but they simply adopt one jid nd lives happily ,then how can i run my story….so i didnt take adoption plot…

And yaaa..finally Mumbai Indians had their first win💃💃💃💃💃..i got some good mood to write..missed u all..

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