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Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chaitu solves farmer’s miseries

Har Shakh Pe Ullu Baitha Hai 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the heroine singing and dancing for the farmer. He can’t believe she is really there. She asks him to take a good job and tries to change his mind. He says my farming work is everything for me, land is close to heart. She says I have become your fan and goes. Puttan’s plan fails. Its morning, everyone comes out and meets the farmer. Chaitu says I m getting late for assembly, say your demand fast. Farmer keeps his demand and asks Chaitu to go to assembly just in his inner clothes. They all get shocked.

He says I want to do this and bear insult, as you have insulted farmers and land. Chaitu asks did you go mad, I m CM Chaitu Lal. Puttan asks from which village are you, what’s your name. Farmer says my name is a farmer, my Dharm is soil, I have many

colors. He gives them a lecture.

Everyone goes back inside the house and discusses the farmer’s demand. Puttan says I have a clear doubt that opposition has sent the farmer to undress you. Chaitu agrees. Jha asks Chaitu to agree to farmer. Chaitu asks him to take retirement. He says I won’t leave from my house like this. Jha says take opinion from party. They see the breaking news. Chaitu says its a fast channel, Puttan call party meeting and Genda Devi also. Genda says now Chaitu is stuck, a poor farmer has done our work, it will be fun when Chaitu goes in inners, I will convince Chaitu.

Chaitu meets the party members and asks did you come to have tea or solve the problem. They all discuss the problem. Genda comes and says you should have accepted farmer’s demands, you forgot the politics rule. Puttan says there is just one rule, Chaitu has everything in his hands. Genda says public wants something else. Chaitu asks her why is she giving him good advice. Genda says our relation is of politics, we have to unite against public. Chaitu says if I get undressed, what will be my respect. Puttan says many people will ask you to undress. Genda says minister’s respect doesn’t get less, make the sacrifice and get good fate. Pahelwan says she is right, this happened before also, I have a video now. Puttan says yes, this happened many times.

Genda says Chaitu doesn’t have much time. They all ask Chaitu to get undressed. Imli says do as they are saying. Khoji gives the breaking news that Chaitu is ready to undress. Chaitu gives the interview to show he is making a sacrifice. Chaitu removes his clothes. Farmer smiles. Khoji asks Chaitu how is he feeling now. Chaitu says very light. Farmer poses seeing Puttan. They all go.

Chaitu gives a good statement that he has done this for public. He feels shy to go on the road. A boy throws crackers and scares everyone. Chaitu shouts for security and jumps on a tree. Jha gets him down. Media covers the news. Jha says a kid did this mischief. Chaitu says some adult did this, have an enquiry. Jha says you didn’t tolerate a kid’s mischief, think about the farmers. Janta also gets undressed and supports Chaitu in his rally. Chaitu says this is our punishment. Janta says we are also responsible for farmers’ problem, I will also come with you. A teacher also joins them. Many people join Chaitu. They clap and cheer for him. Chaitu’s rally completes. He thanks everyone. Chaitu gets thinking. Puttan waits for Chaitu. The men say the farmer is nowhere. Chaitu comes back home. He asks where is the farmer. Puttan says he is missing, why did you come back.

Chaitu says person changes way and thinking sometimes. He asks Jha to get the farmer. Jha says he is gone. Chaitu says find about him. Jha says maybe he joined crowd and disappeared, he made govt responsible. Chaitu says I will work for farmers’ welfare. He promises. They all smile.

Chaya asks Chaitu to keep a fast and earn publicity. Chaitu keeps the fast. He tells family that he won’t keep fast for real. Genda challenges Chaitu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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