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Half Marriage 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Maya gets fake reports with Doctor’s help

Half Marriage 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Maya telling Arjun that she knows that he loves Chandani, and is married. She says that’s why I don’t want to tell this thing to anyone. Everyone looks on shocked. Maya cries. Janki thinks of Maya’s words asking her to slap her. Maya signs Janki. Janki slaps her calling her characterless. Maya holds her cheeks. Janki says Arjun let you stay here, gave you job etc. Sulochana stops Janki and asks her to see Maya’s condition. Janki thinks Maya is very dangerous and knew Arjun’s mum will stop me if I raise hand on her. Sulochana asks Maya what is she saying? Maya apologizes and says I know you are hurt, but I am saying truth. Shakti understands that she is lying. Maya says he is Arjun for you, but that night it happened between Raj and Maya. Arjun asks her to stop it and

says when I was Raj then also I have no relation with you. He says I don’t know whose baby you are carrying. Maya tells Chandani that she said that Arjun will not believe her and it will snatch everyone’s happiness. She told that nobody will believe her. Chandani is in shock and goes behind Arjun. Maya smirks.

Chandani comes to Arjun. Arjun says she is lying. He says everything thinks that Maya is saying truth and asks her if she doubts on him. He asks do you know about this. Chandani looks sad. Arjun says you told me about office girl, and says that guy was I and Maya was that girl and asks why did you hide from me. Chandani says I was scared. She tells that I saw Maya in hotel room and saw DND board, and says you was inside that room. I was broken that night, when you said that there is nothing between us then I believed you. Arjun says that night I went to hotel to sign some papers, and then got unconscious. Maya told that we got closer, but later she confessed that nothing happened between them.

Arjun asks her to believe him and tells that he don’t remember anything for 1.5 years, but since he got his memory, he loves Chandani. He says Maya is interested in me and doing all these cheap tricks to get me. He gets tears in his eyes and says she is lying. Chandani says we have to find her truth. She marks the date and tells that if she is lying then she will be caught tomorrow. Arjun says yes, she will be caught after medical reports. Chandani says it is Maya v/s us. Janki appreciates Maya for turning everything in her favor. Maya asks her to hide her happiness and says fools celebrate before the celebration. She says she has laid the trap and once arjun is trapped, she will celebrate. She tells that she will fool Chandani.

She comes to Sulochana and apologizes. She says I thought you as your daughter, but I…that’s why I was silent. Sulochana says if that was truth then..Maya says let it be. I don’t want to trouble you anymore, I shall go from here. Sulochana gets tensed. They turn and see Chandani standing. Chandani gives her tablets and says you will have less vomiting. We will go to doctor tomorrow. Maya asks her not to worry. Chandani says we will go tomorrow and asks Maa if she will come. Sulochana says she will go with Maya. Chandani asks her to take tablets. Maya thinks she is laying trap for me. Janki comes and says Chandani…Maya talks to Doctor and tells that Chandani wants to get her test done, and asks her to handle everything. Doctor agrees. Janki is shocked and says you have made this arrangements also. Maya smiles and gives tablets to Janki.

Sulochana tells Arjun that she likes Maya, but will not let anything wrong happen with her. She says we have to support her, if the baby is not yours then truth will come out, but we have to take care of her. Maya comes and asks where is Chandani. Chandani says I am ready. Maya asks driver to take her to Kashyap hospital. Chandani asks Driver to take to Lodi hospital first then they can get her checked later in Kashyap hospital. Maya says Dr. Kashyap knows her case study. Sulochana says Maya is right, but Chandani is also right. Maya panics. Doctor checks the report and tells that reports are normal, baby is 9 weeks old. Maya smirks. Arjun and Chandani are shocked. He says this girl is lying and asks him to check the reports. Doctor says if you have a doubt then you can take a second opinion.

Arjun tells Sulochana that they have decided to get DNA test done. Arjun checks the reports.-

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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