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Here is the last chapter:


“Gini….. Gini…..” he continuously honked the car impatiently. “Ragu… bacha… how much more time will you take?” she heard a voice and flapped her eye lashes applying the mascara.

She folded her lips to get the correct texture of her lipstick. “Just five more minutes Dad” she applied the Kajal to her eyes.

“Perfect” she smiled at herself watching in the mirror. “How am I looking” Harish turned his gaze to look at Ragini. She was wearing Kumud’s Sari and smiling at him. “You look amazing like always” he side hugged her and she smiled.

“Ragu… have breakfast” Avantika called from the dining table. “No mumma your volcano son will burst if he doesn’t see me now” she hit her forehead and walked down the stairs. “But bacha…” she placed the apple in Avantika’s mouth.

“I know your khadus son will not stop on the way for breakfast but don’t worry I have a plan” she smirked and Avantika smiled at her.

“I’m going” she bit her tongue. “How many times I have told you silly girl say I will go and come back” Avantika stood glaring her. “Sholly” she cutely smiled and said “I will go and come back” and walked out.

She walked to the person who was leaning to the car. As she patted his back he turned and showed his annoyed face. “Waw queen of late  lateef land is finally here. How did you manage to come so early with chudail like make up still on your face?” asked Sahil crossing his arms.

“Ha ha very funny. Like as if you are as punctual as Hindi film police” she fake smiled at him. “Oh please. I have been waiting here from…” he stopped to look at his watch. “Five minutes” he said placing his hands on his waist.

“Like seriously. Did you turn into mummy in that 5 ages?” asked she analyzing him. “I was about to become then thank god I’m still alive even after your deadly sarcasm” said he giving her boyish grin.

“Guys” they heard a voice and turned together. “You know what you are supposed to go somewhere forgot?” Yohan asked looking at them both. “We know” both said and walked to the car. Ragini collided with Sahil and they hit each other’s head.

“Ouch” said Ragini rubbing her temple. “Not again” Yohan sighed. “Kavi get the tea here. These two will continue their drama for some more time” he signed Kavya who walked out with a tray of tea. She handed Yohan a cup and stood with him watching Sahil and Ragini.

“Empty skull is so strong” said Ragini. “Yeah I lost my brain just when I met you” he said and they continued their fights. “Inko saath me ek hi duniya me bhejna zaruri tha?” Yohan asked looking up and Kavya hit him on his shoulder.

“Ragu… You are getting late” she said dragging Ragini’s attention. “Oh no all because of this this…” she searched for a right word. “Jwalamukhi” she said and Yohan spit the tea he was drinking. Kavya gave him an annoyed look. “And you collider” Sahil said sitting inside the car and waiting for Ragini to sit beside him.

“I curse this day. I just can’t handle it” said Yohan worried. “Neither any one can” said Kavya touching his head with hers and they both watched Sahil’s car disappearing.

“Hopefully they will be back without murdering each other” said Yohan.”Yohan” Kavya complained. “Waise I was thinking how about I take a leave today from Hospital. Anyways my assistant is on leave and after this morning dose my head is paining” he asked faking sickness.

“Aww my innocent Pathi. So much he has to tolerate” she caressed his head and then punched his stomach. “Get going. If Ragini is on leave also you can still work” she said taking the cup from his hand and walked inside.

“Why do I have murderous people in my life” he held his stomach and walked inside with a grimaced face.


“Stop the car Sahil” said Ragini. “Why?” asked he. “Because I’m hungry budhu” she said pouting. “Okay let us have breakfast while coming back” he said and continued driving. “You are so heartless Sahil” she whined. “Oh you realized it now?” he asked and she turned her face to the window pouting.

He stopped the car in a parking. They both walked inside the building and were seated in front of a lady. “Prakash” she banged the bell to call the peon. She guided him to call someone and he walked out nodding his head.

“You are newly appointed here?” Ragini asked and the lady nodded her head and smiled at her. “See my memory is good. When we came last time there was some khusad budha. But now there you are. Beautiful and cute” the lady flushed and adjusted her spectacles.

“And it is good for the school you know if someone attractive like this sits in the office it gives a reputation to the school. And you will get lot of admissions also as kids will not be scared finding a such a sweet and cute principal.” “Ragini” Sahil spoke and she showed her palm and continued talking to the Principal.

“Yeh ladki bhi na” he cursed under his breath. “Oye Bak bak ki dukan. You will be tired if you talk so much” he said interrupting her. She gave him an annoyed look. “Like if you care. You tho did not stop the car when I wanted to have breakfast. See madam” she turned to the principal.

“Anyone will treat a person like this. When they say they are starving?” she asked and the Principal nodded her head. “Exactly but he tho is the great Sahil Raheja. The stone heart” she said pouting sadly.

“Arrey arrey. Don’t be sad …” before the principal could complete they heard the peon entering with a boy of eight years. “Ansh” Ragini’s eyes sparkled and she walked to him forgetting everything. “There he is. I don’t know what is wrong with your son Mr. Raheja. He is behaving like a Gunda. Yesterday only he hit a boy. Thank god that boy’s mother did not complain” said the Principal glaring Ansh.

“Ansh” Ragini turned to him and cupped his face and knelt in front of him. “Why bacha. What is wrong with you? Why did you hit the boy? Did he say or did bad with you?” she asked and Ansh hugged her. “Maa. He pushed Ani while playing and did not ask sorry also” said Ansh. Ragini rubbed his back.

“Now what will you say Principal madam. My son hit that boy because he pushed his sister. And I don’t think he did anything wrong” said Ragini looking at Principal who watched her in disbelief. “Like from when did he got the right to punish someone?” asked the Principal.

“And when you are in such situation what will your brother do ha? He will also save you right?” asked Ragini and the principal had no answer. “It’s okay baby. See I understand you got angry at that moment. But you should ask sorry to that boy also na. You hurt him and hurting someone knowing or without knowing is bad” she said smiling at Ansh.

“Okay Maa. I will ask him sorry” said Ansh and she kissed his cheeks. “Now be a good boy. Ask Principal madam sorry that you misbehaved with the other student. Because see she is responsible for all the kids here. Anything happens all will come and ask her right. Putting someone else into problem because of our acts is also very bad” she said and Ansh nodded his head.

“Sorry ma’am” he said and Principal smiled at him and signed him to go. Ragini walked back and sat in her seat. “You could have spoken to Ansh once he never backs off from his mistakes. Anyways. I will make sure he controls his anger from next time which is highly impossible you know genes problem” she signed to Sahil who fumed.

The principal muffled with her smile and adjusted her spectacles. “Shall we leave Principal madam?” asked Sahil glaring Ragini and then turning to the Principal who nodded her head and they stood up. She walked to the door watching them.

“Sahil Sadu” she whispered and passed out on his shoulder. “Ragini… Ragini…” he shook her but she did not wake up. “I think she is pregnant” said the Principal. Sahil widened his eyes in shock. “Congrats Mr. Raheja. You will have one more kid to get admitted in our school” said she.

“Gosh why I have to meet all the cracks in the world?” he looked up picking Ragini in his arms. “Sorry” the principal cocked her head. “Nothing madam. We will take your leave” he said walking to the car.

“Hey Gini..” he patted her cheek. “Sadu Sahil. See I told you I’m starving you are so bad” she said with closed eyes. “You did not faint?” asked he. “No actually you brought me here without the break fast right so why should I waste my energy” she gave him a mischievous smile.

“And that Principal madam is assuming she will get one more student in next 5 to 6 years” he said and she burst out laughing. “That she will get na Sadu. After 5 to 6 years there will be so many admissions right.” she raised her eye brow. “And in 7 months Yohan will be pulling his hair and his baby also will be pulling his hair” Sahil laughed and was about to give high five but both stopped in midway. “Uhm” he cleared his throat and walked to the driver seat  maintaining his tough look. Ragini rolled her eyes.

“Madam” the peon spoke and the principal turned to him. “They are Ansh’s parent but they are not married” he smiled at her. “Means Live in?” asked she and the peon rolled his eyes. “They just are together not really are together madam. Apko samajh nahi ayega unka rishta” said the peon walking from there.


“What now?” Ragini spread her arms when Sahil stopped the car. “Bhuk nahi lagi Bhukkad” he loosened the seat belt and got down from the car and Ragini followed him to the restaurant. “Your order sir” the waiter asked. “One Masala Dosa and then a plate of Idli and then Vada Sambar.” Sahil signed the waiter to Ragini.

“Sahil order for yourself also” the waiter gulped in looking at Ragini. “For me one cup of coffee” he smiled at the waiter who smiled and walked away from there.

“Aram se na Gini” Sahil forwarded the glass when she choked on food. “It’s yum” she said smiling and Sahil finally smiled looking at her.

Patha nahi Sanky ka kya hota agar yeh uski life me hoti tho?’ his eyes welled up remembering his brother. ‘But he would have tolerated everything this chota shaitan does like Vikram says’ he smiled through his tears.

“When is Vikky bro coming back?” asked she munching the food. “Manners Gini. Have food first. I will tell you” he said annoyed. She twisted her lips and continued the food.

“Now will you please tell me Manners ke shehenshah” asked she wiping her face with the napkin.

“He will be coming back day after tomorrow. Sumi maa was all happy that she finished her theerth yatra and your Vikky Bro like a shravan kumar taking his mother everywhere” he said and smiled.

“My bro is the bestest” she screeched happy. “That he is” Sahil smiled.

“Whose brother he is then great Ragini Asthana’s” she said proudly. Then her eyes fell on the ice cream stall while they were walking out of the hotel.
“No… no and a no” Sahil said understanding what she was staring at. “Sahil one only one please” said Ragini pleading. “And be the victim of your brother’s wrath sorry” said Sahil lifting his hands mock surrender. “Yaar I’m eating ice cream here how will Bhayyu know there” said she pleading.

“Because I’m here” she heard his voice and her eyes lightened. “You jerk” Ragini hit Sahil on his shoulder and turned to find Vikram standing there with a wide smile. He stretched his arms and Ragini ran to him and jumped to hug him.

Sahil who was rubbing his shoulder annoyed looked at them and his smile spread on his face. He saw her jumping and hugging Sumi.

He never confessed but in these three years Ragini’s happiness used to make him happy. You know when to disastrous people are brought together they eventually learn to be happy with the other persons happiness and sad with that person’s sadness.

It wasn’t love. It wasn’t hate. It was a different kind of friendship. Though they never agreed it.

“Finally I’m spared of this chudail” said Sahil walking to them. “And I’m spared of this Sadu, Khadus idiot…” “Ragu” Sumi complained. “He deserves all the names maa. You know how much he has tortured me?” Ragini pouted.

“Haaw. You are torture machine not me Ms. Collider. And you know how I have tolerated your daughter” he said seriously to Sumi.

“Oh please…” Ragini continued fighting with Sahil. Sumi smiled nodding her head. Vikram side hugged her and they watched Sahil and Ragini.


“Maa you are still awake?” Vikram walked to Sumi’s room. “Shh” she signed him to be quite. His eyes moved to her lap where Ragini was sleeping peacefully. “Aww she looks so cute” he said kneeling in front of Ragini and watching her like she was some small baby.

He caressed her hair and she smiled in her sleep. “Let me make her sleep in her room” he lifted Ragini carefully and walked to her room. Placing her gently on the bed he covered her with the quilt. Kissing her forehead he turned and walked to Sumi’s room.

He placed his head in Sumi’s lap and she caressed his hair smiling. “Vikky” she said. “Hmmm” he hummed. “I was thinking why don’t we get Sahil and Ragini married?” she asked and Vikram rose and sat staring Sumi.

“Maa what are you talking?” he said with wide eyes. “See finally they are getting used to each other. And till when they will be like this? You know how the society talks” she said worried.

“I don’t care about the blo*dy society maa. It is of no concern to me” said Vikram. “Have you forgotten. She is meant to be with someone else. She is Sanskar’s amanat with me” said he.

“And I agree Sahil and Ragini are getting along with each other but Ragini can never love Sahil. May be she doesn’t remember she loves Sanskar but her heart knows. And it is waiting for Sanskar” said he painfully.

“What if he never comes back Vikram. It has been three years and he did not even turn back. And you are expecting him to come back?” she asked. “He will come maa. He will surely come” he said determined. “You are wasting your sister’s life” said Sumi.

“I’m not wasting her life. I just want her to live her life with the person whom she loves. If she wanted to move on in her life she would have fallen in love again. But her heart is waiting for someone and that is Sanskar” said he smiling.

“I wish he comes soon” said Sumi and Vikram side hugged her. “He will maa. When the destiny wants them to be together you think he can be away from her. The same destiny will bring him here” said he and Sumi nodded her head wiping the tear at the edge of her eye.


Sanskar turned in his sleep and looked at his phone which vibrated with a message.

He opened it and watched the video. It was the video where Ragini was talking and talking. He smiled looking at her face which changed expressions with each second.

“Thank you Sahil for my daily dose of cuteness” he kissed Ragini’s face and placed his phone back on the bed and slept with a wide smile on his face.

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