Friday , September 18 2020


Intro – 1


Mehrotras is just a nuclear family consisting of 4 members. They are happy in their Small world .They own fashion company named ‘F-FASHION’

Rajesh khattar as Ashwin mehrotra. He is a veru sucessful man in business and in his personal life.Is married to Jhanvi and have 2 daughters(twins) .

Kavita ghai as jhanvi mehrotra .A supoorting wife for ashwin and a friendly mother to her daughter .

Jennifer winget as Zoya. She is twin sister of Maya.both looks exactly same but character is different.Age 26.Zoya is a normal girl who is most attached to her family. very simple.

Jenifer winget as Maya . Twin of zoya exactly opposite of her.Age 26. Modern , Rude , but is so sweet with Zoya .She is helping her dad in his fashion company


They are also s nuclear family . Their main business is of jewelllery

Mahesh takhur as vikram singh chauhan. A diamond merchant .Even though they have family business. they allows his children to do the job of their choice.married to Radhika. Have 2 children

Mreenal Deshraj as Radikha vikram singh chauhan . A housewife fun loving mother

Surbhi jyoti as geethanjali chauhan a doctor by profession.Age25 .working at the same hospital in which abhimanyu is but both are quite strangers till now

Namish taneja as Laksh singh chauhan . Age 22 . He is helping his dad in business. he is pampered by geethu a lot 


They are also business family and is also a royal family..

Manish khanna as Ankush raheja . A fun loving dad . Not so strict supports his children in all things they do. Married to yamini have 2 children.Younger brother of Avantika

sudha chandran asYamini ankush raheja . A strict mother always wants best for his children

Arjun bijlani as Rithik Raheja . eldest of ankush an advocate by proffesion . but also a business man loves his siblings so much.  Age 27 Cousin of preeta and vyom

AnjumFakih as sakshi raheja . Only daughter of Ankush. she is doing MBA (2nd year). Very naughty.Age 22 .Cousin of preeta and vyom..


Anita raj as Avantika rathore .Elder sister of Ankush .After her husband died she took care of his family business and children all alone.Have 2 children

Shraddha arya as preeta Rathore. Final year in MBA .Same class in which sameer and karan are. Sameer is her good friend and she always fights with karan. Very responsible.Age 23

Siddhart nigam as Vyom Rathore. Age 16 . School going .Naughty. He and sakshi are patner in crime

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