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Dosti, Yaari Aur Kuch Aur…(IB College FF) CH- 4

hey guys long update for you all, thanks for your patience and this makes me very happy when i can write long and meaningful chapters.


Please continue to shower your love and votes on this FF, your comments are what i wait for but unfortunately i cannot give quick updates, don’t want to upset you guys but i read all your comments.



Anika reached home after her college to find the door locked and her luggage lying outside. She was shocked she tried calling Sundari her stepmom there was no answer, she tried calling Sahil still there was no answer. She checked with the neighbor they said that Sundari and Sahil had left leaving her things behind. Anika has the key of the house but when she went to open the door the key dint fit which made her realise that the lock was changed.

She just sat there with tears in her eyes how someone can hate her so much. What will I do now I have no place to go. She calls gauri and tells her everything, gauri and her father come to take Anika, she stays with Gauri for the night. Anika had decided to find an accommodation immediately and after she reached college, spoke to the principal but was given the same answer. Rejected she sat in the college stairs thinking about what to do now. “Hey Anika why are you sitting like this any problem.” Mallika asked her. “well I think my life cannot get any harder, I always thought family always stayed together in problems. But I am all alone now my mother and brother left me. To top it they have sold the house as well. Last night I stayed with Gauri but I don’t want to be a burden on anyone, I don’t know what am I going to do, I cannot stay alone as I cannot afford it. I know I am blabbering like crazy” I smirk n look at Mallika. “Anika please don’t worry, I understand it is very difficult for you. Hey why don’t you come with me, one of my roommates moved out last month and we are still trying to find someone.” Anika smiled “Mallika thank you for the offer, I cannot do it I will not be able to pay you”

Mallika pulls me and we walk to class “Anika you can look for a part time job and still afford this. Even I am living like that and paying my expenses. Don’t think too much I want to help you, you are my friend. Come let’s get your luggage and shift to your new house.” Anika chuckled “hey we need to finish classes first” “Anika Anika wait up” Siddharth comes running.

“Hey Anika lets go we have a class together” Siddharth was pulling Anika to class. “Mallika ill see after college then we will go home together, hey wait Siddharth I will fall down” Anika and Siddharth went to class. In the middle of class Siddharth starts kicking Anika’s chair. “Hey Siddharth stop it I am trying to understand what the professor is saying” Anika grumbled. “Hey Ani I will stop only on one condition if you will come for my football match after college” “im sorry siddharth I have to shift my luggage to Mallika’s house, maybe next time.”

“What?? you will be staying with Mallika great then I will meet you often I stay close by, I will pick you tomorrow morning.” Siddharth literally screamed. The teached looked at both of them and was about to reprimand them when the bell rang. Anika blew a sigh of relief “Saved by the bell, I will see you tomorrow” Siddharth picked his books and was stuffing them in his bag “cool ani see you tomorrow”

Anika met Mallika and got ready to move to her house. She went to Gauri’s house and got her luggage Finally after a good 30 mins they arrived at her building, mallika stayed in a decent colony with 5 building surrounding a large garden. It was very beautiful, green and children were playing in the garden. Mallika took her to the flat; it was a basic 2 bhk flat with minty green colour and minimal furniture. A small kitchen in the corner and both bedroom had their own bathroom.

“Ani make yourself at home you take that room and relax, I will arrange for something to eat “Mallika was about to leave “Mallika where are you going” Anika called. “Babes I need to order food what will you like to eat pizza, chinese or Indian” “But why to order we can cook at home” Anika was puzzled. Mallika started laughing “cooking and me?” “Yes ok come we will cook” anika pulls Mallika to the kitchen. She looks through all the cupboards and fridge but finds nothing. “What is this Mallika you don’t have any groceries at home, how are you surviving” Anika is shocked. “Babes on take out and deliveries, ok fine don’t get upset we will eat out today then we will go grocery shopping tomorrow for you to cook. See I don’t know anything about it you will have to take charge” “Sure Mallika that is the least I can do for you”. They hug each other, mallika orders pizza and they continue watching movies and eating pizza. Anika praises god for giving a friend like Mallika to her in such a bad situation who can still put a smile on her face.

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