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Dil Se Dil Tak 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Parth holds hand over Shorvari

Dil Se Dil Tak 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Teni asks the inspector to arrest all of them. Parth takes the inspector aside and speaks to him. Teni thinks if he wants to bribe the inspector and comes to speak to them. The inspector clarifies to Teni that this family is a respectable one. He wasn’t ready to arrest the family. Teni argues she is fighting alone for thousands of girls alike. She backs up as the family tries to convince her. Dada ji also explain they don’t intend to do anything she is thinking. Dadi also requests her to trust them. Teni was not ready to stay here, caught. She calls the police inspector as bribed one. Parth stops her way not ready to let him go. Teni says she knows already he isn’t a driver but the son of this house, he is also involved. She takes a knife from the fruit basket and holds it over Parth’s neck.

As she backs up Shorvari moves to snatch the knife off her hand. She was hit by handle of the door and fell down unconscious. Parth was worried, and turns to hold his hand over Shorvari. He then takes Teni upstairs.
In the room, doctor assures she would soon wake up. Parth asks the family to go and take some rest, he would stay with Teni. Shorvari also goes to take care of Ipshita. Indu and Baa speak to Parth that he must not leave his temper like he did today. Parth accepts his mistake to hurt Shorvari.
Shorvari sat in the room, lost in thought of Parth’s rage. He comes to sit beside her. Parth tries to apologize. Shorvari says it never happened earlier, he shouldn’t apologize but speak the truth. She has seen an attraction for Teni in his eyes. She was concerned for them both, he understood nothing and was about to slap her. If he has begun to love Teni? Parth turns around saying he doesn’t want to speak about it, he was only tensed about Teni. Shorvari turns him to face her and asks him to say this while looking into her eyes. Parth assures it’s not like this, Teni is their responsibility. Shorvari says she is worried about him, and wants to hear the truth. She makes him swear to Ipshita then. Parth was taken aback, Shorvari’s eyes filled in tears. He withdraws his hand. Shorvari smiles curtly while tears drip her face.
In the room, Teni wakes up and decides to leave the city.
Parth explains to Shorvari he can’t get rid of Teni’s memories. He wants to see her happy, but is also happy with Shorvari. He promises to always remain with her. Shorvari says she herself wished Teni replaces her in Parth’s life. Today, her wish has accomplished. Teni has come as the third name in their relation, and there is no delete button in life. Today, there is relation but no love in their life. She wish to see him happy the way he is. Parth hugs Shorvari.
Parth brings breakfast into Teni’s room but she wasn’t anywhere around. Everyone was on the breakfast table when Parth comes downstairs calling Teni. Everyone get to look around for Teni. Parth calls Chutkan to confirm and check again if Teni came there. Parth looks around on the nearby streets, asking people about Teni but returns hopeless. Dada ji suggests about filing a missing complaint for Teni. Parth calls the police.

PRECAP: Teni dances with a man, later they get engaged.

Update Credit to: Sona

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