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Destined to Love – Ishqbaaz FF Episode 20 – Honeymoon 1

Hi allI know I have delayed a lot but I was having a writer’s block on how to further write this story…I apologise to my readers and hope you guys will continue to read.



After Shivaay carries Anika to their private jet she is awed by the interiors of the jet and it was as good as a 5 star hotel complete with a separate room with a large bed inside for anyone to rest.


Anika – Wow shivaay this is awesome she jumped in excitement.


Shivaay – Only for you my love…come we need to take off i can’t wait to reach our destination…he said kissing her softly on her neck..


They buckle their seats and the flight is ready to take off…anika seems to be nervous for the plane ride, shivaay notices this and holds her hand finally the flight takes off…after the seat belt sign is put off


shivaay  – Anika would you like to eat anything…


Anika  – No shivaay im sleepy you dint allow me to sleep in the morning as well.


Shivaay smiles at her antics and takes her to the room inside the plane.


Shivaay – Ani you sleep here now i will come in sometime.


Anika – You will not join me Shiv…she looked at shivaay naughtily biting her lower lip.


Shivaay come close and pulls her lip from her teeth – Mrs Oberoi now you are tempting me but you will have to control yourself I want to enjoy you in our honeymoon suite and mind you don’t think about sightseeing because for the next few days the only sights you will see will be me.


Anika blushes and looks down not wanting to think how naughty her husband was. Shivaay just picks her chin and kisses her forehead – sleep now love I will see you soon.


Anika falls into deep sleep due to the tiredness from the last few days, she wakes up she looks around and she is in a hotel room with an awesome view as she is about to get up she feels a hand around her waist. She panics but slowly sees the owner and a cute sleepy shivaay is next to her holding her.

She slowly gets up and walks to the window to admire the view. She does not realise but after sometime shivaay joins her at the window backhugging her.


Shivaay – Love welcome to Venice.

Anika – Thank you shivaay you have made my dreams come true I cannot imagine how beautiful it is here.

Shivaay – well you have other ways to thank me…he points at his lips and Anika blushes.


Slowly he comes closer and lifts her chin he looks into her eyes and feels the love slowly he bends down and her eyes close for a kiss…shivaay slowly captures her lips and continues kissing her trying to gain entrance he bites her lower lip, she moans and give him a chance to which they continue kissing till they are breathless..

Shivaay – That was wow!!

Anika – Well this is just the start…time to fulfill my promise and she pulls him closer when they go for another round.


Unknown POV


Someone was watching the young couple enter the hotel and had some other plans in mind

“You have a few days of enjoyment then we will see how your life turns upside down….you have destroyed my life I will not leave you alone ANIKA… just wait and watch”.


Precap : Shivaay Shivaay where are you?? Anika panics and starts looking for Shivaay…

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