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Dastaan- Ishqbaaz ff (episode 47)


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Recap – Kaurwaki hide about her health from her family ….Yagya decided to find about truth behind Oberois & Raichands deal.
If u missed previous update , u can check below –
In RM( Rathore mansion) – 

Kaurwaki is still in her thoughts when someone knock the door. She hide the ashes of photos which she burned some time ago.She turned toward the door & open it. She found Sona & Aavya at the entrance.

Sona : Di , Are u ok ?
Kaurwaki : I am absolutely fine.
She directly hug her .
Sona : Di , I am really worried for u . Don’t u think that u are so careless about ur health .
She start her melodrama & behave like that she is elder sister😂 😂 .
Kaurwaki : Stop Overreacting …
Kaurwaki : My baby girl , Come here .
Sona : What about me , I am not ur baby sister .
Aavya : You are jealous from me .
Sona : Look Champ , I am not jealous . Firstly she is my di , then ur mumma … Get it.
Kaurwaki : Stop behaving like a child Sona.
She said sarcastically while Aavya chuckles.
Sona : I am not going to talk with u . You are very bad .
Kaurwaki : Listen na , I am sorry.
She said while pulling her into hug.
Aavya : Mumma,I am also here .
She too join her & a small smile at her face.
Kaurwaki : Now , It is already late . Go & sleep.
Aavya : Mumma , Come with me . You know I didn’t get sleep without u .
She said holding her hand while she winced in pain .
Sona : Di, What happen.
Aavya : How do u get this injury now .You are giving lectures to others & u don’t take care of yourself.
She said with fake anger.
Kaurwaki : Forgive me , I promise it don’t happen next time.
Sona : Come Aavu , today I am with u.  Di , You please take care.
They both leave from there while she nods her head in disbelief as they both fight sometime ago.
She think about the words which Aavya ask to her & she has no answer. She look at her dressing
hand & remind that she cut her own hand by blade which become worse after tight holding of Yagya. She remembered his hurting words. She stop thinking & tried to sleep but sleep is very far from her eyes. She move toward the balcony which attach to her room. Her hair flew into her face as the wind blew around her. A lone tear escaped from her eyes.She start roaming in the room & stop in front of the mirror. She look at herself in mirror.
Background song – 
Aasmaan neela nahi , zameen zard hai , Jaaun kahan
Zindagi tere liye hue benishaan saare nishaan 

She open both the sleeves of her  black kurta. Her both hands are full of scratches & marks.She looked on the wounds. Her conscience said to her You are broken from inside . You pretend to be strong in front of the world . You are a coward.
Dil samajh nahi kaisa ye zeher hai
Kyun nas-nas main ye ek soti hui leher hai ….
Kaurwaki : Shut up ….Just shut up .I am not a coward.
She break the mirror in rage
Dil na jaane jurm kya hai , Kya hai meri khata 
Meri khamoshi na kar de , dheere dheere fanaa – 2
She closed her ears with her hands.
Lamhe toh hote hai guzarne ke liye 
Auron ki raahon main bikharne ke liye.
She hold the piece of a broken mirror in a hand & look on.She crushed the piece from her palm & as a result the glass embedded  deep on her skin .
Majboori kehti hai jinhe ki chup raho 
Zinda hi hote hai wo marne ke liye 
Har pal ek dard hai 
Har pal ek zeher hai 
She mercilessly pull out the glass piece  from her palm & throw it away.
Dil na jaane jurm kya hai , Kya hai meri khata 
Meri khamoshi na kar de dheere dheere fanaa – 2 
She suddenly remind a promise which she said to Aavya. She put bandages on her hand & tried to forget about everything to avoid out bursting of emotions inside her.
In RM ( Rathore mansion ) – 
In Morning – 
All are busy in their breakfast .
Sona : Where is Di ? She don’t come  yet .
Aicchik : I am going to call her .
He move toward her room & knock the door. She opened the door .
Aicchik : You again created mess
He said  looking the condition of room .
Kaurwaki : I was just angry .
Aicchik : Come for breakfast .
Kaurwaki : Yeah , I am coming in five minutes.
Aicchik : No , not at all . You are coming now only.
He dragged her downstairs.
They all do their breakfast & move toward their respective rooms. Kaurwaki is about to go to office when Aicchik stop her .
Aicchik : Where are u going ?
Kaurwaki : Office … Why are u asking ?
Aicchik : What .. Are u serious ? You are not going to anywhere . Doctor said to take rest .
Kaurwaki : I promise to Rohini that today is her holiday .
Aicchik : Oh God …You & Your promises . Fine , I will go in place of u .
Kaurwaki : No need of this .
Aicchik : Do u think I can’t manage ?
Kaurwaki : Nothing like that . Fine , You will go & Actually I want to talk with u .
Aicchik : Ohh….Then , talk in the evening .
He left from there while she is still there.
Swadesh was busy in searching information on his laptop when someone knock the door .
Swadesh : Come di ….How are u feeling now.
Kaurwaki : Hmm…Much better . I have some work for u .
Swadesh : I also want to say something to u .
Kaurwaki : First u only say .
Swadesh : Di, I have to join army again. So , I want that if we completed our mission before I take leave from here .
Kaurwaki : I am thinking this only after all I also have two months.
She said in a flow .
Swadesh : What are u saying ?
Kaurwaki : I mean …You also have to go, Siya will get married soon. I want that before start a new journey we forget about past & fulfil our all duties .
Swadesh : Yeah ….You also want to say something.
Kaurwaki : Haan, I forget to say . Can u find personal information about Sanya raichand .
Swadesh : Okk…When do u want ?
Kaurwaki : In a week….Is it possible ?
Swadesh : I will tried my best .
She nods her head & leave from there while he again busy in his work.
In OM ( Oberoi mansion) – 
Yagya is leaving for somewhere .
Yog : Where are u going ?
Yagya : I have some work .
Yug : I accompany u ….I also have to buy some colours for my paintings .
Yagya : What ….No way . You have ur own legs, then drive the car & go .
Yug : Why bhaiya ? You are hiding something .
Yog : Why are u behaving like that . Yug is right , Why don’t u go with him.
Yagya : I want to go alone ….that’s it.
He said & flee from there while they both give him weird look.
Yug : What is this ?
Yog : I too don’t know .
Yug : Fine , I am going.
Yog : These two are impossibles . I didn’t go office .Seriously , I am here for spending time with them & they run away.
Shree : What about us Bhaiya . You never want to spend time with ur sisters .
She said from behind.
Anu : Yeah , We feel bored . No one want to talk with us .
Shree : You are right di . Wish Siya di & Sona came here , then we will do our gossips .
Yog nods his head in disbelief .
Yog : Okk…Stop it . You & your gosspis. I know you both throwing tantrums on me. You missed only Siya & Sona . What about Kaurwaki ?
Anu : What should we do ….She was always busy with her work & we didn’t talk much .
Shree : Yeah , She is actually reserved in nature. We four like each others company . Kaurwaki di never tried to join our group .
Anu : Sometime , I feel she is weird .
Yog : Nothing like that . She is sensible not like u all . U all are usually chatterbox 😂 😂 .
Anu : What do u mean . We are stupids .
Shree : Oh Please Bhaiya , We are not chatterbox . I will tell to Siya di that Bhaiya said u talk a lot 😜
Yog : Oh Shut up ! You are not going to tell her.
Anu : We said to her & then she make understand u who is chatterbox.
Shree : Exactly , Siya di will handle u.
She said in a teasing manner .  They both leave from there while giggling while he give them weird look.
Yagya is driving & finally reached the oberois office . He directly move toward Sameer’s ( Yog’s P.A) cabin.
Yagya :  Do u know why raichands refused to do deal with us .
Sammer : No Sir , they didn’t refuse in fact Yog Sir told to cancel the deal .
Yagya : What ….Yog told to cancel the deal.  Are u sure ?
He nods his head while he is shocked & leave from there.  He is thinking while driving in his way
Yagya : Ye ho kya raha hai ….Yog lied to us.That’s mean ….Oh God , What I had done . Why Kaurwaki didn’t tell anything ? I think Yog & Kaurwaki become mad or I am crazy . Now , Yog only answer this .
He reached the mansion & move toward Yog’s room.
Yog : You came back .
Yagya : Yeah , I wanna ask u something. Why the hell u lied to us about Raichands .
Yog get shock .
Yog : Who told u this ?
Yagya : It’s none of ur business . You tell otherwise I said to family about ur lie .
Yog : You can’t do this . I will tell u but promise that u keep this as a secret .
Yagya : Fine , I promise .
**Flashback **
Yog is thinking about Siya when somebody knock the door.
Yog : You here at this time .
Kaurwaki : You don’t want that I came here .
Yog : Nothing like that . Come inside.
Kaurwaki : Actually I want to say something important.
Yog :Okk….Go ahead .
Kaurwaki : I want that u refused to do deal with Raichands .
Yog : But why ?
Kaurwaki : They are already in loss.They do this deal because of profit.
Yog : What’s wrong in that  ? Everyone think of its own profit .
Kaurwaki : Ye Business hai Yog , yahan log sahara lene ke baad us tinke ko duba dete hai , jisne unhe sahara diya ho . Why do u want to risk ur own company . If you want to help them , then there are others methods. No need of risking ur business. If their intentions are right , then why didn’t they tell truth to u & ur company.  I just want to advice u , the final decision is yours .
Yog : You are saying right . Fine , I will think about it .
Kaurwaki : I know tomorrow u are signing agreement papers that’s why I said to u . I want a favour too.
Yog : Seriously , u want my favour . You can say help too instead of favour .
Kaurwaki : Can u tell everyone that any misunderstaning happen between Raichands & Oberois .
Yog : But it’s a lie . I onlywant to break the deal . Wait a sec …..Tell me clearly what do u want ?
Kaurwaki : You want to listen , then listen . I want that you all return to Mumbai.
He get shocked & stand .
Yog : What are u saying . I know you are not like those people who get irritate with relatives. There is another reason. Tell me fast .
Kaurwaki : Yog , there are some security issues . Our business rivals want to harm us . I don’t want that u all get in trouble because of me .
Yog : Wow ….So u think we run away from here after knowing that u all are in trouble . We can face problem together . I know we have to go after sometime as we can’t stay here much because of business but we are not going to leave u all in problem. We go after helping u . Tell me the name , I destroyed them.
He get furious .
Kaurwaki : Please Go from here . I don’t put ur life in danger . You want to help , then it’s only help for me . Please try to understand .
Yog : Have u gone mad ? Now , Siya is my responsibility in fact u all are our family. I am not going to do this. This is my last decision .
Kaurwaki : I know u are worried for Siya …. I promise I will take care of Siya . Please , it’s very important for me.
Yog : This is unbelievable . Do u think I am this much selfish . It’s not about Siya , it’s about u all.
Kaurwaki : You say na I am ur sister . At least , do for ur sister . You know if I want than I create misunderstanding between you & Raichands but I can’t do cheating  . I thought to tell because I trust u.
Yog : Oh God ….You are emotionally blackmailing me . If Anu & Shree was in ur place , then I will scold them for not telling reason.
Kaurwaki : Then , scold me too but please don’t risk ur life .
Yog : I know you don’t tell after scolding because u are very stubborn. I am not liking this habit of yours. I know u are not going to change ur decision & I don’t want that you get hurt in our fights.I will do this on one condition . If u are in any problem, then u call me … Get it.
Kaurwaki : I will call u , if problem is big.
Yog : What about Siya?
Kaurwaki : Leave that matter on me.
He nods his head unwillingly. Kaurwaki is about to say something when he stop her.
Yog : Don’t u dare to say thank u .
She smile .
**Flashback ends**
Yagya is shocked after knowing the truth.
Yagya : How could u do this ? At least u told ur brother about it .
Yog : She told me to keep secret .
Yagya : I feel like I kill u both for hiding this  . You have no idea what I had done . I say a lot of things to her .Now, What should I do .
He said reminding his furious behaviour toward her.
Yog : What u had done with her ?
Yagya : Leave it , I don’t want to talk about this bro .
They both hug each other .
In RM ( Rathore mansion) –
Kaurwaki told same thing to Aicchik & he also get 440 volt shock.
Aicchik : Kaurwaki , Why didn’t u tell me . Now, u start hiding things from me .
Kaurwaki : Please Aicchik , Nothing like that . You are the only person whom I trust more than myself after Baba. You didn’t listen that time when I want to told u .
Aicchik : Why didn’t u tell me before talking to Yog . I am telling u last time , if u again hide anything from me then I  not going to talk with u .
She remembered Pakhi’s words which she decided to hide from him.
Aicchik : Where are u lost ?
Kaurwaki : Nowhere . Don’t be angry from me.
Aicchik : I am not angry from u . Well, You killed two birds with one stone . You send Oberois back & as well as make Raichands to loss their deal .
Kaurwaki : There is one more ….Rajputs. Mr.Rajput want to do deal with us.
Aicchik : Destiny play what a game , those people who never helped u . Now, want ur help for ur business but why are u helping them.
Kaurwaki : I am not helping them ..I just want that they get hope & after that I break all dreams of them. I already had enough, now I will make their life hell &  they have to shed blood tears .
Somebody knock on the door . Siya enter in room while they both look at each other tensedly .
Siya : What are u both talking ?
They both sigh in relief.
Aicchik : Nothing ….Do u have any work.
Siya : Yeah , I wanna talk to Vrisha .
Aicchik : Okk, I am going .
Siya : No need to leave … It’s nothing serious .
Aicchik : Actually , I have some work .
She nods her head while he leave from there .
Siya : I want to talk about Aavya .
Kaurwaki : Yeah say .
Siya : I don’t want to send her hostel. So , if u …
Kaurwaki : Then , I will talk about principal of school as well as tried ro make her admit in new school in Jaipur.
She said cutting her sentence .
Siya : How could u understand me this much ?
Kaurwaki : Just like u understand me.
They both hug each other.
Suddenly , her phone ring & she cut the phone after seeing the name on screen. Phone ring again.
Siya : Why are u worried ? Pick up the phone .
Kaurwaki : Nothing important …just a business call.
Siya : Okk, then receive it & Yeah join us for dinner too .I am going to prepared that.
She leave from there while she receive the call. She get shocked.
Kaurwaki( talking on phone) : Where are u ….Tell me exact location ? Relax, I am coming .
She layered a black colour jacket on her black off-shoulder top & run in hurry. Aicchik see her leaving .
Aicchik : Where are u going at this time .
Kaurwaki : Aicchik , I have no time too waste . I will tell u later .
Aicchik : You stay here , I am coming .
He move upstairs & come downstairs holding something .He give to her.
Aicchik : Now , u go & Come back fast .
She nods her head & leave from there. She drive car in full speed & reach on a dark place looking like forest.
On the other side – 
Some boys are running behind a girl. She fall down while running & her hand got bruised. One boy about to touch her but someone stop him holding by his hand.The person turn out to be Kaurwaki .
Boy : Who are u ….Don’t come in between .
She twist his hand & before he raise his hand , her get a punch on his face . His nose start bleeding.
Boy : I will not spare u .
Kaurwaki : I don’t like this tom & jerry fights . Let me over the game.
She take out the gun & put on his forehead .
Kaurwaki : If u all don’t want to die then go from here otherwise I shoot all six bullets on ur heads.
They flee away before completing her sentence . She smirk & look at her empty gun.
Kaurwaki : Dara hua insaan rassi ko bhi saanp samajhta hai .
She turn toward the girl . Her face is covered by her hairs.
Kaurwaki : Are u ok ?
She forward her hand & she hold her hand. She make her stand & the girl is revealed as Katyayani .
Kaurwaki : Tumhara dimag kharab ho gaya hai.  Kya kar rahi ho yahan .( Have u gone mad …..What are u doing here )
Kittu : I….I .. jus….
She stutter after looking her bloodshot red eyes. She get a tight slap from her on face before she complete her sentence.
Screen freezes on her shock face.
Precap – Siya & Yog’s conversation on phone…..Yagya’s breakdown.
I know u guys want to kill me because of mysteries & cliffhanger on every episode 😂 😂 .
So, u have to guess.
How Kaurwaki & Kittu connected . If they already know each other then why they didn’t reveal it ? 
What is going in Kaurwaki’s mind. What she is going to do with Raichands & Rajputs ?
So , today u see a new shade of Kaurwaki’s character . What do u think about her character?
If u want to listen the song which I include in article , link is given below – 
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Loads of love 
Niyati ( Niyu) 😘 

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