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Bepannaah 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya and Aditya trapped in office

Bepannaah 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Aditya enters the office, a nearby tray fells off. Zoya was intrigued in her sleep. He lay on the couch recalling it was night. Aditya insisted on Pooja to go out with her for birthday celebration, she wanted to stay back and asked him to do some romance with her. Aditya breaks the glass with his hand, hurting it. Zoya hears the cracking glass and goes in a torch light to see who there was. Aditya finds way to washroom. Zoya watches someone going into washroom and decides to go behind the man and see who it is. In the washroom, Aditya wash his bleeding hand. She locks the men’s washroom from outside. Aditya was drunk and wonders why the door won’t open, he pushes the door to break it. Zoya calls the police but there was no network. Soon the door was opened, Aditya fells over Zoya on floor. Both shout

as “YOU?” and straighten up. Aditya walks to the hall while Zoya questions if he is crazy to wander around the office at this time. Aditya argues with Zoya that this is his office as well and makes fun of the knife she held for her protection. He then sits on the chair with his face covered and fell asleep. Zoya looks around.
It was past midnight. Noor was trying hard to read a magazine in the restaurant table. Arjun finally takes the magazine and asks about the truth, she can’t even run. He questions why she lied that day? Noor poses not to recall, Arjun says she gave him the wrong address. Noor says she was a tourist herself and gave him the address on phone map. She asks about Arjun’s name, he says if she is ChochoMati, then he is Coffee-Nawaz. He then straightens the magazine she was posing to read.
It was dark, Aditya sings ‘hum tum aik kamray mein bandd hon’. Zoya asks him for a little Aman (peace) for tonight at least. Aditya recalls Aman was his second best friend in school, he was furious as Pooja was the first best friend. He begins to drink again. Zoya stops him as he is already drunk. Aditya forbids her become a wife to him. Zoya replies she won’t marry him even if he is the last man in the world, who would want to be his wife. Aditya breaks the glass on floor and comes to clutch Zoya. He says his wife betrayed him so it was his mistake, likewise it’s her mistake that her husband betrayed her. She must have irritated him; and he decided to live with another woman no matter she was someone else’s wife. Zoya slaps Aditya and walks out of the office. She runs across the road as a group of young men spot and runs towards her. Zoya had hidden herself behind a car, but the gang break the glass of the car. They sense someone was there behind the car and moves with bats held in hands. Zoya wasn’t there when they reached the front. Aditya had stuffed her face tightly with his hand and promises not to let her hurt. Zoya gets a flashback when Yash held her in his arms when she was about to fell off from shelf. He promised to never let her fall. Aditya’s grip loses on her mouth. Meanwhile the gang had left.
As they come into the office, Aditya asks Zoya to relax; they must stay here until the situation is calm. Zoya apologizes Aditya as she is really afraid of dark, he must not leave her alone in the room. Aditya smiles weakly while she goes to look for candles. Aditya helps her burn a candle in the room, then notices Zoya’s stare over him. He asks what happened. Zoya says she never met someone like him. Aditya smiles she won’t even meet. He suggests her to sleep on the couch, while he would rest on the carpet and lady down. Zoya doesn’t lay down, and says Aditya is beyond her understanding. He does something right to her whenever she expects the worse from him. Aditya asks her to let him sleep for a few moments. She also lay down. Both turn their sides but couldn’t sleep. Zoya asks why he is restless, Aditya tells her to stop moving. She turns her side around saying she has sleepless nights these days. Aditya replies, same here.
It was morning, Zoya wakes up and finds Aditya disturbed by the rays of sun striking his face. She forwards her dupatta to make a shadow over his face then removes it. She then bends to remove a broken piece of glass from under his hand that might hurt him. Aditya holds her hand singing ‘Abhi na jao chor k’. He held it close to his chest and wakes up as Zoya tries to withdraw it.

PRECAP: Mahi joins Zoya to meet Ashish. Someone bribes Ashish to never meet Zoya. He leaves by paying an advance to his landlord already. Mahi turns the suspicions to

Update Credit to: Sona

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