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Bepanaah _ Mohabbat Hai Meri (Part 8)

hi guys iam back with next part of my ff. so without a further ado lets begin

in the situation where most of the resisidents of mumbai were horrified due the the riots . their heart beats were captivated by terror . when every one was stucked inside their home or office . there was one heart which was roaming there on the streets of curfued city . her heart was at peace and she was relaxed becoz she found him. her fear was only for him and now she was with him . she knew that even if he    hated her , even if he trobled her no one could harm her . she was walking aimlessly with him lost in her own world but sudenly

aditya- zoya… zoya….{ stopped walking}

zoya- haa. yes what happened

aditya- zoya do you know where are we .

zoya- { looking around } no.. where are we

aditya- exactly my point zoya… both of us dont know were are we . we are lost zoya

zoya- so what we will find a way to our destination  if we are together

aditya – this girl is mad … zoya its nnot safe here lets go

zoya – ok…. bbut where 9( she turned back to find a way )  (she walked a distance and suddenly) aditya… aditya…

aditya 1- what ….

zoya- aditya……

aditya- what happened zoya yu like my name so much..( he turned back)

the team of 4 goons with weapons were holding zoya ..

zoya – adiitaya ………… save me……….

goon 1 – ( imiitating her) aditya save  me.. uh what ajoke now even god caanot save u ( holding her hair hairs more tightly)

aditya- leave her otherwise …. ( he was very angry)

goon- oh iam scared angry young man ha.. come get her .. come

aditya ran to rescue her .. he was about to reach nut suddenly he was hiit by one of goons on head

zoya – aditya … ur fine?

aditya signaled her taht he is fine

goon- till now he is fine .. now u prey for him( saying this he pushed zoya  away and they al surronded aditya)

goon 2- first we will kill u then we will kill her

aditya- lets see

zoya- ( to herslf) oh no look at them they appear to be wrestlers i should help adi but how )

meanwhile adi was fighting with the ggons an idea stuck her mind and

zoya- ot googns) bhaiya

they turned towards her she thrught mud on them and rest were easy beaten up by adi . they ran away

adi-  tum itni bhi bewakoof ni h0( you are not that foolish)
zoya- aditya hooda istead of fighting with me find a way to ecape

adi – ek  raasta hai

zoya- what tell me quickly we are not out of danger yet

adi-( pointing towaars junglee) ( though i dont know whether there is any junglee in mumbai or not) we have to enter there

zoya-no ways we have to run  aditya.. ocme on

adi – are u mad im injured . i cannot run ( pionting towrds his injury)

zoya- oh… oh .. iam sorry i frogot

adi- its ok

zoya- no adi i forgot .. that u are stll a kid ….( saying this dshe ran inside a junglee)

adi-zoya u wait and watch( he also followe dher) zoya.. wiat it sjunglee its not your fatehrs house .zoya

zoya- ok first u said that u lost

adi( giving up) ok i lost now happy

zoya-very happy

adi- those goons will not attack us here we are safe here

zoya- aditya.. iam feeling hungry

zoya yes…

adi  saw a lightened hhut

adi- seezoya a hut.. lets go

zoya- no.. what if ita  a demons ppalce

adi – no way zoyacome on

adi left and zoya followed her

zoya- to herself 0) what is happening to me . im following this guy who wants  to destroy my company why im incapable of hating him why he make me feel happy every time when he i saround zoya u have to stop this alla)

adi- zoya.. come na

zoaya- ( without eplying she went inside hut(

thats all for today guyzs . do tell me how was it and guyzs tell me guyzs u all want more adiya’s tashan or lovestory and the secreates will be releaved side by side

thank u for reading’

love love




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