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Belan Wali Bahu 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Roopa saves family

Belan Wali Bahu 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Prem says to Jitendra that you have to keep running on treadmill otherwise bomb will blast. Jitendra keeps running but gets tired. Suzzi brings water for him, Roopa gives him juice. Jitendra says I cant run more. Naren takes over and starts running on treadmill. They all take turns to run on it. Dada asks Prem to come with him. They go to scrap shop, shopkeeper says I cant tell you from where I got that treadmill, its against my rule. Prem slaps him. Shopkeeper says I wont tell.

Dada and Prem comes back home. Roopa is running on treadmill. Laddo’s ghost says find some solution. Roopa asks everyone to leave house, if someone has to die then let me die. Prem says no you are daughter of this house, let us take over, they all argue about who will stay on treadmill. Roopa shouts

everyone to leave, they leave house. Roopa asks Laddo’s ghost where are you going? you are already in other world, you must be happy that I am coming to you. Laddo’s ghost says the way you are, I want you like that, I dont want anything to happen to you, why no one is doing anything? Family comes back. Prem says to her that we wont leave you. Naren says we wont leave now, they stand with Roopa. Laddo’s ghost gives an idea to Roopa, she gives to family. They drag cart but it gets stuck in a dig, they try to pull it out. Roopa says pull it out fast, bomb will blast. Family pulls it out of bump. Naren says only one minute is remaining, we cant go to river. Roopa says what we will do. Roopa is still running on treadmill. Roopa says we can push cart with car. Jitendra says car is not tuned. Laddo’s ghost sees a car. Roopa shows it Jitendra. Jitendra and Naren runs to take out battery. They take it out of car and brings it to connect with treadmill to keep it running. Scrap seller asks what drama is going on? neighbor says remain silent if you want your good. Roopa is still running on treadmill. Jitendra attaches battery to treadmill so its battery doesnt die. Jitendra says Roopa I can take your place. Roopa says no I started all this so I will end it. They run cart from there

Dada slaps Jitendra and says car’s battery is not charged. Jitendra says what to do? Roopa is still running treadmill on cart. Shalini says lets take selfie, Naren says she is worrying about selfie. Dada slaps Naren. Shalini takes selfie with them. They see Roopa’s cart going away. Roopa is running away from them. Only few seconds are left in bomb blast. Roopa keeps running on treadmill. All shout for Roopa and close eyes, bomb blast. They open eyes to see some fire in a hut. They see Roopa hanging from tree and alive, shalini says she is alive. Laddo’s ghost recalls how he asked to grabs tree branch then how she jumped and let treadmill go. All run to save Roopa. They pull her down. Roopa is tired. She gives thumbs up to Laddo.

Scene 2
In morning, Lata gives tea to everyone. Some guest comes there to meet Dada. He is an agent for insurance. Dada asks him to give policy for suzzi, he worries about her. Agent says get policy for everyone and be safe for life. Jitendra says when we will get this money back? Agent says when you leave this world. Lata says what are you saying? get lost. Agent says insurance is important for family, if some bad time comes in life then you have to be secure, insurance money can be taken for any problem, you can take money in any problem. Suddenly train passesby, they all hold things down. Agent says this house shakes like this? Prem says yes, keep coming here. Agent says insurance is important. Lata says I remember Laddo for insurance for himself, his policy papers must be in house.

PRECAP- All family members search for Laddo’s insurance policy. They open his bags but doesnt find papers. Lata says to Roopa that Laddo must have told you about policy papers. She says I dont know.
Laddo says to Roopa that my policy papers are in Dada’s room with this medical reports. Roopa tells it to family, Suzzi says I gave those policies to scrap shop, all are stunned.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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