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Because love wasn’t enough – An OS

This OS is inspired by a favorite book of mine title, a scene that I would love to watch in Bepanah. Though it’s way far in the storyline, I just couldn’t stop me so here it is. This OS is more like a scene where Zoya will be doing all the talking. The scene is set just hours before Zoya is set to marry Aditya. The fell in love while working together and trying to solve Yash-Pooja mystery, then when they got engaged the truth that Yash and Pooja were indeed cheating on their partners came out after Zoya discovered Pooja’s diary that Arjun was about to burn to ashes because he didn’t want to hurt his brother and would be bhabhi anymore as Aditya had already made peace with himself and stopped questioning Zoya’s belief on her late husband while Zoya too had moved on and decided to stop trying to find the truth as it was hurting Aditya. So after finding the truth in form of Pooja’s words here is Zoya, in front of a life-size painting of Pooja that Sakshi had placed in her NGO office.


Dressed in a simple soft pink color salwaar suit, the about to be wife of Aditya Hooda was standing in front of his ex-wife’s portrait looking at it with a small smile on her face. Though Zoya wasn’t wearing any jewelry and didn’t have any make-up on but she was still looking exceptionally beautiful because of the beautiful glow on her face and that shine in her eyes, all because she was about to marry her one true love, the man whom she loved more than anything and anyone in this world and the man who loved her with a consuming passion. Her Aditya.

Zoya softly traced Pooja’s signature “P. H.” on the portrait and let out a deep breath, “It would have really sounded weird had you been here and alive but I really think that you coming between Yash and me was the best thing happened to me.” Zoya smiled sheepishly and rubbed her forehead lightly.

“You may think I am mad but the truth is that I am really thankful to you and that’s what I can here to talk about. I have come to thank you for taking care of Aditya when he needed someone to hold him when he got to know the truth about his Dad’s affair, that you were there for him. I have come to thank you for being his best friend and helping him out whenever he was in a fix. I want to thank you for giving him some of the best moments of his life, for sharing memories full of joys and some of the sorrows as well. I am here to thank you for playing a pivotal role in making the man that Aditya is today, the man that I love, the man that I am about to marry and make mine forever.”

“After reading your diary I am sure that you loved Aditya, that he was your first love but I have to say that you didn’t love him enough. You know Pooja sometimes we mistake deep and profound friendship for love, a relationship that gives you the comfort and protection and you think that it’s love. That’s the mistake Aditya committed. I know you loved him and Aditya loved you as well but you too didn’t love each other enough to last forever as Aditya’s love was just friendship for him while you only loved the smart, charming, kind and sweet side of him but failed to accept the dumb, stupid and childish side. You weren’t able to accept and embrace his arrogance, his rudeness, and his anger, you just didn’t love him enough to accept all his flaws as well.”

Zoya looked at Pooja’s face as if looking into her eyes, “I am not blaming you for everything nor am I complaining because while you tried on your part to make your relationship work, it was Aditya who always friend zoned you. He can be pretty dense at times I tell you.” chuckled Zoya and continued, “What I want to say is that you could have talked to Aditya about the things that were bothering you, about what you wanted from your relationship, about all that stuff that you wanted to talk about but never did.”

“You know Pooja communication is must in every relationship especially that of a husband and wife and that’s the second thing that you failed at. You could have tried making Aditya understand that you wanted more from him but you chose not to and kept it inside yourself. It was your decision to not talk to Aditya and find love somewhere else.”

“Maybe Yash was your destiny Pooja, your one true love or maybe he was not. Though Yash’s betrayal hurt me deeply, I am glad that he cheated on me with you because your relationship with Yash brought Aditya in my life. It was fate that you and Yash met and fell for each other, it was your and Yash’s choice to cheat on us, it was your destiny that you died with Yash that night and linked with all that was mine and Aditya’s life. I am thankful to you for bringing Aditya in my life. Hadn’t been all that I may have never found my destiny, the one who’s made for me.”

“Yash may have found someone else but I am glad that it was you, really glad because each and every step that you two took towards each other just brought me and Aditya closer as well. Pooja, I am here to tell you that tonight I am going to marry Aditya, I am going to make him mine forever. I want to tell you that from now on I am going to be the one for Aditya, I will be the one who will take care of him like you used to in past. I will be the one with whom Aditya can be himself, I have embraced him with all my heart and in future, I will never try to change him every.”

“I have come here to tell you that I have accepted Aditya with all his flaws and that I love all sides of him and not partly like you did. I promise to stay with Aditya in joys, happiness and even in times of deep sorrows and tension, I promise to love your best friend, Aditya with all my heart and soul and to never betray him. And I promise Pooja that though you will stay in his memories but whenever Aditya will talk about love he will take my name, whenever he will need a best friend I am gonna be the one for him. You have been an important part of his life, you were there when I wasn’t because I couldn’t but now I am going to be with him.” Her possessiveness regarding Aditya was surprising because she had never felt that for Yash but then again, it’s Aditya who’s her true love as she had just mentioned.

“When you left, you left behind a broken man Pooja whom I helped to gather pieces of himself and start anew. I came here to tell you that I am taking him from you, taking all of him and after I marry him tonight you will have no hold on him. Aditya will just be Zoya’s, only Zoya’s. Your love wasn’t enough but mine will only grow by passing time. Aditya is Zoya’s and Zoya is Aditya’s, there’s no room for someone else.”

“Thank you Pooja, thank you very much.” Zoya let out a long breath as she was finally done talking. She really needed to make peace with the woman who not only was the one with whom her late husband had cheated on her with but also was the woman her would be husband was once in love with.

As she turned around to walk out her cell phone rang. A beautiful smile spread across her lips and she answered the call, “Hello.”

“Are you planning to run away?” was the question that he asked.

“Aditya!” she said in a reprimanding tone as she locked Sakshi’s office and walked out.

“No. Tell me are you playing some kind of joke on me? Do you want to embarrass me, the groom by not showing up for the marriage?” Aditya asked in a mocking tone.

“One more word and I will slap you.” said Zoya as she sat in the car and gestured the driver to drive her back home, to her Aditya.


“What haawww?”

“Arre! Will a man not be mad when he finds out that the woman he loves and is about to marry in just 2 hours is nowhere to be found?”


“What aaawww?” said Aditya imitating Zoya.

“I am on my way Aditya. There was some important work that I had to finish before getting married.” replied Zoya.

“What important work? What’s more important than our marriage? Is it done now?”

“Yes, I am done with it, Aditya. I will tell you about it later okay.”

Aditya didn’t ask any further questions but said, “Hey listen!”


“Dearest would be wife and to be mother of my Chunnu, Munnu, Rinku, Pinky, and Tinky, I love you.” said Aditya.

“Say what?!” Zoya shrieked, “Listen Aditya we are not naming our children Chunnu, Munnu, Rinku, Pinky, and Tinky!”

“Oh madam I said ‘I love you’ as well, didn’t you hear that?”

“That I know, you say it to me all the time but no Chunnu, Munnu and all that okay!”

“We will talk about that later. For now just come fast, we need to get married then, later on, we can discuss the names of our children.” and the call was cut.



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