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Badho Bahu 17th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Lucky comes in disguise to help Titli

Badho Bahu 17th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Payal tells Vardaan today it’s Titli’s engagement is in Rajasthani style and she has brought Rajasthani dress for him. She hopes girls will get impressed and Pragya will get jealous.

Teji gives money to a girl, Premika, and tells her to woo Vardaan. Premika says Vardaan runs away from her. Teji convinces her in end.

Kamla and Malti welcome guests. Ram ji asks whether Titli is ready. Kamla says she will be ready soon and asks him to look after guests.

Vardaan is going somewhere. Premika purposely bumps into him. He asks what she’s doing there. Premika says she was invited for engagement, so she came. She flirts with him and says she doesn’t know anyone there and asks him to be with her. Teji and Pragya are watching. Teji makes Pragya feel jealous.

Titli is waiting for Lucky. She calls him, but no luck.

Avinash and his family arrive. Ram ji and Lucky’s family welcome them. Guests gossip that Titli couldn’t find anyone better than Zaalim? Avinash’s mother praises arrangements. Payal brings Titli. Titli wonders when Lucky will come.

Ram ji credits Kamla for doing all arrangements and taking Titli as her own daughter. He says he will be happy to do any help he can in future. Kamla tells him that he can help her out by praising her in front of villagers. Ram ji agrees.

Engagement starts. Kamla says Avinash had called singers and dancers, so first they should do that. Avinash says they must be coming. Lucky comes in disguise. Avinash doubts him. Lucky says he had talked to his grand-dad. In flashback, Lucky and Jitesh kidnapped real dancer/singer and Lucky came on his place. Kamla says how does it matter whether it’s him or his grand-dad. Lucky asks his team to play music. Titli is worried that she might end up getting engaged to Avinash. Lucky says in his mind that he won’t let this engagement happen.

Precap: Lucky kidnaps Titli. Engagement is about to start, but Titli is not present.

Update Credit to: Rhea

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