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Abhigya – Obsessive love Episode 50-51

Hi guys ..Thank you so much for your comments..So this is the 50th episode..And thanks to the readers for your support..So now let’s quickly jump onto the next episode…

The episode starts with Abhi Pragya and Ranvir seeing each other ..
Purab in mike – Hi guys ..Welcome all..Let the party begin so let’s all begin the dance..
Abhi signals Aditya and Maya , Ishveer and Raina…

Purab – Bulbul I will take care of the guests ..
Bulbul – Don’t worry i will keep an eye on everybody..

Image result for rabul
Maya – Come on Adi ..Let’s move ..
Aditya – Ya..
Maya and Aditya goes to Abhi and Pragya’s room and starts to search ..
Maya – Aditya did you got her phone ?
Aditya – No yaar i am searching it..
Maya – Comeon soon..

Pragya in the party ..
Pragya thinks – Where is my phone ?..I think i have kept in my room and Where Ishani Naina and their pairs ?.. ..
Pragya was about to go..Abhi holds her hand..
Pragya – Leave my hand ..
Abhi – No now i am not going to leave your hand …

Abhi drags her to the dance floor..Pragya is surprised …Ranvir sees that and gets angry …Pragya sees it and looks on..
Pyaar ki ek kahani suno plays…

Image result for pragya and abhi dance gifs

In the middle of dance..Pragya was about to leave..Abhi holds her hand ..
Pragya – Leave ..
Abhi nods no ..
After a few steps ..The song ends ..Pragya forcefully leaves her hand and trips and was about to fall..Abhi catches her..Allah Waariyan plays …Ranvir sees that and drinks hard..

Pragya goes to her room..Abhi thinks Oh God !..I hope Aditya and Maya would have done their work …

Maya – Hey i got the phone..
Aditya – Wow great ..
Maya – Catch it ..
Aditya missed it..
Maya – Urrhh !!..Adi you can’t catch a phone..
Aditya – I am weak at fielding ..
Maya – Now stop giving counters …

Image result for aditya and zoya

Pragya enters and sees..
No one is there in the room ..She takes her phone feels suspicious and left the room …

Aditya and Maya standing close near the cupboard ..

Image result for aditya and zoya

Aditya keeps on seeing Maya..
Maya – Adi ..Adi ..Aditya Oberoi !!!…
Aditya comes to senses..- Haan..What ?..
Maya murmurs – Daydreamer ..
Aditya – Daydreamer ?..
Maya – Ya Daydreamer ..Means a person who dreams during day ..Or it means you !..
Aditya – You !!

Maya – Now stop fighting !..Pragya went now come let’s go …
Aditya – Ya ya..Sure..

Maya and Aditya comes out of the cupboard..
Aditya – Oh Shit !..I forgot to change the duplicate phone in Pragya’s phone ..
Maya smiles – Don’t worry ..I know you will forget ..So i took the phone from your pocket and did your job ..

Image result for abhi hugging pragya gifs


Aditya smiles and holds her – You itself scold me and you itself take my work on your head and complete it ..Why ?..
Maya smiles – Pyaar joh tumse karti hoon ..Itna toh banta hai na ?..(I love you ..So atleast this much should be done by me na ?)
Aditya smiles …They both leaves……

Ishveer and Raina .. at the CCTV footage office Manager’s cabin..

Related image  Image result for raghav and naina


Rv holds Manager’s collars – We all know that your company is taking care of all the CCTV footages ..All over the world ..
Manager – Yes sir ..
Raghav – So now you will be having the Mauritius presentation conference footage too ?..
Manager – Yes sir ..
Rv and Raghav – Ok now comeon give the copy of the footage in a CD ..?
Manager – No sirs ..
Rv – Why man ?..
Manager – Sir as all managers say in this situation .. My job will be gone sir ..
Raghav – Oh ..So as all character ask in this situation .. You will get how much you need sir !..

Ishani sees the monitor and signals Naina ..
Naina signals Raghav and Rv..

Raghav and Rv smiles and gently deals with Manager and distracts him..
Rv – Ok sir ..You are looking so smart ?..Than us ..
Raghav makes a mixed face ..
Manager – Oh Thank you sir !..
Raghav – How sir you are maintaining this ?
Rv and Raghav keeps on distracting Manager..

Ishani and Naina opens the monitor and sees it asks password ..
Ishani signals them….
Raghav gets an idea – Sir so which is the most favourite of yours ?..Any ambition ?..
Manager – Oh ya sir ..Deepika Padukone !
Rv – Deepika Padukone ?..
Manager – Yes sir ..My lifetime ambition is to marry her and add my name behind hers !..
Raghav smiles – Sir what’s your good name ?..
Manager smiles – Champu Chaiwala …

Champu Chaiwala

Image result for kumkum bhagya champak


They all can’t control their laughs ..
Rv – So It is Deepika Champu Chaiwala ..Right ?
Manager blushes and nods ..

Ishani tries it and the monitor opens ..Naina says yes !!..
They switches off the manager room CCTV….And starts to copy the mauritius footage ..
Manager was about to turn back but Rv handles him..

Raghav – Comeon soon ..
Naina – 5 more mins…

Manager – Sir now i am having work ..
He is about to turn ..
Ishani counts – 5 , 4 , 3 , 2 , 1..
Manager turns back and sees Ishani and Naina silently standing ..
Manager was about to ask something ..But Naina says – Champu ji ..Eagerly waiting to see Deepika Champu Chaiwala ..
Manager forgets what we wants to ask and dreamily nods his head …
Rv – Thank you Champu ji ..
Raghav – See you Champu ji ..
Ishani – See you Champu uncles…

They all went out and laughs aloud ..

Image result for ishveer laughs  Image result for raghav and naina laughing

Ishani – We have worked this much hard to make Abhi and Pragya together ..They will be get together na ?..
Rv holds her – Ofcourse …
Raghav and Naina smilingly nods their heads..

In the party …
Ranvir sees Pragya and takes her to a side…


Related image  

Pragya gets scared – Ranvir !!!..Are you drunk ?..
Ranvir – What ?..Nowadays all fear are going away on my words..Forgot everything ?..So i think i should..
Pragya – Nnnoo no !..Please …I am doing only what you are saying ?..Nothing should happen to him ..
Ranvir – If nothing should happen then tonight you have to come and meet me at the back side of your house..
Pragya is stunned – What ?
Ranvir – If you didn’t come ..Then your Abhi will not be in the bed ..And i will be in your bedroom ..
Pragya is shocked…

Abhi comes searching for Pragya ..
Abhi thinks – Sure ..My Pragya is listening to that idiot words ..

Abhi sees Pragya standing there shocked ..and immediately goes there and sees and gets shocked..He sees no one there…..
Abhi holds Pragya – With whom you are talking ?..
Pragya – What does it matter to you ?..Leave me i want to go and sleep ..

Related image  Related image


Pragya wipes her tears and leaves ..Abhi angrily beats his hand in the pillar and blood bleeds from his hand..

Party gets over and Pragya went to bed and keeps on thinking about Abhi and sleeps a little..A while later ..
Pragya gets up from bed and sees Ranvir standing there in dark..

Image result for pragya shocked

Pragya cries – Where is Abhishek ?..Tell me where is Abhishek Ranvir ?..
Ranvir comes in front of light and holds Pragya’s hand..Pragya gets shocked……

Pragya sees the person in light and it is not Ranvir ..It is Abhi !!..


Image result for abhi  Image result for ah kalbim Related image

Abhi reminces what Rabul , Raina . Ishveer and Adiya told him ..


Raina and Ishveer :- ..
Abhi – Where is the footage ?..Who is the culprit ..
Ishani – Bhaiya ..We don’t know that you will believe us or not ?..Please see this ..
Abhi sees Ranvir spoiling his presentation…
Abhi shocked – Ranvir ??

Adiya :-
Abhi – Guys what happened ?..
Maya – Abhi woh ..Pragya got frequent phone calls from..
Abhi – from ??
Aditya and Maya – Ranvir Raichand ….
Abhi gets angry – Ranvir !..

Rabul :-
Purab – Bhaiya today Ranvir was behaving so abnormal and drunk so hard..
Bulbul – And he is the first one to leave the party with full anger …….

Fb ends…..

Abhi keeps this all in his mind ..and breaks the mirror and shouts – RANVIR !!!!!!!!!…

Related image

Pragya gets scared and shocked – Abhishek !!..
Abhi hugs Pragya ..Pragya gets tears …..

Image result for abhi hugging pragya gifs

Ek deewana tha song plays ..

song link –

”Ishq Mein Dube Ek Fasane Ki

Daastan Hai Ye Iss Deewane Ki

Maut Bhi Na Jise Rok Payegi…

Oh oh ..Oh oh o…Oh ooo..

Ek Deewana Tha…

Ek Deewana Tha….

Ek Deewana Tha….”

Abhi says Ranvir your game is over !..

Precap : Pragya and Ranvir meeting ..Pragya smiles…Ranvir says I think your fear has gone..A voice comes from behind ” Now she will not get fear”..Ranvir gets shocked..Next scene..
Ranvir – Pragya is mine ..I will make her mine .. It’s a challenge !!..
Abhi – Challenge accepted …….
They all looks at each other….



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