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Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 18th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjana convince Vaidika to sit with Sahil for pooja

Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 18th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

It was morning. Bari Amma was making arrangements for pooja. Anjana comes to her room and says she was sleepless whole night. As Pandit said, pooja would be incomplete without Vaidika. Bari Amma insists they have to protect Sahil from that Vaidika first. Anjana says it’s about Sahil’s life, then why not bring Vaidika to pooja. Bari Amma wasn’t convinced and says Sahil would never return to this house if Vaidika once sit in the pooja. Deepak was passing by and wonders whom Bari Amma scolding is. Anjana repeats Pandit ji’s words that it’s important for an elder woman to sit in pooja with Sahil. Bari Amma says only Nidhi would sit in pooja with Sahil today, Anjana must only think about a way to bring Sahil here. After Bari Amma has left the room, Anjana was determined to bring Vaidika home.

After all she is Sahil’s shield.
At Vaidika’s house, Sahil was happy to hear Aarya’s wish to learn dance. He assures his friend will teach her each form of dancing. Aarya goes to change and leave with Sahil. Anjana opens the door of the house. She wipes her tears watching Sahil sit in the yard and walks towards him. Sahil was happy to see her, both hug each other. Sahil asks why is she crying, if she came to confirm he went to jail or not? Anjana asks him to come home. Sahil says this is his house. Anjana requests him to come to Agarwal house, they have kept a pooja there for him. Sahil denies coming to Agarwal house. Anjana says it’s the first time she has demanded something, can’t he give this favor to her. Sahil says he doesn’t accept this pooja. Anjana argues she does. Sahil wasn’t ready to come to that house. Nidhi comes downstairs and takes her blessings, she asks why she didn’t inform her before coming. Sahil asks if she had prepared Halwa poori for her. Aarya comes outside by then, Sahil tells her to serve good tea to his mother and leaves with Aarya himself. Nidhi promises Anjana to bring Sahil to Agarwal house. Vaidika also comes outside. Anjana joins her hands for a help from Vaidika. She says Pandit told then about a Kaal Surp in Sahil’s birth chart. They have kept a pooja for him, he won’t deny coming over if Vaidika helps her. Vaidika was speechless as Anjana pleaded and cried.
Sahil brings Aarya to a disco. A young man danced there, he was excited to see Sahil and questions about his beard. They guy asks Sahil who is important in Aarya’s life than him? Sahil introduces Mohid to Aarya. They shake hands with each other. Sahil asks Mohid to teach Aarya dancing. He agrees.
Deepak bribes a man on the way Sahil’s car would move. He wanted a revolt between Anjana and Bari Amma.
Sahil walks into the house and slips from stairs. Vaidika holds him out of care. He stares at her for the concern. Vaidika convinces Sahil for accepting his mother’s wish. Sahil says there is a lot common about his mother and Vaidika – #DilTouEmotionalHai. He won’t anyway die by slipping a stair only. Vaidika doesn’t let him complete his sentence. Sahil smiles. Vaidika insists that his mother is concerned for him, what he doesn’t go there once. Sahil decisively says that no one there understands his point of view and betrayed him, he won’t go to that house.
At Agarwal house, Anjana was worried if Vaidika would be able to convince Sahil and goes to confirm it.
On the way, Sahil calls Karan that Vaidika was emotionally fooled by Anjana. He is now coming to Karan’s house. There, Deepak watches Sahil’s auto and whistles. The man places a wooden rod implanted with nails on the road.
Vaidika informs Anjana that Sahil isn’t home. Anjana was worried about his well-being. Vaidika calls Sahil but he didn’t pick the call. Sahil’s auto climbs over the wooden piece, the tyres were inflated. Sahil fell over from auto to a heap of bricks, hitting his head.
During the pooja, Anjana was tensed as the flame wouldn’t light. Pandit ji says he already warned Bari Amma that it can be catastrophic if Vaidika doesn’t sit in pooja. Anjana gets a call and runs out of the house.
Deepak plans that Anjana would now convince Vaidika to attend the pooja. This would infuriate Bari Amma.
Anjana and Vaidika reach the place where Deepak sat with Sahil’s head in his lap. Vaidika sprinkles water over his face. Anjana was concerned about Sahil and drags him home. She insists on Sahil and places his hand over her head to swear he would come to pooja and sit in pooja with his wife. Sahil wasn’t ready to sit with Nidhi. Anjana announces Sahil will sit with Vaidika.

PRECAP: Pandit ji was angry at Agarwal House and says it’s important for Vaidika to sit in pooja with Sahil. Anjana decisively announces that Vaidika would sit in pooja with Sahil, it’s about his life. Bari Amma holds a hand over Anjana for daring in front of her. Vaidika stops it in midair.

Update Credit to: Sona

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