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A newly founded True love ~Twinj os~

Hello my tu friends. I m back. I was not on tu because of 10 boards exam. But now i will continue my ff too but for now i have an os.

Note:in this os twinkke n kunj didnt know each other.

A newly founded True love

Scene 1(luthra mansion)
A couple is shown sleeping peacefully. They were twiraj. Both twiraj woke up at the same time n wish each other good morning. Yuvraj is a top 5 business man in Delhi. Twiraj fall in love 2 years ago and get married soon within 6 months.

Scene 2(sarna mansion)
A couple is shown standing near a fairytale bed n eyeing an adorable baby peacefully sleeping. Kunj comes up n take the baby in his embrace.
K- get up my baby doll.
B-uhaa let me sleep na papa
The baby is kunj n mahi’s cute little princess Anaya.
Kunj got married to mahi 2 years back it was also a love marriage. Kunj lives in paris with his happy family.
Twiraj n kuhi both r in love from head to toe. There life was going awesome, there were hurdles but they never left each other’s side.
After 20 years
Twiraj have 2 kids one boy who they named Aryan n a girl name Aaradhya.
Kuhi have only one daughter Anaya as mahi can’t conceive anymore.
One fine day kunj comes to Mumbai n coincendently twinkle also stays in the same hotel as she also came to Mumbai for some work. As they check in they bump into each other. They both say sorry to each other n moves in different directions but destiny planned something else for them.
Next day they both enter the office n was shocked to see each other. Kunj company was going to have a patnership with yuvraj’s company but as yuvraj can’t come so twinkle came to attend the meeting. They both introduced each other n they started their presentation n at last both sign the deal.
As there was some work to be done for project they stayed there were for a week.
Soon Twinj become friends n started sight seeing n having fun.
Both were having an unknown feeling.
Day before the last day kunj call twinkle on the terrace of the same hotel. Kunj sat on his knees n proposed twinkle. Twinkle was shocked but didn’t say a word as kunj put his fingers on her lips.
K- twinkle i don’t know that when i fall in love with u. Today I realised that i never love mahi. I mean i love. Her But today i got my true love. I don’t compare u n mahi but i truly madly n deeply in love with u. I never felt this way for mahi.
T- kunj but what about our family n society.
K- twinkle society only says ill words about everyone n family is an important concern but i think our partners will understand us.
T- what about childrens. I love them a lot.
K- twinkle i too love anaya but she will understand she is a mature girl. I can’t say anything about ur’s children but i can give u guarantee Anaya understands me much better than mahi.
T- kunj my childrens will never understand this. They are not mature enough they are small yet my daughter is just 18 n son 16.
K- okay then i will wait for u till ur children understands this. I don’t want them to hate us.
T- if u can then wait fir 2 years more for ur true love.
K-now say that.
T- i love u too kunj.
N they leave from there to get united after some time.

The End

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