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A Little More Than Forever (RagSan SS) CH-03 04 and 05

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A Little More Than Forever (RagSan SS) CH-02

Her elbow gave up at last and her head slipped out of her hand and she got up with a jerk. No doubt as Sheena said Uni life sucked. It had been just a month and Ragini was finding it difficult to adjust  to the boring lectures. Her eyes scanned to realize whether she is still in the same class or the next professor has entered the class.

To her dismay she was just five minutes from the time she fell asleep. At her right John asked her what happened through his eyes. Nodding her head she gave him a weak smile and he reflected the smile before turning to the board.

I don’t want to be Rowling though then why the heck I chose literature?’ she yawned. “Because you are too lazy to study and literature looked easy one to you” she heard Sheena’s voice as though she heard her. It wasn’t tough to guess Ragini’s thoughts for Sheena as they had been together from a long time and Ragini was only close to her.

“Whatever” Ragini whispered again trying to adjust herself ready to take the next nap. The class room was filled with almost hundred students. Sheena along with Ragini always rushed to the class so that they can find a good spot. A spot from where they aren’t visible to the professor. In a crowd of students the professor hardly cared if anyone was listening.

“I can’t believe you can’t keep yourself awake for five minutes” John chuckled as they were walking to the parking. “I double dare you listen to Mr. Philips lecture without your iPod” she unlocked the doors of her car. “Gosh I can’t even imagine my life without my iPod” he clutched his dear iPod like it was his permanent girlfriend. “I don’t know how Sheena manages to stay awake” his gaze moved to Sheena.

“Because he is a jerk” Ragini stood near the car. “Oh common Gini you have problem with all my crushes” Sheena frowned. John chuckled hearing them. “Because they eventually turn out to be jerks” said Ragini opening the car door. “Whatever. I will find my Mr. Perfect for sure” she said dreamily.

“Princess of Dream Land. Please bless us with your presence in the real world” John bowed in front of Sheena and Ragini gave him a high five over the car’s top. Sheena twisted her lips sitting inside the car. John opened the back door of the car and sat in it.

Ragini ignited the engine and her car pierced the roads of Manhattan. She reduced the car speed at the signal. Mouthing her favorite’s songs lyrics “Now that I see you” she turned her gaze to her right. The same cafe’s stairs made her mind to travel back in time a month ago. The first day of her college in Manhattan.

She stood waiting for the person to speak when she heard a cellphone ring. When she turned she saw only his back. He was busy over the phone. She smiled at the lady whom she just saved and walked away from there wearing her hood and placing her hands inside her pockets.

The honks jerked her in present bringing her out of her thoughts. She brushed her thoughts and accelerated the engine. In an hour she was at her home after dropping John to his place. As the door opened with a click Ragini walked to the sofa and collapsed on it. “Damn it was hell of a day” she grabbed the apple in the fruit bowl.

“I will make the pasta. Wanna have some?” Sheena placed her bag on the table walking to the kitchen. “You know I love you so much” Ragini gave her a wide smile which made Sheena nod her head.

***Sanskar’s POV****

I was cleaning my call list as I needed space in my phone. “What are you doing?” Venessa walked to me with a can of coffee. “I’m just clear my call log” I grabbed the can from her hand and sipped the first sip. My fingers were moving the screen up. There was this number which was highlighted in Red.

“A missed call?” I was confused. “So is that any miracle or only available in you phone thing” Venessa shrugged her shoulders mocking me. “He he. It was so funny I’m dying out of laughter” I looked at the number again. “Nobody appreciates my wits” she whined and walked to her cabin. I haven’t dialed to check who it was. It’s not so me.

I looked at the date and time. I was in Manhattan that time as per my schedule. And when I’m off duty I make sure I don’t miss a call. That was what my duty commitments have taught me. I cursed myself for missing it and then not dialing it to check. My fingers moved hesitantly to press on the green spot to dial the number.

“Sanky emergency” Venessa’s voice jerked me and I closed my eyes annoyed. This girl has very wrong timing always. If she wouldn’t have called me that day. I wouldn’t have missed Ragini. She just disappeared in thin air that day. Twitching my jaws I replied “Coming”.

Taking a deep sigh I messaged the number “Hello. I’m sorry a month back I was not able to attend your call. May I know who is this? I’m sorry that I did  not redial that day” Am I acting like a maniac? I questioned myself. But I have to know who it was? I placed the phone in the drawer and headed out of my cabin before Venessa could come back banging the door.


Her phone buzzed. She lazily took it out of her pocket. Unlocking the phone her fingers pressed the new message which she received . The top of it showed that it was an unknown number. Then her eyes moved down. For an unknown reason a smile crept her lips. “Such an idiot” she nodded her head locking her phone again.

“Here are the pastas” Sheena walked with a tray with two bowls. Ragini grabbed the bowl and looked at the delicious pasta and licked her lips feeling the tasty with its aroma. Sheena placed the tray on the table and took the bowl and sat beside Ragini.

They talked random stuff and enjoyed the food.

The sky turned dark and Ragini lazily walked to her room yawning. She dropped her slippers before landing on the bed. Her hands moved to clutch her pillow. Her phone vibrated and her face twitched annoyed. She grabbed it from the side table.

“Tomorrow Jessica’s birthday party at grooves at 7 p.m. Good night” Ragini read John’s message. “Love you John. You are my medicine to boredom” she replied him with a smile. She looked at the message below his message. “The sender sounds cute” she smiled looking at it again.

“Sorry. I have the worse memory. I don’t remember and moreover my call list is blank” She replied and placed the phone back on the table. She did not expect a reply. It was just the genuine courtesy to reply which she did.

“Hmm. Sounds like we both are suffering with early age Alzheimer” she read the next message when her phone buzzed. “Are you a doctor?” she texted. “Must say your guesses are so apt” she smiled reading the next message. “And you sound amusing not serious which is hard to find in doctors now a days” she bit her lower lip replying.

“And you sound interesting. If you don’t mind may I know your name?” she read the text and her fingers typed her name quickly. “Are you insane Ragini? Why are you letting him know your name?” she hit her head reacting to her stupidity.

“Shanaya” she retyped the message and sent it. “And I know it isn’t the real name” her eyes went wide reading the message. “And don’t worry I will wait till you are comfortable to trust me with your name which for sure I cannot misuse. By the way I’m Sanskar” she read the message and smiled as the blood rushed to her cheek.

“Nice to know you” she hit her head after replying thinking what the heck was she doing. Chatting with a stranger at midnight. “Pleasure is all mine.” she smiled at his text. It was a weird feeling that crept her heart and covered her mind. “Good night” she texted. “Sweet dreams” she closed her eyes with a smile on her face reading his reply.


The club was fluttering with the music and the colourful lights. Ragini sat at a corner enjoying the music and relaxing with a beer. “This you could have done at the apartment right?” Sheena asked huffing as she stood in front of Ragini crossing her arms.

“You know I walk to clubs for a reason and it isn’t dance of course” she showed her beer can sipping the next sip. Sheena nodded her head and walked back to John. Ragini sat there smiling looking at her.


I was analyzing a report. That’s worst job to do trust me and Venessa always does that for me. But as she was on a family weekend celebration I have to do it all. I collapsed back on the chair frustrated. My phone buzzed and I unlocked it to check.

The phone screen flashed ” New message from May be Shanaya”. I looked at the phone surprised. I did not expect a message from her. “Hello” I could feel the excitement in her voice. “Hi What you’re doing?” I typed the message quickly but then my fingers stopped before touching the send. Am I looking like a desperate? I questioned myself.

I brushed my thoughts and touched “Send”

That’s how we started bonding over the text messages.


I was again in Manhattan to meet my mother. It had been a month that me and ‘May be Shanaya’ are talking to each other. You are right she hadn’t told me her real name yet. But texting her at every free minute I get has become a part of my day’s schedule.

I wanted to meet her for once. “Hey guess what?” I texted as I was relaxing in my room. Mom had stuffed me with all the food of the city and I had no energy left to move.

“I’m not fortune teller” I smiled reading her text. “Oh is it. I thought you are one” I replied her and bit my lower lip imagining her annoyed face. “Listen. I’m in Manhattan. Can we meet?” I asked her. Yes she lived here. In between our conversation that was the only thing she revealed to me.

I don’t know how will she react. My phone buzzed raising my curiosity level.

“I’m sorry Sanskar. I’m not in town” My face fell reading her text.  “Yeah that’s fine. I can understand I haven’t gained enough trust to know your real name also. So I deserve to stay behind the shadow” I couldn’t hold my annoyance and vented out.

After I sent the text I realized I was rude. “I’m sorry. I did not mean to say all that” I texted even after not receiving the reply from her. “Bye” was the only which was on the reply thread from her side.

Arghh. I just hate myself for doing that. I wanted to convince her then I better of it and threw my phone away not replying. My hands moved over my head and I clutched my hairs frustrated.

Why does these attachments bring so much pain with it? These question has been haunting me from the time Ragini left just like that. The tears fought heat on my face to drop down.


Tonight I will be returning to Washington as I have to rejoin the duty the next day. Venessa had arrived to Manhattan to visit her aunt. She insisted her to join her on her Shopping flee. I so much hated doing but she had been my mind diverting pill all these days. And the time made me depend on her. Without my will I accepted her suggestion.

“You look like autumn tree” she dragged herself away after hugging me in the mall. I gave her a wry smile and we walked inside the mall.

She was trying out different outfits. She wanted to buy a nice gown as she was the brides maid in her cousin Stacy’s marriage next month. All looked same to me as she stood in front of the mirror trying one after one and asking my opinion.

My eyes stopped and did not move for a brief time when they captured something. My heart felt frozen and I could not help but hack for breath. Damn it had been eight months that she disappeared but how do I remeber each curve on her face.

Ragini’ I finally breathed as my mind recalled her name. And my heart beat again gained the speed. I blinked my eyes to make sure if I was hallucinating. Her image did not vanish from the mirror. That means she was there. She was really there and my heart gained some more speed

Life can look simple yet be complicated. Ragini’s life also looked simple but it was tangled to the extent she could not resolve it. Resolve it from damn 15 years. “Hey love happy birthday” she unlocked her room door hearing to Sheena over the phone.

“Love you Sheen. I so miss you” said she controlling her emotions. “I wish we could celebrate your birthday here. But you know Kanika aunty insisted so I have let you go to her. Otherwise you know we have never missed your birthday” said Sheena sad.

“Yeah if it wasn’t for mom I would have been with you there” said Ragini as she collapsed on the bed. “Listen. I have to go mom is calling she has made my favorite chocolate cake” said Ragini and disconnected the call. She walked to the hall.

The noise which always broke her into pieces broke into her ear drums. Shadows moved over her. She did not had the courage to look in that direction. She walked to the freezer and placed a choco pastry in the tray and walked back to her room.

“Happy birthday to me. Happy birthday to me” she sang and cut the pastry with the spoon and placed it in her  mouth to control her pain and smiled as the tear tripped her eye. “Wish I could be with people whom I want to live with” she said staring the ceiling.

She held her guitar which she had hid below her bed.

All those days watching from the windows
All those years outside looking in
All that time never even knowing
Just how blind I have been

She sang her favorite song closing her eyes. In the hall her parents fought and ignored that there was their daughter inside her room crying over her fate that her parents forgot her birthday. It wasn’t new to her. She has always ran from any kind of attachments due to this. If anyone had stayed with her for her running away nature it was Sheena.

But Ragini could never share her pain with Sheena though. She never knew why Sheena could not get that confidence though she has committed completely in the friendship.


Cutting through my dream I sat up on the bed. I still could feel her sobs. After I missed Ragini that day in mall I have drown into a greater grief. As I grab my faith on my fate it snaps me harder. Now I don’t know where am I heading in my life.

I panted for breath like I was breathless for ages. Suddenly I felt a need to talk to Shanaya. I grabbed my phone and saw that thread of message where still her message ‘Bye’ was the last message.

I took deep breaths to cool my heart and mind. But my face burned. I was about to step in for another disappointment. And I don’t know why my brain wasn’t stopping me from doing this.

It did not stop me from running behind Ragini in that mall like a maniac. It did not control itself from breaking itself into pieces again.

It did not stop me from texting Shanaya that day. It did not stopped me to feel worst when she did not care to talk to me after that day.

Neither it is stopping me now that I feel like talking to her for the last time. Gathering all the courage I pressed on the send on the screen. It took a second or few to show the sent mark to be visible below it.


“Now I that I see you” she finished the last line and heard the buzzing of her phone. Placing the guitar aside she grabbed the cellphone and unlocked it. As she pressed on the new message notification she saw Sanskar’s name flashing. As her eyes moved down she found the new message on the thread.

She did not accept it ever but she surely missed him. And she did not knew whether it was good to feel that way. But has her heart listened to her ever. ‘I’m sorry for being a jerk that day. One last time please” she don’t know why she felt his genuine guilt.

She knew it was her fault too that she lied to him as she did not wanted to meet him that day. She could have simply told the truth to avoid the complex situation but as usual she had to screw up.

He had been always so understanding so she should have trusted him with the truth. The truth of her insecurities. Letting a deep sigh she typed the message ‘I’m sorry too for telling a lie that day. I couldn’t meet you just like that’ she pressed on the send on the screen after struggling a bit.

She could feel his smile. ‘All right. So let me start it from the beginning. Hi my name is Sanskar Maheshwari. And don’t worry I don’t want to know your name. It’s just that I felt you are not okay. Are you fine?’ she literally felt overwhelmed with his gesture.

I wish I could say that’ she replied. ‘Remember one thing whatever happens. I will be here on the other side waiting for you to share your every little worry’ she smiled madly looking at the phone.

Why are you so sweet?’ she asked. ‘Because I’m not a bitter gourd’ she laughed at his joke. ‘Can I be honest with you in all ways other than my name’ she texted him biting her lower lip.

Of course. I promise I will never ask you any question which will make you uncomfortable. I hope you can trust me’ she nodded her head reading his message.

How to get out of grief?’ she replied. ‘Hmm depends on the situation. Sometimes you have ignore the situation which puts us in grief and sometimes the person who puts us in the grief’ she read his message and her smile widened.

Ignorance will solve the problem?’ she was still confused. ‘Not really. But it will not effect you. Some things are better left untouched and some problems are better left on time’ she could not help but admire his maturity.

You know something?’ she replied to him. ‘Today is my birthday’ she replied after a pause.

Hey happy birthday’ she read his message and it felt so good she could not define the feel.  ‘Thank you’ she replied. ‘And I don’t know the reason for your sadness on this special day of yours but I know you will be out of it soon. Life seems difficult but it is not actually. So smile and spread your beautiful smile in the people’s life who value your presence’ she instantly smiled at his thought.

You know you are the best’ she replied wiping her face and feeling the new energy.

Something was bothering her. Wish I could be around her to give her that shoulder to lean to. But I know she isn’t weak. She isn’t weak to accept her defeat.

And you are best that you have the courage to face the things’ I typed and sent it to her.

I was happy that not completely but she recovered. I wondered what might have happened that she was so upset on her birthday.

It’s my birthday. Wont you ask me for my wish?’ I smiled reading her message. ‘Wish I was a star I would have fell to make your wish come true’ I smiled replying her. ‘Such cheesy lines’ I chuckled as I expected the same reply from her.

Jokes apart. I wish all your wish to come true’ I replied her.

My wish is to fulfill your one wish’ that reply from her really stopped my heart beat. ‘Are you sure?’ I replied her. ‘Very much’ I could feel her smile.

Okay. My wish is to hear your voice’ I hope she doesn’t find a jerk in me. I seriously did not wished to look like a jerk to her. If I would have asked her name it would have been against my promise I gave her and if I asked her to meet definitely she would have thought me as a jerk. So I thought she wont mind this request of mine.

I took a deep breath waiting for her reply. Every second looked like ages then. I realized what Einstein said about relativity theorem in a common man language. ‘okay’ I danced on my bed reading her reply.

I can’t believe my luck. Before I could dial my screen flashed her name.

What the hell? I’m surely reach a coma state due to the shock she was giving me one by one.

“Hello” the voice after I placed the phone after receiving the call froze my heart beat. Why is it feeling like it is bleeding. I held my breath to realize that I’m in reality.

It has been two months that I have been talking to Ms. May be Shanaya over the phone. She used  to just make my day worth living. Everyday at 4 she used to call me as soon as her last lecture finished. She used to explain how was her day.

And how she almost caught sleeping but due to her best friend she was saved. Her best friends crush who used to change every week and how she used to say all the boy she dates are jerks.

A wide smile crept on my lips remembering her. Venessa walked in and I changed my expressions. “ Ms. May be Shanaya again” she rolled her eyes  and I loved how she used to get annoyed. “Come on dude you are crazy. First you fell in love with a girl only whose name you know and now you are falling for a girl whom you have not even seen” she said and sat in front of me.

Ragini’s face flashed in my mind and suddenly my lips curved down. “Like what if she turns out to be a negro?” asked Venessa giving me a serious look. “She is an Indian” I corrected her. “What if she is a hindi speaking negro?” she asked me.

“Ven stop being racist. We Indians can guess the other Indians by our hearts” I said and she twitched her lips. “I know” she said and I laughed at myself that how cheesy I have become. “Okay listen Monday we have to operate that accident case” I looked at her wide eyes.

“What? You can’t escape this time” she said and sweat covered me. I know I’m a doctor but I have not done any surgeries till now. It sounds weird but I’m scared of excess blood. Last time I remember I almost fainted and Venessa had to continue the operation. I can see blood not a problem but not excess of it.

May be my memory of Dad’s accident is responsible for this fear of mine. A shiver ran down my body started shivering the day I lost my dad. “Sanky” I landed back in the world from my past.

“Your phone is ringing” I was still blank and looked at the phone. “Hello” I placed the phone to my ear after receiving it. “Peach or pink” she said and I looked at the phone confused. “What?” I asked her confused. “Sanky I want to go on a birthday party and I am confused so tell me” she spoke.

“Shanaya” I sighed deeply.  “Say na” she cutely demanded. Finally I could not stop myself from smiling. “Peach” my smile spread ear to ear. And my heart which was racing slowed down and I relaxed. Sometimes we don’t realize what are blessings in our life. Surely she was the blessing in my life and I don’t know ever I acknowledged it.

Again my heart was getting attached to someone and I was scared of one more heart break. Why am I so pessimist? I asked myself. Then I decided not to keep any hopes.

“You are the best” she screeched happy before disconnecting the call. And I was again smiling.


“This one” a smiling Ragini turned to Sheena who was applying the eye shade. “Don’t you think you are getting too close with the person whom you have not seen also?” she asked folding her lips to get the correct texture of lipstick. “J sheena” she complained. “Oh please I have got enough stock of handsome men. Why will I get jealous of a person whose face is not visible?” asked she shrugging her shoulders.

“By the way. What if he turns out to be a psycho or worst a g word” Sheena shrank her eyes. “None of my business. He makes me feel good whenever I talk to him and that’s what matters to me than his s*xual orientation” Ragini walked to the washroom to get changed.

“So you are happy only with hello how are you conversation.” asked Sheena. “He is a friend alright don’t take it to the next level. You know right I don’t believe in love or commitment stuff” Ragini peeped from the washroom door.

After wearing the dress Ragini stepped out and Sheena’s jaws remained hung open. “Mine mine. Your phone friend really knows you so well. You look gorgeous” said Sheena walking to Ragini. Ragini gave her a big smile and walked to the dressing table.

“And you will never marry?” asked Sheena settling on the bed. “When I don’t believe in a system why will I even enter it” Ragini wore the earring and all the other accessories. “And your parent?” asked Sheena. Ragini sadly smiled at Sheena through the mirror.

“I have already talked to mom. She understood me and let me do whatever I want to” said Ragini smiling widely to hide the pain. ‘Once I finish my academics I will go away from them as far as possible’ Ragini spoke in her mind.

They heard a car honk. “Jerk John is finally here” said Sheena getting up. Ragini hit her shoulder. “Don’t call him that. Just because he remains unaffected to your advances doesn’t mean he is a jerk” Ragini gave her a glare.

“You have your definition of jerk and I have mine. Remember when I asked him for a date what he said” Sheena nodded her head. “That his car is punctured” Ragini burst out and Sheena couldn’t help but join her. “I have not seen such idiot in my life I tell you” said Sheena nodding her head.

“Stop badmouthing about my friend Sheen” Ragini dragged her along. “Oh hello I’m your friend first” said Sheena. “You both are equally important to me. Don’t ask me for a choice I can’t do it. Time doesn’t matter in friendship. What matters is how well you understand your friends” Ragini walked with her.

“Your car isn’t punctured today?” Sheena asked John who looked at her with a cocked eye brow. “His car punctures only when you ask for a date” Ragini laughed and John gave her a high five. Sheena stood holding her waist and glaring both.

“Now let’s get to the venue guys” John walked to the driver seat and Ragini sat beside him and Sheena sat in the back seat. They reached the venue in another 30 minutes and enjoyed the birthday party.

After the party was over John dropped Ragini and Sheena to their apartment. “Now I see the light” Ragini walked with the help of Sheena till home singing. Sheena made her sleep on the bed and covered her with the quilt.

“Sheen” Ragini held her wrist when she was going away. “I want to talk to Sanky” she pouted cutely. “Have you gone nuts Ragzee. It’s 2 a.m and I don’t think your Sanky will like to talk to you at this time” said Sheena nodding her head. “Arrey my Sanky will not say he can’t talk to me at any time. Please dial his number na. I’m seeing two two phones. Don’t know which key pad to press” said Ragini forwarding her phone.

Sheena rolled her eyes and grabbed Ragini’s phone and dialed Sanky’s number.


I was in my deep slumber when I felt the vibration of my phone. I was really tired today so had fallen into sleep as soon as I landed on the bed. Opening one eye with much difficulty I searched for my phone. With much struggle I pressed on the answer button of the phone as my brain had stopped to work and my vision was blur.

“Hello” I spoke after a yawn. “Sanky” I heard Shanaya’s chirpy voice. She giggled and I found it weird. I looked at the phone to make sure she only called me. “Shanaya?” I asked confused. “Who Shanaya?” asked she. I sat up on the bed with the help of my elbows.

“Are you alright? Why did you call at this time?” I asked her worried. I heard her giggling and I was confused whether I cracked any joke. “Aww Sanky you are so cute” she said and I understood that she was drunk. She had told me that she is going to attend a birthday party.

She usually neither calls me or texts me when she has a plan to attend a party or when she is planning to go to the pub. I did not knew why did she called today. This girl is crazy at odd times and her calling at this time really made my heart beat stop for sometime.

“Shanaya” I whined. “Don’t call me that. It’s not my name” she said cutely and I smiled with my sleepy eyes. “Then what you want me to call you?” I asked her and she was silent for some time. “Are you there Sha…” I stopped myself from uttering that name.

“Wait na I was thinking” she said and I waited for her to talk further. “You call me Ra” she stopped. “Ra. What?” asked her. “No no. not that” she said and I was listening to her confused. “You call me A” she again stopped. “A?” I asked her confused. “Haa you call me Rapunzel” she said and I laughed at her thought.

“Okay Ms. Rapunzel now please tell me why did you call at this time?” I asked her. “Sanky” she started crying and I felt like running to her and hugging but will I be able to recognize her in the crowd was the real question.

“Hey hey what happened to my Rapunzel” I asked her to cool her. “Your Rapunzel?” she asked sniffing. “Um hm. My Rapunzel. I’m your Flynn Ryder” said I and she chuckled and I relaxed. “But Flynn Ryder’s name was not real” she said and I nodded my head smiling.

“Like as if your name is” I said. “Means?” she asked cutely. “Even Rapunzel is not your name right” I asked her and she chuckled. “Why were you crying?” I asked her.

“See na my bestie did not hear my song only” she said and I smiled at her cuteness. “No problem Rapunzel your Flynn Ryder is here on your service” I said and I could feel that huge smile on her face. Shanaya was very passionate about her singing.

She liked singing and had a dream to have a career in singing. But she never sang over the phone till now. And I was curious to hear her singing.

All those days watching from the window All those years outside looking in
All that time never even knowing Just how blind have I been
Now I’m here blinking in the starlight
Now I’m here suddenly I see.
Standing here It’s all so clear where I meant to be
And at last I see the light and its like the fog has lifted
And at last I see the light and its like the sky is shifted.

“Hello” I looked at my phone. Damn the call was disconnected before I could hear her singing. I called her number to check but it was switched off. Might be her phone was dead. It usually happens with her phone. She hasn’t updated her phone software yet I guess and might have fallen asleep.

“Call me as soon as you wake up” I sent the text and lied back on my bed. My lips stretched to form a smile.

And at last I see the light – I remembered the song Ragini had sung. That was my most beautiful memory. Though I don’t know where she is but I just wish that she stays happy.

Taking a deep sigh I gave up to my slumber resting my thoughts. I had a morning flight to Manhattan and I did not wished to miss it.


“Owe” Ragini held her head getting up in the morning. “Why my head feels this bad every time booze” she complained pressing her head. “I wish I had a complicated answer for this. But it is simple. That you booze more than you can handle” Sheena glared Ragini.

“And I have to tolerate the consequences” said Sheena sitting beside her. “Awww. Then why the best friends are there?” Ragini asked. “To clean the mess you create” she gave a bore look as that was the usual answer. “Now get going we have to go for grocery shopping. Everything is empty in the kitchen” said Sheena walking.

Ragini pushed the quilt aside and found her phone which was dead. “Damn this phone” she cursed switching it ON. She found a new message and clicked on it. “Sanky? At 2 am?” she looked at the message and the time. “Oh I guess he did not receive your call last night so might have sent a sorry” Sheena said arranging the dresser.

“My call?” Ragini asked confused. “Yes madam your call. You wanted to speak to your Sanky at 2 am and I dialed his number and gave you. And then walked to my room” said Sheena and Ragini searched her call list. There was a call to Sanskar’s number and she panicked.

“Why don’t I remember anything when I’m boozed” she sat bending her head. “I told you that’s because you booze more than the limit you can handle” said Sheena giving a tight smile.

Ragini pushed her hair strands which were falling over her face and dialed Sanskar’s number. “He isn’t picking the call” Ragini said worried. “God knows what you have spoken to him last night” said Sheena and walked out.

“You are supposed to cheer me not scare” Ragini shouted bending her head towards the door. “I’m saying the fact” Sheena shouted back and Ragini sat pouting.

“Damn why don’t I remember?” she cursed throwing the phone away and walked to the washroom to get freshened up.

After the break fast Ragini and Shanaya went out for a grocery shopping. Ragini was all upset that Sanskar did not pick the call and she did not remember what she spoke exactly.

She was all immersed in her thoughts when she collided with someone on the street. The bag in the ladies hand fell down and Ragini helped her to pick them. The lady looked up and was surprised to find Ragini. “Arrey beta you?” asked the lady and Ragini looked at her confused as she did not recognize the lady.


Maa bhi na. She has to roam everywhere alone. I told her to wait for me but no. She has to go to the next shop on her own. I found her on a way talking to someone.

Only if I knew that moment is gonna stop my heart beat and make me feel I don’t think I would have dared to walk to her.

As my steps made the distance between my mother and me reduce her head moved a bit away and my heart stopped beating. Am I dreaming. I was just few meters away from her.

Is this real or any illusion. Why am I not able to move. “Guddu” my mother turned to me and I saw her eyes meeting mine.

What surprised me was did she recognized me? Why is she shocked to find me? So many questions and galloping heart and the blur surrounding. I couldn’t breath. I could not move. What is happening to me.

“See this girl only that day saved me. You told na you could not thank her” Mom’s words made me move. And I was shocked. She was so near to me that day and I missed her in a fraction of second.

Thank God I will not miss her today. Will I? Oh god oh god. Finally Ragini is in front of me and I’m blank.

“Hi” I forwarded my hand. “Hello” she said and smiled and I felt my heart beat stopping in that moment when she smiled beautifully.

Can life turn like this? I have no answers as I’m numb right now.

“Hello” the girl standing beside her forwarded her hand and I shook her hand. “Sorry my friend doesn’t have minimum manners to how to introduce to people. I’m sheena and she is Ragini” said she smiling and I smiled at her weakly. “Nice name” Maa caressed her cheek and I looked at them both.

“And what about you? ” Sheena asked looking at me. “Guddu” mom said and I glared her. “Weird” said she making face.

“It is actually” I caressed my hair and waited if Ragini will utter my name but she did not. I don’t think she remembered my name or me. Then why was she shocked?

“Arrey beta join us for the lunch today. My son has come after months so I’m having a special lunch and I could not thank you that day also” said Maa and I wanted kiss her cheeks for thinking that. “Um yeah” I said nervously.

Initially she refused but later after mom’s requests she agreed for it. And I felt like dancing.


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