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Yuvani, a unique story, part 22

Suhani was moved by whatever Yuvraj said but was still upset. She shared her miseries with him, told him the position her dad has in her mid, how she supported her throughout. He was strength, her would and taught her that it isn’t face but mind which creates a person’s identity. She then quoted an instant from her childhood, where her teacher taunted her own her face tone. At that time, her dad stood by her side and became her strength; he made sure that she was over it.

The expression on Yuvraj’s face when Suhani mentioned about her appearance, was nice one. Because he was kind of guilty there, for once, he himself considered her a inferior due to her face tone and now he regrets it.

Suhani was in dilemma and she kept crying, she wanted to forget everything, forgive her father, because he is her everything, but thinking of what he did, was not able to. Yes, it was indeed very large betrayal.

Suhani was unable to come out of this dilemma and Yuvraj hugged her. It was really a magical moment, gave goose bumps, that one. She really needed that hug, and he knew it, for he understood her the most. She wanted to cry her heart out, to get rid all the anger she had within and he, he helped her in doing that. He became the shoulder to lean on.

They hugged so tightly, all these where happening under emotions, because she was broken and he couldn’t se her like it.

But, then they both realized what they did and broke the hug. It was awkward again, he then turned back, there were too much feelings going through him, like guilt, awkwardness etc. Ad she, she just started at him.

The next morning, he leaves home early and informs Shard about this, he wanted mend her relationship with her dad.

Suhani was still confused, half of her wanted to move on, but. She thought of talking to Yuvraj and then decided again it as she knew what he would say.

Lata called Suhani and asked her to meet her somewhere outside. Suhani went to the restaurant and the waiter took her to a private room, which was booked for her. She was surprised, thinking how and why Lata booked a private room for them, before she could think much about it, the door got locked from outside, even though she asked to open, it didn’t.

It was Yuvraj who locked the room, his face reflected all that he was feeling, his care for her, how badly he wanted things to get fine, his satisfaction and hope, that the things would get fine all were visible in his face.

Before Suhani could do anything, a ppt started to display, with al her beautiful memories. It started with her childhood pic with her dad, when she was a baby. She got emotional seeing it, it continued with her childhood pics with her parents, her sister and then their grown up pictures. The second last one was very nice, it was a pic during her bidai, her hugging her dad, it was a sweet one and the last one, a card once she made for her dad on his birthday, mentioning him as world’s best dad.

Suhani was filled by the, she realised that only by one mistake he did, that too for her happiness, she was blaming her father, forgetting all those beautiful time he gave her, she was kind of guilty and then her father came in front her and apologised to her and she hugged him. They apologised to each other and Lata joined them.


Yuvraj got Bhavna there and she was very happy to see her sister and father’s reunion.

Suhani apologised to her dad telling him about how adamant she got thinking of the marriage and for got everything else. She quoted Yuvraj’s words, about what he said about “if”, that is about regret and told him that she loves him a lot. Yuvraj was very happy seeing her saw. Bhavna saw this and was so happy seeing his concern for her and asked him about it, about the care and concern he have for her, even after all those happened. He told her that it is nothing in front of what she did and hence he had to do such small efforts to make her happy. But it wasn’t a small one.

Bhavna then joined her family and they shared a hug, nice family moment.

Suhani quoted that “lie” can never make things better, it can change the situation but we can’t expect to lead life on it. Yuvraj got upset hearing her and went out.

Her family praised Yuvraj and told Suhani that she is lucky that she got him, but she was upset, because she felt that he isn’t hers.

He was upset thinking about their mission, because they were lying too much to keep it going and he became afraid thinking of the result it would produce, because, lie never made anything good, and he was afraid of failing.

Soumya called him then, when he was frustrated and he shouted at her.


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