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Two selfish lovers – Ragsan (pt 13)

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And today you will see the Mannered Kameena guess who?😉😉

Let’s begin…..


Lak was guilty by his behaviour towards Ragini….her nature…her worry for him..her sweet talks..her smile her innocent face.. her care towards him..her delicateness her comely…her appearance for wch he rejected her …bt slowly he understood wat he lost….the gem..even the gem was less to compare with… He was late to realise..after 2 days it was his marriage with her sister…with whom he had infatuation

It was the mehendi…he tried many ways…several many ways to reach Ragini bt some or by other reasons he was made to sit with swara

The time.. Came wn swara asked for water….
He unwillingly made her drink water…his eyes fell on rag who was standing in the corner ..she was taking thrir glance and was hiding her tears

It was the moment wch hurt him a lot…

Still he couldn’t go to her… He made the big mistake of leaving her once…

And next he turned to see her she wasn’t there…

(Sanskar sambhal raha tha laksh tum bhi na😂😂)

From here laksh’s pov

And the moment she was sent with bhai i was the happiest bcs i got the chance to break this marriage to get back to my Ragini..i knew that Ragini would never let this happen… So i thought it for the best…

And the next morning …

I followed bhai to baadi just bcs i wanted to see off Ragini..bcs after her return i would propose her i would make everything back to normal

But there dadi was in the verge to go with bhaai…

I somehow trained bt thankfully dida saved me..

And i wished her abt journey
Her smile brought me back….

I doubted her from before only from engagement then shopping etc…

I knew that she had some feelings for me

And en Rajath made a drama…i knew he was lying bt my focus was on Ragini so i took the chance grantedly

And today wn i went to meet rajath i got to know his plan i didn’t knew with whom he was talking….bt i rejoiced the moment….

And the thing wch came to me as a shock was bhaai’s confession…

Fb/pov ends

Lak: wat are you saying bhaai…

San smiles widely: the fact the truth.. Anything else

Lak was abt to hold Ragini
Bt he was too late to realise that sanskar has pulled her behind him

Nik: oh no wat it hv turned?
Kavi:i m feeling bad for Ragini…
Kar: it’s her life kavi… She has to choose…

San gives his million dollar smile…
San:kya hai lucky!

Lak ignores him and moves towards Ragini

Lak:Ragini…i know you love me and I can’t live without you Ragini… You don’t need to be scared of someone…wn i m here…

San interrupting:one second one second… are you blackmailing her…ch ch old dialogue i love you.. i can’t live without you..i want you.. Don’t be scared of anyone…wn i m the great Laksh is here… wagera wagera wagera… If you would hv asked nikhil atleast

Nik:me..he laughs..kavya glares laughing nikhil..he composes seeing her glare
San: he had lbetter lines …he would hv teached you…if said him before

Nik grins
Kavya pinches him
Now he glares her…

Lak:huh…bhaai..i can’t imagine it’s you… Remember dad once hv throwed you out of the house for your ill-mannered behaviour

San pouts and covers his eyes through his palm..and starts to laugh…

San:so you are expecting manners from me…

A smile appears on dadi’s lips seeing laksh and she remembers his words
“coming to the point..why you called me..may be because you r scared..dont worry dadi…na samaj aawara pagal sab hoon par badtameez nai can trust me!”

Lak:i thought..u would hv changed
San:shit…do you think this kameena would change…

Rag was in the shock moment

Lak:Ragini now its a time…i know your decision…you tell me…i love you and i m with you

San: why will she tell?

Lak: it’s her life

San: finally you agreed…tho phir tu thop kyu raha tha i love you i love you mere kaan bhajne lage hai..she can listen mahn…hmm i think u r scared that she will choose me over you

Lak:i came to her life before you…

San:bravo lucky..u got new lines it still THE OLLLLLDDDD(drags the word a bit) Dialogue..mera bhaai ho kar kuch bhi naya seekha tune…very bad luck and sweetheart tell him the truth..that you don’t love him

Rag looks at him… She is feeling like if it was dream bt unfortunately it was the reality


Lak interrupts:u tell Ragini… Leave him.. i know that i did wrong…i m guilty now..plzz Ragini forgive me and i love you

San: excuse me excuse me…u think i m here to sing channa mereya…huh wat nonsense🙄🙄


San:pata hai..i m ill-mannered are great lucky..ok..jokes apart..kuch serious baatein karte hai.. Sweetheart..mere honewale dadi saas ki its your time to speak

Dadi looks at him..
He folds his hand with his signature smile to her..

Lak:bhaai i think you are gone mad

San smiles 🤔🤔🤔and start to think:karan..

Karan gets startled:wa..wat?

San:mein kabhi ek min keliye bhi normal tha kya

Karan couldn’t stop bt to smile…:no

San:aur mein na samaj aawara paagal sab hoon par…

Dadi interrpts: badtameez nahi ho

San:haye mere hone wali biwi laado ki daadi…you know abt me…

Dadi looks other side just bcs she was embarrassed

San:sweetheart..i won’t force you anything…i m sitting there…(he points to the stairs)he goes paasing by laksh

San:by the way lucky… Don’t you think i hv become Mannered kameeena and you mannered deeevthaaaa

Lak glares him

San:oops sorry…

San:ab i love mat kehna mein ginti bhool gaya hoon

Nik audible to sanskar who sitting grinning:chup karna yaar..tu kya kar raha hai
Kar:ha sanskar

San:ok u both told …i hv sealed my lips… sweetheart your time starts now

Kavi:plzz sans…

San signs like zipping his lips….

Rag looks at shekar

Shekar: Ragini.. i won’t object your decision beta.. Take your decision wisely

She feels the gaze of sanskar.. Who was smiling madly…

He winks at her…

How much she tried to talk.. Bt he was disturbing her without talking or anything..he wasn’t doing anything…bt his grin and his gaze on her was making the work…..

Rag closes her eyes…..

To be continued……….

So how was today’s part?

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