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Twinj: Bakhuda Tumhi Ho (My Happily Ever After)

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Bakhuda Tumhi Ho-
-5 years later-
Kunj’s POV:
I’m standing in front of my room’s window and just staring at… Nothing in particular. How things have changed! How life has changed in past few years!
I could hear the loud crys of the babies. My twin daughters. Twinkle! That’s all I remember every time I see them.
Just then Disha came in. “Kunj! What’re you doing? They’re crying!” She exclaimed worriedly and came running to pacify the babies.
One of them has big eyes like Twinkle’s and the other is a complete imitation of me. Small, deep eyes, little pink lips and fair complexion.

“Olelele… Don’t cry baby.”
Oh! Did I mention, this celebration, this decoration, this happiness, it’s all for our lovely princesses as today is their ‘Naming ceremony.’
I thought I had enough happiness and I should stop wishing for more. But Twinkle didn’t. She believed… If our hearts can desire it, we can have it.
After her final transplant session, doctor had clearly warned me that we shouldn’t be seeing such a dream for the upcoming few years. Her body has just gone through so much and is weakly immune. We should keep her in a dust and contamination free environment and restrain from having a baby for at least a few years. ‘Her body isn’t strong enough to carry a baby now.’ I clearly accepted those words of doctor and didn’t think about anything else because for me nothing was important than my Twinkle. But Twinkle didn’t. She didn’t want to listen to me, to the doctor. She kept assuring me she was OK and her body could really handle that. But I was firm on my decision which made her sad and depressed.
Before that day, I never realized the importance of a child in her life, in OUR life. I was afraid, scared to be a father. What if I ended up being a bad father and spoiled my child’s life just like my mother did with me! Not that I didn’t trust Twinkle, I didn’t trust myself.
However her stubbornness, her pain and lonliness forced me to bow down in front of her. Though she didn’t do anything but still I lost because sometimes the biggest punishment we can give to people is… Nothing at all! Going against the doctor was never an option for me so we opted to adopting an orpha kid for her. And we adopted the same child from the ‘Happy Palace’ that had called us mumma and papa that day. I just couldn’t get that little girl out of my head! She’s ‘Roshni’. And she’s indeed our ‘Roshni’ (light)
And four years later, Twinkle started pastering me about having our child. How could she forget! She had been counting every month, every week and even day since that meeting with doctor. Not that she loves Roshni any less but she says, she wanted a part of me, my soul inside her, someone who’d remind me of my childhood and my happiness. And no happiness could be compared to that. And she was right!
The time that I spend with her during her expecting period was worth it. I got to see a whole new person in that duration. She was no more the mature, sensible person she once used to be but like a stubborn child who want their every demand fulfilled at any cost. She woke me up in the middle of the night and asked me to cook such Indian foods which I had never heard of in my life! And after I had cooked them, she’d say her mood was gone. She had become the over-emotional TV serial wife who made their husbands do anything and everything and if I refused politely, she used to cry loudly which I had grown really afraid of theses days! She snored more than normal, made me shopping with her for hours, cook when we were home and she had started watching those over-emotional TV serials which she never did before! Also she totally FORCED me into watching them!
My office had become a distant dream. She didn’t let me leave her side from the first day of her second trimester! Everytime I tried to leave, she complained about it to dad that I was ignoring her because she was looking fat and unattractive and MY dad who had become HER dad scolded me and kicked me out of the office asking or rather warning me to be by her side!
Everyday we were using a measuring tape for measuring her belly to see how much our baby has grown. I can never forget that Twinkle who is captured in my eyes, her face glistening with a glow, her belly round with our child and the smile of happiness and contentment on her face which never faded away despite the pain she was in!
We boys can actually never understand the pain woman go through during their expectancy and all their lives that too with a smile on their faces! Her feet swelled up due to her body’s overweight, feeling nauseated all the time, waking up in the middle of the night and craving for junk because the baby wanted it, feeling pleasure at the pain of the baby’s body moments when it kicks from inside and the excruciating near death experience in the labor room. Really… I can never forget that horrible yet blissful day! Horrible because my Twinkle bore so much pain in front of my eyes and I couldn’t do anything while blissful because… I was blessed with two little princess who are my life besides Twinkle and Roshni. I asked her to opt out for surgery but she was adamant that the blood loss during the surgery can harm the baby. Baby! Baby! Baby! Like her life, her pain was a minor detail in comparison to the baby! Everytime I mentioned my worries, she just smiled- a breath taking one and said, “Kunj! It’s all worth it and one day, you’ll realize it!”
That time I didn’t understand the meaning of her words. I was repulsed by the thought of loving her or even tolerating something that’d hurt her so much!
Her screams, when she went into the labor went through my body like I was being burnt alive! Like it was my physical pain and not hers! But still after an hour of the birth of our twin daughters, she was smiling. Really! How could she smile! I couldn’t! I couldn’t get over HER pain and she forgot it like nothing happened! Really… Women are stronger than men, in every aspect.
“Kunj!” Disha almost screamed in my ears.
“Ouch Disha! Are you mad? Or am I deaf?” I shouted exasperatingly.
“I should be asking the same thing to you! Are you OK? I’ve been calling you since ten minutes and you’re just lost in your own world. What happened Kunj? Is everything OK?”
“Hmmm! Everything is perfect.” I grinned ear to ear and was about to ask about Twinkle when the baby started crying. “Give her to me.” I said before carefully taking the little bundles of joy from Disha.
“Don’t cry baby. Mumma is getting ready.” Hearing the word ‘mumma’ they become quite which I really love. Now I’ve realized this. She loves them… More than she loves me. And I can’t hate anything that my Twinkle loves. And now I’ve realized the importance of all my three angels in my life. The insecurities, the pain, the worries long gone. But Roshni will always be my most favorite daughter maybe because she’s elder one among all siblings or maybe because she was the first one to make me experience the unexpressable feeling of a father. The sudden jolt when she called me ‘papa’ is undefinable!
“Disha, I’ll just go and check on Twinkle. I need to see what’s taking so long.” Saying this, I went downstairs to the room where she was getting ready. I saw the makeup artist, her team and the hairstylist leaving which was a great relief. Moving inside, I saw my Twinkle sitting on the dressing chair happy and satisfied. Just one look on her and my world gets muted which I still couldn’t figure out HOW! She looks so mesmerizing that her looks defy her age all the time. I’m indeed really lucky to have her and thanking Lord for this blessing would be less. No one on this planet can never be lucky enough to have Twinkle as their life partner. That’s so much special she is. I thanked her mentally. That has become a reflex.
Now evey time I see her, I remember how she pulled me out of the darkness and led me to the light, how she transformed me from a wasted drug addict to a good son, responsible husband and a proud father.
She turned around sensing my presence but within a second, her eyes shifed to the babies and she walked to me beaming before taking them from my arms.

“Thanks Kunj for bringing them here. You’ve no idea how much I was missing them!” She said while kissing their cheeks without even glancing at me for a second.
“You’re looking breathtakingly beautiful.” I whispered leaning on her ear to grab her attention on which I succeeded. She slightly blushed which is always a heavenly sight for me.
“Thank you. You too are no less.” She replied looking at me. Her eyes holding love and only love for me!
“Now we should proceed to the hall where everybody is waiting. Shall we princess?” I asked softly taking one baby from her.
“Kunj! I’m a mother of three kids now! Don’t call me princess!” She whines like a child making me laugh. “Roshni is our princess.”
Nodding my head slowly, I pulled her towards me with my right arm through her waist. “I agree Mrs. Sarna. But then, you’re the queen of my heart as well as of this Villa. OK!”
She shook her head while laughing softly. “Sure!” She chirped and before dropping a kiss on her forehead, I stepped back.
She put her hand in mine and we both walked towards the hall where everyone was waiting for us. Dad, Disha, Yuvraj, my princess- Roshni, Nanu, Rishab and his finacé, Raina.
“Look! Who has come finally.” Arohi said looking at us in happiness. I smiled at her- my sister, who has grown into a beautiful lady. For me, she’s no less than an angel just popped out of a fairytale.

She’s no longer weak, innocent child we brothers had to protect all the time. She has grown, she has become mature. Thanks to this hypocrite society!

-4 years ago-
“Bhai! I can’t sit at home like this! I want to join your office. You can give me any post which matches my profile. I’ll happily do it.” Arohi was adamant at joining office.
Arohi started to work in a branch of Kunj’s office which was in Bangalore. She was coming out of her depression and forgetting everything, living her life, making friends and being like all other office girls, open-minded and frank. She was managing her studies as well as office. They say, ‘a busy bee has no time for sorrow.’ That’s what she was doing, keeping herself so busy that she doesn’t think about her pain, her loss in these years. But sometimes, going through a bad incident, is like stepping on a chewing gum. Where ever you go, it follows. Past isn’t something which would leave you so easily. That time she became friend with a guy, Rahil and he was literally the first guy whom she talked or trusted in past one year.
But it all ended in a worst way one day. There was a meeting and the whole team of management was called to the team manager’s cabin. They discussed about a few things after which Arohi left and their were only men of the unit sitting there. And the topic deviated to something else.
Suddenly, someone asked Rahil, “Hey buddy, listen! That Arohi, what’s going on between you two?”
Rahil clearly told them they were just friends. The others didn’t believe him, but he kept on insisting that they were only good friends and nothing more was there.
But what that person next said shocked him. “Oh man! You’re so slow! Just ask her and see! All this has happened to her once already, nothing would change much if it happens twice! She’s that type of girl!”
Rahil was paralyzed and frozen due to shock. Somewhere in his heart, he really liked Arohi and respected her for being so strong but for him there were more important things in that situation. If he fought or said anything to his senior, he’d lose his job! So chose to walk out like a coward. However the worst part was, Arohi was standing right outside the door and had heard every word of it. He wanted to comfort her, tell her that it’s alright but how could he face her! Inside that cabin, he said nothing to defend her!
After that, many times, he tried to talk to her, call her, drop messages, but she didn’t want to listen anything. Rahil tried calling her several hundred times but she only kept ignoring him. Soon after, she left Bangalore and came back to Mumbai.
But that was the last time, she had trusted a man! It was never again. She made her loneliness her strength. She asked Kunj to give her job which would be according to her qualifications i.e. a garduate employee, the rest she’d earn, with her hard work. And she did. She continued her studies with her part time job and now she’s the senior architectural engineer of the company. Apart from that she also runs a woman empowerment NGO which funds women for jobs, teaches them skills for a livelihood and gives them self-defense training.
Flashback ends.

I saw her phone ringing and it was ‘Rahil calling.’ Sighing she rejected the call. That guy is calling her even after four years! Maybe he’s really guilty. But I can’t say Arohi is wrong because she isn’t! She was hurt to the extent of breaking down again because of that man. Her so-called best friend! Really, the world doesn’t suffer from the violence of the bad people but from the silence of the good people.
Though I’ve decided to talk about it to her today but I’m not that good in convincing people. Only Twinkle can do that but she clearly denied! She ended the discussion in just 60 seconds! Seriously, Twinkle is the woman who can make me silent in a fraction of seconds.

Twinkle was working on her laptop when Kunj came to her. “Twinkle! I’ve to talk to you about something.”
“Okay! You’ve one minute after that I’ve to leave.” She spoke not moving her eyes from the laptop.
“Twinkle please convince Arohi to forgive Rahil.” He pleaded hopefully.
Twinkle abruptly stopped typing and shot her head up. “Answer my one question Kunj. What’d you do if someone was backbiting about me right in front of your face?”
Kunj’s jaws clenched hearing this. “I’d punch him in the face so hard that he wouldn’t be able to talk all his life!” He snapped furiously.
Twinkle smirked resuming her typing. How easily she made him understand her point! “Kunj, even Arohi deserves such a guy, who can take a stand for her. Not someone like that Rahil! Who’s so spineless and a coward! A person who can’t stand up for his best friend, do you think, he’d do it for his wife? I don’t think so.”
“But Twinkle…”
“Kunj! If Arohi wants to forgive him, I’ll accept her decision wholeheartedly but I won’t ask her to do it! Not even once! End of discussion!”
Kunj was about to protest but cut short by his wife. “60 seconds over. Now I’ve to go.”
Flashback ends.

“Yes dad?”
“Beta should we start the ceremony? Everybody has arrived and are waiting.”
“No dad. Not now. I’ve called someone, let them arrive till then please wait.” Dad smiled and after patting my back moved towards the guests.
“Ya Bhai?”
“When someone calls with love, we should receive it.”
She instantly understood what I was talking about. “Bhai, when the past calls, we shouldn’t answer, it has nothing new to say. It’ll be just scrapping my wounds and nothing else.”
“So much hate?”
“I don’t hate him bhai. But… I’ve never been lucky with love and I’m OK with it. He has hurt me a lot and even though he tried to protect me from my pain, but again, he didn’t stand by me when I probably needed it the most. Bhai you know why I came back from Bangalore? Because I’m not strong enough to fight such people with such twisted mentality and face their rough judgements anymore. Here, this is your office, you can slap anybody across their faces and make them mind their own business whoever would talk ill about me! And my emotional state can be better… Forget it Bhai. I’m fine. I’m happy and satisfied with my life! Besides a woman doesn’t need a man to be something in life. This is my identity and I’m proud of it.” She said smiling and walked away and now I, too am convinced because while talking she was content. There was no hint of sadness or pain on her face which is all that I want.
I’m sick and tired of this narrow minded mentality, frustrated with the double standards and the hypocrisy. I’m ashamed because even I had a different view of women before, but not anymore. Girls like Arohi are real gems and we give them a hard time because they aren’t afraid to be themselves. In fact, they’ve more character than us. My Arohi isn’t a victim but a tigress. People who judge her are cowards, who are only intimidated, insecure and jealous about her success. She never hid her real self, not everyone is brave enough to fight with this society. But she is!
Shaking my head, to remove all thoughts, I walked towards MY life. Approaching her, she asked me the same question everyone is asking. “Kunj why are you delaying the function, who’s going to come?”
I was about to answer when we all heard a voice, ‘Twinkle beti.’ Turning our heads to the source of voice, a smile broke on our faces.
“Kunj! You called them?”
“Yes. I did it for my queen and for my princesses! Are you happy?”
“Off course! I’ll just come. OK.”
She rushed to receive all the ladies and kids from ‘happy palace’.
“OK. OK. OK. Now done. Everyone arrived. So let’s start the function.” Arohi beamed excitedly. “So, who will name the babies?”
“ME!” Twinkle and I shouted in unison.
“OK. OK. No need of arguing!” Arohi stated coming forward making all of us laugh. “Bhai! Take her.” She said giving me one of our babies. And the other to Twinkle. “Now, Bhai will do commence the naming ceremony by giving name to the younger baby and bhabhi, the elder one.”
Roshni clapped to show her support. “Yes mumma papa! Bua is right.” She chirped in her cute, musical voice.

“So. Ladies first. Come-on Twinkle. What name have you chosen for your child?” Yuvraj asked in his all time excitement.
She looked at the baby with so much adoration as if holding the entire universe in her hands. “My daughter.” She called out emotionally. “I want to name my daughter after the woman who had taught my husband to love, to trust, to care. I’m naming her after KALPANA. My elder daughter’s name will be… Kalpana.”
I was dumbstruck after hearing her. I couldn’t believe it! A woman hates any other woman in her husband’s life and that’s phenomenal. But she… How can Lord give one person so big heart and so much sensibility. She smiled at me while I was looking at her with so much love and respect that I can’t define. “Kunj! Now Kalpana will always be with you. She’s gone nowhere!” Nodding my head with teary eyes, I just thought one thing yet once again, ‘I owe my life, my existence to her!’
I can never understand her neither I try anymore! I’d rather enjoy these little surprises which discovers a new side of her personality every day.
“What name have you chosen for my younger princess?”
My turn to surprise her. “I’ll name my little daughter after the woman who taught me to live. Who gave a meaning to my life time and time again. And the woman who will be the role model for my daughters, like whom I want my daughters to be. My younger daughter’s name will start with the letter ‘T’ just like “Twinkle” who’s my love, my life!” He paused for taking a deep breath before continuing. “Her name will be… Tamanna!”
Twinkle gasped with a beautiful smile.
“Yes. ROSHNI KUNJ SARNA, KALPANA KUNJ SARNA and TAMANNA KUNJ SARNA… Fairies of my kingdom!” I announced feeling myself on cloud nine.
Dad came forward and gave us a side hug. “I’m so happy today. This is all I wanted to see. My son! HIS FAMILY!”
“OUR FAMILY dad! Dad… Thanks for bringing Twinkle in my life.”
“No need of thanking me for something that was my duty son.” Smiling ear to ear he left.
“Golu, I missed you so much! When will you come again?” Roshni asked to that mannerless boy.
Oh Golu! How can I forget that kid from orphanage!
“Don’t worry Roshni. I’ll soon grow up and marry you and then will take you with me.”
What did he just say!
I ran to them and grabbed my daughter. I’m never going to let that happen!
“Kunj what are you doing?” Twinkle asked in shock.
“Ask that boy to stay away from my daughter.” I stated bluntly and saw bewilderment on Twinkle’s face. She was biting her inner cheek to control her laughter. But suddenly, Disha, Yuvraj, Rishab, Arohi burst out laughing.
“What?” I asked all somberly.
“Kunj it w…was a j…joke. Look at your face!” She continued laughing.
“Twinkle, I’m trying to be a good father.” I reasoned still not letting go of my Roshni.
“Ya. I can see that! Kunj they’re just kids.” Disha exclaimed and everyone continued laughing and I couldn’t help smiling.
Wow! This is happiness and I call it family. OUR family!
I should also thank Twinkle for changing my misconceptions about women. I thought every woman was like my mom. Selfish and uncaring. But she changed that. She changed everything.
You give her a part of yourself and she’ll bless you with a little bundle of joy. Give her a house and she’ll make it a Home. Give her groceries and she’ll make it a fine meal. Give her a smile and she’ll give you your heart! She multiples, enlarges and beautifies everything that is given to her.
So my advice is… Don’t give her pain. You’ll receive it a hundred times more intensified!
This is so perfect. And like a fairytale, our story ended in… AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.
Thank you very much for reading.
Tadaa! The epilogue! Don’t know if it was up to the mark but I tried my best and hey, nobody is perfect;)
I know about Arohi, many of you think she should be married and having kids etc. But that isn’t what happens with rape victims. She’s strong and complete in her own beautiful way. So please accept that.
And a HAPPILY EVER AFTER isn’t only about getting married and having kids, it’s about how happy and contented your soul is!
Kunj and Twinkle settled down. Feeling tears in my eyes to let go of this beautiful story but all things come to an end one day or another. And so is it.
Roshni is a little grown up in past few years and you’ve no idea of how hard I had to work on finding that picture of the kids! One who has big eyes like Twinkle and other who has small eyes like Kunj so that they look… Real! Really, the babies look like Twinj!
And silent readers! At least now tell me you’re there!
Ramya: Thank you for commenting. Though I don’t reply but I read each of your comment and trust me I love your words a lot:*
NOW ABOUT MY NEW STORY! *Screaming excitedly* Okay! So yeah, the title of that story will be “FINDING SOLACE IN YOU”. I’ve started working on it and I promise it’ll bring ghoosebumbs on your skin, you’d feel butterflies in your stomach because I felt so while finalizing the plot:)
I know, I told you initially that my new story will be “Captured my heart” but I’m not going to work on it because it has long plot and I don’t think I could be able to make it because I’ve to end my fiction before the end of May due to traveling and all so… I had put that story on hold before even starting XD
The prologue of new story, “Finding solace in you” will be updated as soon as I complete it also I need your opinion regarding the continuity of this story! Actually I want to start it in April as many of my old readers are missing due to exams so that’s why I was thinking to start it in next month rest is your wish! Do tell me about your views.
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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