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As she moved kunj’s gaze followed her, he was little confused,little sad and also scared.
‘Please sit’ twinkle said.

Kunj’s chain of feelings broke by her voice as he nodded slowly.

‘Are you sure?’ Kunj stammered.
‘Yes please‘ twinkle said coolly.
UmI am sorry for what just happened, I didn’t mean to behave like….’ He was cut off.
That’s fine and I think you have a bit more of attitude problem’ she said directly without any hesitation.

No one had never said something like this to kunj,usually if it was someone else he would be damn angry but for no reason he accepted what she said. He just nodded, may be because of the guilty feeling for his act just few minutes ago.

‘Twinki’ Kannika interrupted as she came back,’ I need to rush so please excuse me, I will see you tonight’ she said giving a formal hug to twinkle.
‘Moreover don’t say yes to this Mr. Attitude’ Kannika advised directly infront of him as twinkle just smiled getting embarrassed.
‘Bye kunj’ she said without heeding to the effect of words on him which she said just now and left kunj was completly shocked by her attitude.
Highly practical with attitude huh?’ Kunj thought.

‘Are you also the same as your friend??’Kunj asked as soon as Kannika left as twinkle smiled.
‘No…not at all, she is just too open minded and straight forward person, she behaves like that coz she is 2 years elder than me and cares a lot for me like an elder sister’ twinkle said.
‘Hmm….So you are the one whom i am supposed to meet?’ Kunj acted normal coz he felt relieved that Kannika was no more around to make him feel embarrassed.
‘Yes’ Twinkle replied
‘So what you wanna talk?’ Kunj asked.
‘I am not sure…..why wont you tell me about yourself?’ She asked.
‘Me??….well….I am kunj sarna, son of manohar sarna, a businessman hailing from India but settles in London. I finished by architectural studies and very soon gonna a be an architect. I have few friends and yuvi,my bro is my all time partner in everything’ He completed it in a simple way.
‘Hmm…thats nice’ she replied.
‘Its your turn’ He said.
Hmm….I am twinkle taneja, daughter of RT, again a businessman here as well. I finished my masters in Humanities and I have a elder sister,Mahi who is married and settled’ she said.
‘We almost have a same world,right?’ He said.
‘This is not the first time we are meeting, you know that’ Kunj asked to make sure if she remembered him when they met last time.
‘Yeah, last time at Delhi airport’ she said as he smiled at her words.
Aren’t we acting too typical?’ Kunj asked.
‘Typical?’ Twinkle didnt get what he said.
‘Yeah…Coming to the point, Are you serious about marriage?’ He asked being little tense.
There was full of silence around even the hustle-bustle of crowd was not heard.
‘You can tell me’ Kunj assured with same anxiety.
‘Actually…..I am not’ twinkel answered waiting for his reaction. It took few seconds for his to durst her words, somewhere he was happy listening to it.
‘Even me too….so…no need of further discussions’ Kunj said smiling widely.
Twinkle just nodded as she was not sure how to react coz her father had  strictly warned her about deeds once the alliance is fixed. She was in dilemma thinking about what will be coming up next.
‘Okay then since we are done, I will leave’ Kunj said in a formal way as she just nodded.
‘Bye’ she replied.
‘See you’ Kunj stood up and left within seconds.

That evening,
Twinkle reached Kannika’s place, she got a call from her mom as she narrated everything, RT who overheard the conversation decided to go to London.
Kannika who reached back home saw sobber twinkle.
‘What happened now?’ She asked.
‘Dad and mom are coming to london’ twinkle answered giving her some water.
‘I don’t know why all of a sudden’
‘May be some business trip’
‘I don’t think so!!’
‘Twinki, don’t be so tensed when I am here, I can’t see you like this’ Kannika said placing a hand on her shoulder as twinkle nodded.
‘What did that Mr.Attitude say?’ Kannika asked.
‘He is not that bad,’ twinkle replied.
‘Oh….don’t tell me you are liking him’ Kannika panicked.
‘No babe I am not likimg himbut still he is not that bad as you think,’ twinkle said as Kannika glared,’ Okay! Just saying’ twinkle added.

Sarna’s Mansion
‘Bro….bro…’ yuvi Screamed entering without even knocking the door.
‘No sense at all huh’ Kunj said with an annoyed look.
‘Cmon I am you are bro and moreover you are alone….so please don’t take about senses with me’ He said making kunj more annoyed.
‘Tell me what happened today’ yuvi asked with huge excitement, jumping on to the bed where kunj was sitting with his laptop.
‘You know what yuvi…..’Kunj said and paused and started smiling which made yuvi go more crazy and excited.
‘Say na….’ He beamed with happiness to hear something good.
‘Its not gonna happen bro, not this girl’ Kunj said flatly making yuvi groan with sadness.


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How was twinj meet? Bonding of twinkle amd Kannika? Twinj parted like seriously?

More twist coming up!!!

Happy Ugadi, a Hindu new year….

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