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The magic of love, part 16

Suhani turned around and told him everything about her illness. She turned around because she was afraid that he might sympathise with her she didn’t want to see it.

Yuvraj became happy when she shared this with him, because this meant he hold some place in her mind that she decided to tell him everything. Both were happy that the later was not seeing their face.

There was a moment’s silence.

Yuv: But this never bothers you na.

He said n a friendly tone, sounding like there isn’t a problem with, well, he never had a problem with this. Suhani was relieved by this and turned back.

Suh: Of course it doesn’t.

He smiles.

Yuv: I knew it, actually you are luckier, after all you have a choice, you can choose what to remember and what to forget.

Suhani was a bit surprised.

Suh: That is exactly what I wrote in my memory book!

Yuv: you had to.

She looked on.

Yuv: You are optimistic and this, this is not a problem that could trouble you, surely you are over it far before.

She smiles.

Suh: On that day, at temple, this is why I was reluctant to meet your mother, I mean,

He nodes.

Suh: I thought of telling you the truth, but aunty came there before I could.

He smiles.

Suh: Luckily di got her pic.

Yuv: Yeah, she me asked for it.

Suh: It was for me.

He nodes.

Yuvraj thought of telling her about their first date, but then decided against it, because he didn’t know why she didn’t mention about that day in her book.

He stayed there until Bhavna came and then left.

He happily told Pratima and Sharad about the development and they got happy for him.

Suhani was thinking about Yuvraj, she felt lucky to have him by her side. She then realised that she was falling for him. She was afraid by this thought; even though he appeared normal after hearing her about her illness, she was afraid he might not want her as his life partner.


Next day:

Yuvraj discussed with Shavna on celebrating Suhani’s birthday.

Bh: I don’t think she would agree, it was just three day after our… after our parents…

Yuv: i know, but we can’t change it.

Bh: We never celebrated our birthdays after that.

Sh: What had to happen, happened, so why spoil the other days, birthdays are special days, let her feel it.

Bh: But how will I convince her?

Yuv: Don’t. I mean make sure that she stays at home, we will come there and,

Sh: We will have a blast.

Bhavna agrees. They discuss plans for her birthday.


Sorry for the short update.

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