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Swasan TS – Made for each other (Part 1)

Story starts from Raglak marriage.. Sanskar is shown as mad only. He didn’t help ragini.. Ragini only did everything to swara. After that Raglak get married …swara came there same like in swaragini.. Sanskar didn’t help her. He was also there at gagodia mansion. After seeing swara shekhar came towards her and slapped her hard. She shockingly looks at him..
She: where were you? (he roared at her. Hearing this everyone came there
Sho: where were you? Why did u do this? Because of u we get ashamed infront of these people. Where were you?
Shobha: what r u talking shomi? Didn’t u see her head is bandaged..(then only he noticed her bandages) what happened shona..
Swara is standing lifelessly looking at laksh who is looking at her like she did wrong… The one who gave her a hope to live together is standing there marrying her sister. He didn’t even think where did she go or what happened to her? . Even her father and mother didn’t think about her or believe her.. She then change her gaze towards her so called sister. She looks at ragini asking why did she do this through her eyes. She is victoriously looking at her. Shekhar is asking something but she didn’t hear it. He shakes her
She: swara I am asking you something where were you?
Ap: how can she say that shekharji? May be she went to see her Romeo…
Swara looks at her shockingly. Dida looking at her concerned. Someone is looking at her helplessly. (only author can see it 😜😜😜) Someone is getting angry seeing this.. That’s sujatha..
Suj: jiji let her speak…
It’s true she doesn’t like Bengalis but she has some sense. Swara looks everyone else and she understands if she say truth no one believe her.. She takes a breath..
Sw: I got an accident. I have taken to hospital and I was unconscious. But I didn’t know my fiance will marry my sister.. Then I would have come here unconsciously.. (she said sarcastically)
Dadi: oh u r now complaining about my laado. Because of her only we didn’t get embarrassed infront of everyone.. How will we believe that u r saying truth.? What proof u have?
” I am the proof” a voice came from behind.. Everyone looks there. A man in mid 25 standing there.. He came towards them.
Man: I was the one who takes her to hospital.. I went to get her medicine but before I return back she went from there…
Sw: thank you for helping me.. Mr…
Man: Aman…
Swara smiles…

Sho: u could have informed us.. Now her marriage also broken.. Now who will marry her? Our respect was ruined completely..
swara looks at her unbelievably.. Here she is standing injured she is concerning about her marriage… Huh…
Sw: but I don’t want to marry anyone maa…
She: it’s not about ur likeness swara.. It’s about respect. Ur respect have ruined now. Whatever u said we have believed it .. But not the world. No one no one will marry u.. Because of u our respect also ruined…
” sanskar will marry her” a voice came from behind. Everyone looks there. It’s sujatha.. Aman gets tensed hearing this..
Shobha : but sujatha don’t u know sanskar’s condition,? How could you say that..
She: but maa, if sujatha ji is OK with it. It is good. Else our respect…
Shobha: u don’t call me maa, u don’t have any right. I know u don’t have any problems because u didn’t consider her as ur daughter..
Sho: what r u talking maa.. He is talking because he cares her..
Swara sarcastically looks at them..
Shobha: shomi u also support them..
Sho: no maa it’s will be good..
Ram: no shomiji kakisa is saying correct. (to sujatha ) sujatha I know u r worrying about sanskar.. But we can’t swara’s life because of this.. And about sanskar we will treat him. He will come back to us.

Aman gets relieved.. Laksh also gets relieved.
Lak: chachaji is saying correct chachi. How could u think to make swara gets married to that mad. (to swara) u won’t marry this mad.. U won’t get anything.. I will marry u..
Everyone looks at him shocked. Ragini is super shocked.. Swara is looking at him disgustingly.
Ap: laksh do u know what r u talking?
Dadi: damadji what are u talking? U married my laado. She is ur wife..
Rag: haa lakshji, I am ur wife. How can u talk like this?
Lak: but ragini it’s a mistake. I have married u because u were going to suicide. But swara came. I love her. She is mine. I will divorce u and marry her, else everyone will get married her to this mad….
Next moment he gets slapped by someone. Because of the intensity of slap he stumbled a little. He looks forward to know who slapped him. Again he got another slap.. This time he is about to fall in floor. But ragini holded him.
To be continued….

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