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Sia Ke Maheshwaris Episode 32

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Episode 32


What is the role of this off white blanket?? It is an overlap over their nudity. Ohh no they have to get up. It is becoming morning. They are Newly weds but they are not newly weds. External world is not providing a concession stands for their novel marital status. According to everyone these all are happening between them everyday, their intimacy is announcing it. But who knew that the circumstances were the Villian.

And finally they have done it again after a Jupiter rotation time. Swara hardly attained the strength to get up. Meanwhile Sanskar moaned slightly and moved a little for a convenient sleep. It was like his sleep is still remaining.


“Demon man,😥😥 ill treated me post 12 years.”


San: You have to tolerate Vampire. Why always I should suffer?? I’m getting a little chance for ill treating you and I will use it.”


Swa: Means you were acting like sleepy Nonesense.


She started throwing pillow over him. He acquired her with his whole body and tried to do something 😉😉 again. She denied.


“What is this yaar?? We are newly weds. I’m not done, please cooperate.”

He moved ahead to kiss her.


“I want treatment.”


San: What??


Swa: doesn’t you heard??  I said I want treatment.


San: And you are suffering from??


Swa: I am a psy…


Sanskar covered her mouth.


San: don’t you dare. For me, you are ideal and perfect. It is enough.


Swa: Sanskaaar I am not a wife only. I’m a mother, dil… I am a member of this world. Therefore this is necessary. I deserves treatment.


San: 😏😏 no way.


Swa: Look baby I know I am too dangerous. You are fearing that they will lock me in the cell. And you can’t loss me for a second right.


San: So you know. Phir zidd kyun kar rahi ho??


Swa: Kyunki I want to be perfect in my vision. So I should do this.


San: I will not permit you.


Swa: Kaise Mr Patidev ho tum. Other husband are deserting their spouses in such circumstances. You are a black mark over them.


San: Then what about you.


Swa: I am a winner and acquired the most valuable pearl among other wives.




Sanskar was driving the car. Sia strived to get up from the passenger seat. She was holding an ice cream cone. She wrapped through Sanskar’s neck and kissed him.


“For what?? ”


Sia: For this delicious ice cream.


Then she turned towards Swara.


“Mumma Mumma where are you going??”


Swara adored her chin for a second.


“For a small shopping Princess.”


Sia: Mujhe bhi chalna hai.


San: Koi zaroorat nahi 🤨🤨. You had already missed so many classes. Ajj school jaana padega and that’s final.


Swa: Haan aur waise bhi iss Kavita ke bachchi ki chakkar mein mai tumhaari studies mei concentrate nahi kar paayi. I am also coming with you to meet your teacher. It is cz of Laksh that you got the admission in the same standard here. Study well otherwise I will tell your Headmistress to make you stay in 4th grade next year also.


😔😔😔 Sia whimpered and laid on the seat.


Swa: Sanskar I forgot to mention you something. Ragini told me that Laksh is falling for her.


San: Seriously Swara. Are you crazy?? Jo pyaar 13 saal mei ni hua woh abhi kaise?!  Maybe his new game plan.


blo*dy murderer, cz of him I lost my Uttara and Pappu.


Swa: Stop it Sanskar. It was not his fault he was in a drunken state.

San: Maybe Swara but why did he cosumed alchocol. He knew that that he can’t control himself after having alchocol. He drove the car also.


Swa: Whatever but you will definitely forgive him like me. Because you love him.


San: Leave it. Here is the mall.



Swa: Suno isse sahi salaamat school drop karna.


😭😭😭 Sia was still crying.


“Mumma no no.”


Swara left with ignoring Sia’s words.



San: Don’t cry Ok 😡😡. Tu School jaayegi bas.


Sia: Mujhe ni jaana😒😒.


San: Definitely you will but only tomorrow.


Sia: Really😍😍.


San: Yes today is only for us like b4. No Mumma, no no others. I am busy with meetings and tour and not getting the time to spend time with you. I am feeling jealous of your Mumma. She is always with you 😏😏.


Sia: But where will we go now ??


San: You tell me. Remember we have a limited period of time.


Sia: hmm🤔🤔 Taj.


San: 😳😳 what no no. We can’t do that.


Sia: Why ?? We can go in your Chopper and also can reduce time.


San: Idea is good but…

Sia: No more but wut we are going…


San: Okay.




Meanwhile Swara was exploring through the Mall.


“I think this one will suit for my Princess.”


Swara approached the salesman with a bundle of dresses. Nowadays the one who is praying more for Swara is these shop owners. Her shopping is like a  festival for them. Poor Swara😥 she is unaware about that SanSia deserted her.



“Mam will you please give me this dress. It will suit for my niece.”


A lady asked.


Swa: 25, 26, 27… No this is only for my daughter 😡😡.


Swara argued rudely while numbering the dresses without looking at that lady’s face. But she promptly motivated to look at that face due to the familiar voice and stunned.


To be continued…….

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