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Rishten yeh banae hai pyaar ki rang mein (Chapter-7)



Ragini : dad….ladki achi hai ..yeh ap bohut bar kaha ..par ladkhi hai kon

Jhanvi : Ragini wait for somemore time

Ashwin : ha…even arjun isn’t desperate as you

Suddenly arjun’s phone ring

Arjun : dad ek emergency call hai ..I have to attend it..

Ashwin : okay..

Arjun leaves from there he walks while talking to the person and he collides with Naira .He cutts his call

Naira : oh…you dekh nahi sakthi

Arjun : sorry I was busy in my phone

Naira : yeah ! i can see that..

Maya : Naira ..abhi tak icecream nahi karedi

naira : I had but isne giradi

Maya: Arjun

Arjun : hi maya

Naira : tum dono ek doosre ko jantae hoo

Maya : I told you about the salwar incident

Naira : woh pagal

Maya : Naira…arjun how come you here???

Arjun : Family ke sath ayi thi…..and you???

Maya : Naira ko treat..

Arjun : but why??

Naira : kyun ki mera ecams katham hogayi

Arjun : So you guys carry on??

Naira : Come on join us

Arjun : nahi phir ek baar

Naira : Promise

Arjun : pakka

Maya : Okay ..see you

They part way. Arjun went to his parents he was surprised to see Geethanjali, Anita , Anshuman and pakhi..

Arjun : Namastae auntie

Anita : Namastae beta

He sits near Geethanjali

Arjun : Hai geethu whats going on

Geethu Neither do ..I know

Arjun : pakhi di..Ayaan nahi ayi

Anshuman : he’s with pakhi’s mom

Ragini : It will be fun if he was here

Pakhi : he should have made this resturant upside down

Ashwin : Arjun and geethu ..

Arjun : yes dad

Geethu : kya uncle

Anita : What do you both think about eachother

Arjun : Aunty…she is idiot

Geethu : he’s duffer

All smile on hearing it..

Jhanvi ; we are serious

geethu : matlab

Pakhi : Shaddhi wala serious

Geethu : mom aunty what are you saying

Ashuman : what’s wrong in this ..tum log bachpan se ek doosre ko jantae hai

Arjun : Ha anshuman bhai we know eachother since childhood

Geethu : and we are just good freinds

Anita : Yahi toh point hai…you know eachother well

Ashwin : Aur yahi ek advantage hai ….you guys will understand eachother

Arjun : Dad we are just good friends.and a friend can never be life partner

Jhanvi : Hum samjh bahi parahi hai ..what’s problem

Arjun : A friend is whom we can share anything…even those which we can not share to life partner

Geethu : Aur hum sirf dosth hai who shares everythings eachother

Ragini : So..

Arjun: Its a no from my side

Geethu : same here mom

they both leave together…

Pakhi : we should have asked them.

jhanvi : yeah pakhi…they must be feeling ao embarrsed

Anshuman : even we are als embarrsed

Anita : Ab iske baare mein koi bath nahi karega

Ashwin : yah ..Anita ji is right..It would be better if we forget this now itself..

They also leave…


Geethu :  how funny it was..

Arjun : ha  yaar hamare shadhi

They laugh a lot thinking this

Maya and naira pass through that way and saw them

Naira : Is that his girlfriend??

Maya : I don’t know..

Naira : they look good togerther

Maya : haa itne bhi ache nahi hai

Naira : di aap J horahi hai

Maya : Means

Naira : JELOUS…

Maya  : nothing like that chaloo

She cutely taps at naira’s head and they also leave

Precap: Ragini in rathore mansion..Falguni saw abhimanyu and geethanjali together..






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