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Prithvi Vallabh 17th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Mrinal accepts Prithvi’s love to reach Singhdant’s end

Prithvi Vallabh 17th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Van Amma asks Mrinal not to forget her. Mrinal says how can I forget my Amma. Van Amma says it is all game of Gajkesari and asks her to forget the past, end enmity and give forgivessness. She asks her to enjoy life and don’t burn her life in revenge fire. Mrinal hugs her. Van Amma’s blessings are with you, everything will be good.

Maha Kay asks Mool Raj how can he target two persons. Mool Raj tells that Prithvi went there as his death time came near, and says I have given him mukti. He asks Sindhu if he is not happy. Sindhu says my doubt is not letting me be happy. Maha Kay says Mool Raj will bring their dead bodies, we have to tell Kalari and Singhdant and send this news to Manyakheta also as their princess is dead. Sindhu says I can’t give this news to Singhdant. Maha kay says we will

give this news to Maharaj, you just enjoy. Tomorrow we have to act to be sad. Sevak hears them and informs Kalari.

Mrinal and Prithvi are walking in the jungle. She throws knife on him, but it hits animal. Prithvi thanks him for saving him. Mrinal says if I had aimed at you, then you would have died. She calls him prithvi vallabh. She says she has heard Van Amma talking to him. Mrinal says you have saved my life many times, and that’s why I have lower your favors. She asks him to fight war with her and says whoever is alive will be winner. Just then he sees snake on her shoulder and asks her not to move. He holds her and lifts her hand a bit so that snake can climb on to the tree. He says animals don’t harm us until we harm them. We can forget this, but…not them. She moves his hand and runs. Gulmohar and Palash flowers fall on her. She recalls Vilas reading prithvi’s message on the sword that he will meet her when Gulmohar and Palash flowers fall on her, then he will wait for her. Prithvi comes to her. Mrinal hugs him. Prithvi also reciprocates the hug and is surprised. Mrinal looks at him and says I don’t know what I am feeling as whatever it is, it is not right. Prithvi says what you are saying is not your feelings and whatever you are feelings is not accepting.

Later in the night, Prithvi gives something to Mrinal to drink. They sit near the bonfire. He says Pita ji can’t forget himself until you forgive him, and asks can give this good news to Pita ji. Mrinal nods. She asks if we will go to Malwa now. Prithvi says no and tells that her life is in danger in Malwa and that’s why he kept her in cave. He says we will go to Ujjain’s princess Amrusha and says she is my childhood friend and you will be safe there. Mrinal asks if we will go to Ujjain. Prithvi says she has kept tent to stay around nature and has invited me also. We will go there. Kalari asks Rasniti to be with Maharaj and says he is going somewhere with his spy.

Sindhu, Mool Raj and Maya Kay come to the cave and find them elope. Sindhu says they have eloped, we have to search them. Maha Kay says we have to leave from here. Kalari comes there.

Jakala searches for the wine. Lakshmi comes and asks what you are searching and says Tailap Raj made all wine bottles removed from your room. Jakala asks why? Lakshmi says for your betterment, he is worried about you. Jakala says worry. Lakshmi brings wine bottle and says it is difficult for you to leave it. Jakala takes it and drinks.

Kalari says today I am ashamed of my teachings and asks if I taught you to do conspiracy. Maha Kay asks him to understand them. Sindhu says I know you have taught him hatred and conspiracy. He says I know you are jealous of him, but I didn’t know that you hate him so much. Sindhu says you are thinking me wrong, I came here to see Prithvi as I got the news about his death. Maha Kay attacks Kalari. His goons come, beats him badly to death. Sindhu is shocked. Prithvi comes to Amrusha’s tent with Mrinal. Amrusha is surprised to see Mrinal. She greets Prithvi. Prithvi introduces Amrusha and Mrinal to each other. Amrusha says if you had told me then I would have made arrangements to welcome you. Prithvi says your friendship is enough for me. Mrinal says she felt happy to meet her. Amrusha smiles and tells Prithvi that she has sent news to Rasniti that he came there. Prithvi thanks her. They go inside the tent.

Tailap snatches wine from Jakala’s hands and tells her that it is life taking from her. Jakala says it didn’t betrayed me like you. She asks him not to act. Tailap says you think my care and worry. Jakala says if you really care for me then promise to throw out Kosha. Tailap couldn’t promise and tells that he can’t take wrong promise.

Amrusha says I was waiting for you Prithvi. She says she saw love in his eyes for Mrinal and got sad. She says I shouldn’t think this, and says if there is any drawbacks in my friendship. Prithvi says your friendship is true and pure, and says I shall apologize to you. Amrusha says why you are apologizing, you haven’t done crime. Prithvi tells that I can’t accept you, even after knowing your feelings and apologizes. Mrinal says Prithvi is lucky to have a friend like you. She says till now I have not experienced this pure relation, and would have never accepted it. She says I thought expression of feelings as cowardness. She tells that she has experienced this with Prithvi, she met some people whose relation was so true, and then I understand that it is a courageous thing to express feelings and apologizes for coming in between them. Amrusha says no Mrinal and tells that you are destined to meet him, and says today she is happy to have friend like him.

Sindhu tells that his conspiracy is failing. Maha Kay says prithvi must have died in cave. A spy comes and says Prithvi is in Amrusha’s tent. Sindhu says if this news is not true then you will be killed.

Amrusha tells Mrinal that you have done right to choose friendship and ending enmity. She makes her ready with new clothes and jewellery, and tells that she is very happy. She tells Prithvi likes love and peace, it is the message of his life and nothing can’t be more happy than this. She turns to Mrinal and see her looking out. She asks her to go.

Amrusha asks her to tell what is the reason for changing in your feelings. Mrinal says emotion, and says love was hidden in her heart, but prithvi has woken up those feelings.

She goes to Prithvi who is sleeping outside and covers him with blanket. Prithvi holds her hands as she is going. He turns to her. Mrinal smiles and runs shyly. She turns and looks at Prithvi. She thinks you have betrayed me to keep up father’s promise and now I will act to reach Singhdant to end him.

Mrinal slaps Sulochana. Rasniti tells Prithvi that Kalari is missing. Maya Kay’s man is about to kill Kalari with sword. Mrinal comes to Singhdant’s room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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