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50 shades of Kaanchi -part 7

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Here comes part 7:

After bringing saanchi back home to her mother Kabir had to get into his private jet and get back … He had an emergency in the business deals and so he quickly went back.

Saanchi was in her bed in the evening and thinking about the day… It was soo beautiful. Kabir`s past shocked her and she couldn`t even think about it. So Natalie is the reason why he became like this.

So thinking about Kabir she fell asleep.

The next day after spending it beautifully with her mother, saanchi left in the evening.

Isha and Pragya  were already waiting for her at the airport. Saanchi decided not to tell them about Kabir`s short visit… They would just get worried unnecessarily.

As they finally finished college they had to work in the coming week. Saanchi and Pragya were real doctors now, but they are still observed by the senior doctors. And Isha is on the one side Karan´s secretary but as she has high aspirations, she now applies for other job positions as well.

The following week went quickly  and soon Kabir was standing in front of Saanchis door.

They both went to Kabir`s place but before they made out.. Saanchi wanted to know what exactly Kabir`s punishment was…

Saanchi: Please. I want to know what the punishment is. After all I went to mum even though you said don´t.

Kabir: I won`t punish you.

saanchi: is it because I still haven`t signed your contract?

Kabir: You won`t understand Saanchi! If I show you how the punishment is.. You won`t bear it!

saanchi: I have seen you, felt you… You can`t be cruel. Whatever it is I want you to punish me.

Kabir: Don´t tell me later that I didn`t warn you.

Kabir (took a deep breath and took saanchi to the play room): You have to bow on the desk.. and I am going to slap 6 times. And every time you are going to count loud

Saanchi bowed on the desk and Kabir took a belt and slapped her.

Saanchi shrieked, but counted : One

She counted every slap and almost cried

after six times she got up and saw Kabir face to face

Saanchi: So this is how you enjoy? This gives you enjoyment? This is how you treat all the other women.. This is your f*ing punishment??

She cried and tears flow down her cheeks… And Kabir stood there not able to do or say anything. He felt as if he lost every right on her. He shouldn`t have done that, but she insisted…

Saanchi took her clothes changed and came back

Saanchi: I am leaving. From here. from you`re life. from everything that has to do with you. I am also leaving that hospital of yours. I never ever want to see you again.

Then she went… It was in the middle of the night and she called isha and pragya to pick her up.

Kabir couldn`t get over with what saanchi said. He felt bad for being like that. He felt bad for getting her into this relation with him. He was a beast and she was the beauty he never deserved. He thought of her the whole night and was unable to sleep.

The same way Saanchi thought of Kabir … the slaps and cried till she fell asleep on pragya`s lap. Pragya and Isha did their best to console her, but they didn`t know what exactly happened.

Precap: 3 months later…. Saanchi is at an art exhibition of her friend Rahul. She is surprised to see Rahul`s paintings. 

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