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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kairav steals a gun

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Manish coming home. He asks guards to have tea. He goes. Kairav recalls Zo’s words. Zo says you have to steal a gun, if you do this, you will be the best dude in our group. Kairav says no, we won’t steal. Zo says we will not use it, there won’t be bullets in guard’s gun, just police has bullet in the gun. Kairav asks really. Zo says yes. FB ends. Kairav says we won’t take the gun. Vansh and Krish insist. Kartik and Naira have a talk. She says kids get sleep when I ask them to study. He says its fine. She says we will see what they are doing. Vansh throws a football at the guard. He says sorry, I spoiled your clothes, go and clean the tea stain. Guard goes to clean. Krish and Vansh talk to the other guard.

Kairav hides and goes to take the gun. Guard doesn’t see him. Kairav takes the gun. Kartik asks what’s up guys. Naira asks where is Kairav. Vansh says he is in his room. She gets a call. Kartik talks to guards. Vansh and Krish sign Kairav to leave. Kairav goes. She says I felt Kairav was here. Kartik says no, its just Krish and Vansh, come. Vansh says Zo will be proud of us. Krish says we got the real fun. Kairav says don’t touch it, I m scared. Krish says don’t be a baby. Kairav asks did you keep toy gun away. Vansh says no. Kairav says guard will know his gun is missing. Manish and Akhilesh scold the guard. Manish asks was the bullets loaded or not. Guard says yes. Manish worries.

Kairav, Vansh and Krish fight for the gun. Naira comes with baby. Kairav drops the gun. She asks what happened, Kairav, what were you doing alone here. Krish says he was studying. Surekha comes and says Dadi made diwali list, do you have it. Naira says yes, I will make Akshu rest here, kids have to take care of her. She leaves baby on the bed and goes. Vansh plays with the gun. Manish asks did you get it. Guard says no. Akhilesh says we should tell the family. Manish says no, we should focus on finding it. Krish and Kairav try to snatch the gun. Naira hears the sound and says kids are fine or not… Kids get scared and get back. Naira comes and asks what happened. She sees baby playing. She takes baby. Kairav says gun….

Kartik comes from the window shooting the toy gun. He asks what happened, you got scared, everyone was scared downstairs also. Naira asks what’s this Kartik. He says special gift for diwali, this sound is like real. She says we don’t want such toy, look at them, they got so scared. She asks them not to get scared of toy gun. Kartik says yes, but stay away from real gun. Naira says we will celebrate diwali with love, we will light diyas and make rangoli. Kartik jokes. Kartik and Naira go. Kairav says I told you that mum will punish us, we should have not taken the challenge, we should stay away from gun. Krish says we will show it to Zo and keep it back. Kairav says we will keep it now itself. Vansh says no, we took risk, we will complete challenge, we will keep it in the bag.

Naira asks what’s all this. Kartik says we used to play with gun in childhood. She says it means violence, kids can get affected. He says it can mean bravery also, a kid can think to become a policeman. She says we have kids at home, we have to be overprotective. He says fine, I don’t agree, but I won’t oppose totally.

Its morning, Manish says I told you, you are not paying attention to the work, I was wrong, the clients liked the presentation, your ideas, they want you to handle Imperial college project. Everyone smiles. Gayu says you were working on it, say something. Samarth asks what shall I say. She says its partiality, whoever deserves it, they get it always. Kairav’s bag falls down. He says we are doing wrong. Krish says we will show it to Zo first. Zo comes. Kairav recalls Naira and Kartik’s words. He signs no and runs. Krish and Vansh ask him to stop. Kairav goes to put gun in the bin. Krish says show it to Zo once. Kairav says I don’t care if he removes us from gang, we will not do wrong. Teacher calls out Kairav. He has a gun in his hand.

Kartik says no, I can’t head this project. Manish asks you have to manage kids, that’s why. Kartik says I can manage it any how, the reason is Samarth, he is working on this project since 6 months, its his research, I just gave last minute suggestions, its his right to head the project. Naira says yes, Gayu and Samarth are very excited for it. Dadi says Kartik is my fav, he takes care of everyone. Manish says sorry, I didn’t realize, Samarth will head the project, congrats Samarth. Samarth thanks him and Kartik. Naira gets a call. She asks what, sorry, Kairav has a gun. The man says yes, come to the school with your husband immediately. She says we will come. She thinks I felt something isn’t right today.

Naira checks Kairav’s test paper and says Kairav may hide anything again. Kartik says he had hidden it because he is afraid of you. He argues with her.

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