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Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Preesha Gets Intoxicated

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Preesha makes Rudra paddle boat during their boat ride and praises nature’s view. Rudra gets tired paddling. Preesha insists him to take her far away. He tries and realizing she holding her paddle stops paddling. She asks why boat is not moving. He says he is paddling like her. She says this is what happens if he flirts with someone else in front of his wife, asks him to paddle while she enjoys view. She stands up. He shakes boat. She falls on him and says she is afraid as she doesn’t know to swim. He hugs her and enjoys the moment. Yuvraj with lady watches them from far away and asks lady if they can also enjoy boat ride or they came on their mission. She says mission. He asks what is it. She says he will find out later.

Rudra and Preesha return to their room. Preesha sneezes. He scolds her that he warned her to wear warm clothes, but she wanted to enjoy nature. He orders brandy and asks her to have it. She goes to change. Yuvraj with lady also returns to room and asks if they came for sight seeing, when will she meeting Rudra and Preesha. She says she will meet them tonight. Preesha checks Sharda given gift and gets nervous seeing a short nightie. She tries to hide it, but gets sneeze and it falls down. Rudra picks it and says its awsome. She says its too much. He says yes cloth is too much and should be even smaller. He insists her to wear it. She wears it and feeling cold gulps brandy and gets heavily intoxicated. She walks to Rudra and says let us dance, climbs chair and dances on Milgayi Aaj Aasman Rudra supports her and insists her to say I love you. He continues dancing, removes her outer jacket and sleeps on bed. He jumps happily and gets into bed removing his T-shirt, but feels disappointed seeing Preesha snoring. He wears T-shirt and walks out. Lady follows him and holds his shoulder. He turns back and stands shocked.

Next morning, Preesha wakes up feeling lightheaded and seeing Rudra not in room calls receptionist and asks if he saw Rudra. Receptionist says he checked out early morning and went for Delhi, he asked even her to check out by afternoon. Preesha panics thinking how can he leave her alone and go to Delhi, receptionist must have seen someone else, she will go and confirm. Rudra with lady reaches airport and gets boarding pass, hands one to lady and sits in waiting lounge. Preesha goes to reception and asks receptionist about Rudra. Lady checks record and says Rudra checked out early morning. Preesha doesn’t believe her and calls manager who checks records and shows her that Rudra already cleared bills and checked out. Yuvraj wakes up in his room, calls lady, and thinks she is in bathroom. Preesha asks if he left any message. Manager says no and she should checkout in sometime. She thinks how can Rudra do this.
Precap: Yuvraj in airport asks Preesha if she came with her husband. Preesha says she had come for honeymoon, but seeing him here she thins he has done something. They both return to Delhi. Rudra waiting for Preesha fumes seeing her with Yuvraj and tries to stop Preesha, but she leaves in car with Yuvraj.

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