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Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Savitri performs three days fast for husband satyavan’s safety.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mata laxmi telling ganesh that savitri tried convincing her parents for marriage explaining her views.
Savitri is trying to convince her parents far marriage saying it may be my fate that i have chosen such a groom for me who is having short life but I’ll face this accepting my life’s challenge & as you have achieved me from boon of mata gayatri so nothing will happen wrong about me that you should think about instead bringing negative thoughts in your mind.
Dev rishi narad also says that it might be her fate itself which has come deciding already with her birth to face this & may be something positive will happen by this marriage it seems.
Savitri’s marriage is performed with satyavan & as time came to send her off raja expressed his wish to give his throne to satyavan but satyavan denies & savitri sees satyavan’s wish in his eyes & tells raja that it won’t be good for my husband to accept such a gift from you which will hurt his emotions making him feel low in front me as well as his parents & also his parents tell raja that whatever we have we are happy in it & satyavan will create his own world which will keep your daughter happy & we are very blessed getting such a wonderful daughter in law in our small family which i fell she’ll make it grand with her loving nature.
Satyavan, savitri & his parents leave to their place & both start their life enjoying & taking care of parents while satyavan’s father appreciates savitri’s behaviour & helping nature which has blessed this place.
Savitri use to feel about her husband’s well-being crying for him secretly so she use to always pray tree god for safety of her husband without knowing anybody. As time was nearing of satyavan’s death savitri use to get restless never sleeping comfortably thinking of her husband only so one day mata gayatri emerges to advice her to do three days continuous fast without eating or drinking water too for safety of husband & she prays mata thanking for advice while her mother in law wakes asking her with whom are you talking but mata gayatri shows her foot marks to make savitri understand that she was there to advice her & she feels happy.
Ganesh asks mata laxmi that did savitri did this fast & did her fast ended successfully but mata tells him she did but yamraj was a hurdle for her.
Savitri started her fast standing on one leg in front of tree god while yamraj was planning to disturb her fast as this might create hurdle for satyavan’s death which was nearing in next three days so he sent one of his able person to disturb her fast & he tried all sorts but was unable on first day & yamraj got angry with him saying one day you have wasted but he again assures yamraj this time he won’t fail so on second day he arranges of making savitri smell terrible stained perfume by which her fast might get disturbed but then too savitri was so much in deep meditation of chanting “om” mantra that her fast could not get disturbed so again yamraj got wild facing second day also got wasted & he plans himself to go on third day which was last or savitri’s fast will succeed & he goes to tackle this but as he was trying it was getting failed by him too which he use to think why this is happening & as the day was passing he kept on trying & at one time mata gayatri emerged in front of him within savitri which shocked him steering mata saying how come mata gayatri in savitri while his person kept on telling him that the sun is setting & her fast may succeed so to do it quickly but sun was setting & mata leaves & he sees savitri again meditating making him wonder where i was lost?

Precap : Satyavan falls cutting wood from tree while savitri holds him & goes to bring water for him but a snake sent by yamraj bites him & he shouts for savitri while yamraj picks his soul to take away but savitri follows him saying if you take him I’ll come behind you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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