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Shakti 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Saya shoots Kareena to hide the secret

Shakti 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Heer getting inebriated under the influence of bhang and says she is the choti bahu of the house. Kareena says truth is that, your choti bahu is…..just then Saya shoots at Kareena from outside. Kareena holds her hand in pain, while Tejinder Bua looks shocked. Heer performs on the song main bawri hogi… Virat holds her from falling down. She dances around Parmeet. Parmeet loses her cool and raises her hand to slap her hard, but Virat comes inbetween Heer and her and gets slap on his face, shocking everyone. Heer laughs and asks why did mummy ji slap you. Virat tells Parmeet that there was no need to slap her and tells that he will take Heer to room. He asks her to come. Heer says I want to enjoy party here. Virat says I have promised to stay with you all day and takes her to room. Heer laughs while going. Sant Baksh says party is over, you all can go.

Parmeet stops Preeto and asks where are you going? Bua ji asks Kareena to say fast and thinks she shall go away from here else she will be in danger. Saya comes inside and says happy Diwali. She tells that her eyes are on her and next time the bullet will be not on hand. She warns her. Parmeet asks Harak Singh to go to all guests and apologize to them. She asks Preeto to pick up the scattered glass pieces from the ground. Preeto signs Harak Singh to apologize to the guests. Harak Singh apologizes to the guests, while Preeto picks up the glass pieces from the ground. Parmeet stops waiter and asks Rohan to make their guests have drinks, as they are thirsty hearing your sister’s drama. Rohan takes the tray from waiter, although Sindhu tries to stop him. Parmeet asks Sindhu and Mahi to clean the mess in her house. Harak Singh continues to apologize to the guests. Preeto picks the scattered glass pieces. Bua ji comes there, calling Sant Baksh and Parmeet, says that kinnar….

Everyone gets shocked. Virat makes Heer sleep on the bed and says I’m sorry. I have promised to take care of you and to keep you happy. He says I have promised to protect you, but all the promises are breaking. He slaps himself repeatedly and says sorry Heer.

Parmeet asks which kinnar? Sant Baksh sits with Bua. Bua ji says you enquires about thieves, but you should have enquired about your choti bahu. She says I had gone to enquire about Heer. Parmeet asks what did you find? Bua ji says she had gone to meet Kareena, a kinnar. Virat comes there and hears them. People gossip. Virat says Kareena tried to kidnap Heer and she was Soumya’s biggest enemy. He says what was the need to spy, I would have tell you this. Bua ji says Sant…Kareena was about to tell some secret, which will sweep the ground under our feet. Sant Baksh asks what? Bua ji says she was about to tell me, when she was shot by someone. Preeto, Harak Singh, Virat are relieved. Parmeet asks who can know their secrets better than Preeto. Bua ji says Virat must be knowing that secret too. Sant Baksh asks Harak Singh, what is the secret, Kareena is shot to hide it. Saya comes there and tells that the secret is Soumya is alive, but nobody knows about her location. She tells that Soumya wants to take Heer with her. Kareena wants Heer to go away with Soumya. Bua ji says who shot her? Virat says may be I sent someone to shoot her. Preeto, Harak Singh, Rohan say that may be they have sent their men. Virat asks Bua ji to be a guest. Preeto asks Virat about Heer. Virat says she is fine and sleeping.
Bua ji wishes happy diwali to everyone and asks them to leave. They all leave. Parmeet asks Virat what was the secret for which someone is shot? Virat says it is a small matter, you are overthinking. He says I am going to sleep and asks her to sleep too. Parmeet looks on.

Next morning, Heer comes to the hall. Gurwinder is serving tea to everyone. Parmeet taunts her for insulting them. Bua ji says you want to make her as your daughter. Simran says Gurwinder Bhabhi didn’t do this. Bua ji says Gurwinder didn’t do even what she is supposed to do. Parmeet says don’t know why she wants to become our daughter, her values are wrong…and she wants to become our daughter. Gurwinder gives biscuits to Parmeet. Heer finds the bottle and gets bhang smell.

Precap: Heer makes Virat swear on her and asks her if he mixed bhang in her drink. Virat confesses. Heer asks why did you do? Virat asks her to leave his hand.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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