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Shaadi Mubarak 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kusum makes Preeti realize her mistake

Shaadi Mubarak 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Arjun asking why are you shocked, does your biggest fan need your permission to keep your pic, I have seen all your films. KT says you are my fan, it means I have to take care of your choices in marriage. Preeti asks are you his fan. KT asks why, what’s the problem. She says Arjun won’t be born that time, his films aren’t available easily. Arjun says correct, my mom is your big fan, she has all the films. KT says then I should meet her soon. He jokes. He says alright, we will go. Preeti says glad to meet you. Arjun says I will wait for you, KT pa. KT and Preeti leave.

Arjun says mom, ten out of ten, right, I did what you taught me. His mom smiles and says yes, you will get 7 out of 10. he asks when will I get 10 out of 10. She says when you follow my words and make me meet your dad. He says thanks, that will be happiest day of my life. He hugs her. KT asks Sheena about the lunch. She says its not for me, its for Preeti, she forgot the tiffin and I ordered food for her. He says outside food doesn’t suit her. He puts his tiffin food. Sheena says I thought you both had a fight. KT says fight and care are at its own places, Preeti and my relation isn’t so weak, one shouldn’t get angry on food, give it to Preeti, she shouldn’t know that I have sent it. Shyam says fine. Preeti thanks Shyam. She eats the food.

She says its looks like homemade food. Juhi calls her and asks are you fine, you have to order food from outside today. Preeti says don’t worry, the food is like home made, did Kusum eat food. Juhi says no, she isn’t talking. Preeti says make her have food, our relation isn’t weak to not tolerate a fight, don’t get anger out on food. Juhi says yes. She sees Kusum. KT sees Preeti and thinks we are different, but our thoughts and values are same, you decided to leave Shaadi mubarak. Arjun sees KT’s pic and smiles. His mom comes and says nothing will happen if you join pics, if KT and I don’t get married in 3 days, then my wait for 17 years will go waste. He says don’t say this, I promised you, I will get you married to dad. She hugs him. She wipes her tears and smiles. Preeti gets the khichdi bill and says you ordered khichdi for me, I ate something else. Sheena says yes, actually, sorry, I have urgent work. She goes. Preeti sees KT eating khichdi and thinks he dislikes it. FB shows KT saying I will never have khichdi. She says its light food, it gives strength to heart and body. He says its food for ill people, I will never have it. FB ends. She thinks it means he had given me his homemade food and eating khichdi which he hates.

Preeti comes home. She wakes up Kusum and asks are you fine. Kusum doesn’t answer. Preeti asks are you still upset, did you have food, say something, I m talking to you. She asks Kusum to fight with her, but not stay quiet. She asks what shall I do, KT is also behaving like this at office. Kusum says why are you asking me, you don’t need KT and me, you decide for your life. Preeti cries. Kusum says people also have emotions, they also get hurt, everyone can’t shut up if you want, KT is away now, if he doesn’t talk, you don’t like it, you thought for him, you insulted him, he is also a human, he isn’t a pillow to punch in anger, KT is a good person, you didn’t remember his goodness, but his mistake, when it was not his mistake, go your way.

Preeti says he lied to me. Kusum says you don’t lie to yourself, your Sanskari bahu image broke, you vented anger on KT, your dear bahu did all this, why did you punish him. Preeti says he broke my trust. Kusum asks why will he tell you everything, you are just a business partner, you are saying as if you are his lover, it was a misunderstanding, matter came out in your Sasural, they have a small mindset, your son and bahu, you always saved them, your husband didn’t love you, you love his relatives so much, you don’t value real relations, friendship, you don’t have a habit that someone puts your wishes first, so you broke partnership with KT, you broke relation with me, you asked me not to decide for you, did you think I m thinking good for you, did you hear out KT once. She scolds Preeti and goes. Preeti cries.

KT and Preeti think of each other. Ik tara….plays…. She says I scolded KT a lot, I should apologize. He says she is annoyed with me, I won’t call her. She asks what will I say after calling him. She recalls Kusum’s words. She says how shall I apologize to him.

Arjun says its special almond milkshake for Kt pa, mom had made it. Preeti says its strange marriage. KT sees his mom. He goes to ask about the room booking. He turns. The lady hides.

Update Credit to: Amena

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