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Santoshi Maa 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update – Mata santoshi meditating for mahadev’s help.

Santoshi Maa 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with asoors steering everybody & ushma thinking they’ll plan something new as abhishek is out of danger now while bubli brings two glasses of water to indresh & one of asoor flows his evil powers into water but ushma sees & asks bubli to give it to me instead lovely comes in between saying I am family member so I’ll have it first & also singhasan’s brother too asks her to give him also & they both drink water having asoor evil powers.
Mata santoshi & dev rishi are meditating mahadev’s name for help & hearing them swati too starts meditating by which all three meditations reach till mahadev.
Indresh’s mother is lovingly asking indresh if is he feeling pained but no he says while lovely instigated by evil powers, tells her mother in law arrogantly why you always think about indresh as nobody is there in this family or what & always chanting indresh’s name only but she shouts her saying if you try speaking with me arrogantly then I’ll pull your tongue but lovely goes & slaps her saying who has given you the rights to pull my tongue & all are shocked while indresh tries to catch lovely but instead she pushes him too & all are surprised how come she is behaving weird while ushma thinks how to save them.
Mata santoshi, dev rishi & swati are meditating for mahadev deeply & finally he opens his eyes hearing them so mahadev calls santoshi & santoshi mata expresses her problem she is facing due to polomi’s powers being around hence need help so mata paravati requests mahadev to help her because due to polomi could not digest her loss hence she is doing all this but mahadev tells her if you or I help her than well be blamed by polomi for helping santoshi due to our relations with her & this issue santoshi can only handle as she is having all those various powers which you have & can help herself to tackle. At one side mata’s trishul & other side a sword which shows your mata durga powers in her & santoshi mata understands & thanks mahadev for helping showing the path.
Lovely’s husband abhay shouts her saying are you a fool & will you make me thrown out if this property but singhasan’s brother hears & speaks out due to evil powers in him too, that why are you shouting her as you father have always pressed all of us due to his terror behaviour on us but not now while his wife tells him how can you talk arrogantly against your elder brother but instead he is shouting her because of singhasan you were deliberately married to me or I had lot of other beautiful girls to marry & then he squeezed this property also due to his elder status & he is moving near singhasan while singhasan asks him what you want & he says now I wish this property to be named on me but he pushes him & runs to squeeze the knife & catches indresh threatening singhasan if you do not sign the papers then I’ll kill him.
Mahadev intimates santoshi mata that one thing you must be aware that if ushma fails to kill the asoors & if they reach patallok then your devotee swati will return to her old condition & mata assures him I’ll definitely take care of it. Mata paravati tells mahadev it’s time for you to show your nataraj form to santoshi & he starts his nritya dance which santoshi also does in the same way while polomi’s birds watching santoshi’s dance & thinks to inform this to polomi. While doing dance santoshi mata & dev rishi reach on top of singhasan’s house & dev rishi tells her we got to reach her unknowing polomi but how we enter into this house?
Singhasan’s brother is threatening holding indresh under his knife & tells lovely to go & bring property papers from inside & ushma trying to stop her but sees the asoors & lets her go while lovely tells her mother in law to go & bring all the jewellery which is kept inside since for so many years hidden & she brings the jewellery while lovely brings papers & singhasan’s brother is forcing him to sign papers as indresh’s mother is telling singhasan to sign it for sake of our son & will earn property later also but our son’s life is important for us now & as he is signing ushma is praying santoshi mata to show path to save them all.

Precap : Mata santoshi is dancing in singhasan’s compound & asoors inform polomi that santoshi is dancing here while polomi wonders birds told me santoshi is dancing in ashram & here asoors telling me she is dancing there so whom to believe but it seems swati might be alone so have to go & clutch her but polomi seeing santoshi dancing in ashram & shouts scaring taking her name.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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