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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Anant Questions Sagar

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Kanak thinks she found out truth, Badki and Matki/Gopi and Kokila are planning something big and she needs to find out. She asks Gehna to protect akahand jyot and wake her up if she needs help. She smirks thinking Gehna will be awake whole night, but she will garner praises. Gopi disguised as Ahem Garodia lights akhand jyot in outhouse and thinks today is the last day and Ahemji must get back his memory. Gopi kaka says he feels he is not from this place and belongs to somewhere else, does Garodia also feels same. Gopi says she would feel same if he gets himself locked in a room, so he should go out and mingle with people, he should attend Praful’s family’s dandiya function. Gopi kaka says he can’t. Gopi says for his sake. Kanak orders Gehna again to guard akhand diya hiding and if someone sees her, she will be out of this house. Gopi kaka says he doesn’t play dandiya. Gopi/Ahem insists for his friendship’s sake. Gopi kaka takes him to room and asks him to open cupboard. Gopi opens cupboard, and ring falls down. She picks it and reminiscing gifting it to Ahem, shows Gopi kaka ring. Gopi kaka says its his, Gehna found him unconscious with this ring and he doesn’t know anything about it; he wants to gift it to him as he feels its made for him. He fixes ring in Gopi’s finger. Gopi opens eyes wide and thinks she is not married to Ahemji now and cannot wear it. Gopi kaka says its looking good, but loose. Gopi returns it to him and says she didn’t like it. Gopi kaka apologizes him. He asks to attend dandiya function for his sake then. Gopi kaka agrees. Gopi goes out and informs Kokila that Ahemji agreed to attend dandiya function.

Kanak hears Gopi’s conversation and thinks she will create dhamaka in dandiya function. She calls Jaggi and introducing herself says she needs to share a secret wit him, his wife is missing him a lot. He smiles. She invites him for dandiya function. He sees Gopi also calling him and says he will inform her about it. Kanak asks him to not to inform Gopi and to give her a surprise visit during dandiya function. Jaggi agrees.

Kanak sits nearby akhand jyot and stitches lehanga for Gopi. Sagar enters and flirts with her. She gets tensed. Anant enters and asks what is he doing at this time; he is here even now after his heinous acts as his parents are courteous and let him stay here, but if he doe something wrong again, he will be kicked out. Sagar asks what is he doing, he may say this is his house, etc., and walk away throwing flying kiss on Gehna from behind. Anant asks Gehna if Sagar is troubling her, she can inform him. She stands nervously.

Ahem gets back his memory during dandiya function. Gopi emotionally runs to him. Jaggi enters and gets disheartened seeing that.

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