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RadhaKrishn 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sam Stands His Ground

RadhaKrishn 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Balram asks why did Sam and other children return from Rishi Sandipani’s ashram 1 year before their training completed. Krishna says Rishi Sandipani said that their training is complete here and they should next learn from their daily life. Balram says then its fine. Sam walks away with his mother and acts tensed, Jamvati asks what happened to him. Radha asks Krishna why didn’t he inform everyone what happened in ashram. Krishna says he cannot. Sam enters and says he would feel ashamed if he informs whole story, so he will not. Radha asks why is he saying so. Sam says he is telling truth and walks away. Krishna says that is why he is against it, nobody would believe Sam and he is worried for Sam and Jamvati’s blind love for Sam.

Sam denies to have food from Jamvati. Jamvati asks what happened in ashram, why don’t he and Krishna reveal it. Sam says she won’t believe him. She insists. He says he defeated Krishna, so Radha got him a curse via rishi Sandipani. Anirudh enters and says he cannot believe Sam can stoop so low, when did he defeat Sri Krishna and why would Radha hate him, in fact she loves him a lot. Sam says Radha loves him, but not more than Krishna, so she got him cursed to stop him from becoming more powerful than Krishna. Anirudh walks away saying he is disgusting. Jamvati asks Sam not to discuss about it with anyone. Sam goes behind Anirudh and tries to convince him but fails. Jamvati walks behind him and asks what is he hiding. Sam says she doesn’t know what curse he got because of Radha and Krishna, takes her near Dwarka border and says if he goes out without Krishna’s permission, even a small insect can kill him. He demonstrates and falls down. Jamvati concerned takes him back to Dwarka. He brainwasheshes against Krishna. Krishna thinks Sam shouldn’t do this. He then gets busy giving charity to Dwarka citizens. Jamvati with Sam walks in and says even she needs charity. Krishna says charity is for citizens and not royal family. Jamvati says even royal family is citizen. Krishna asks what she needs. She says after children’s education completes, they get children married and hence even she wants Sam married and Krishna should let her and Sam go out of Dwarka without seeking anyone’s permission regarding alliance. Krishna agreess and thinks Sam will create a big mishap.

Sam walks on street thinking he is free from restrictions and sees 2 suspicious men. He questions them, they hesitate but then inform that they brought a message for Krishna from their princess. He reads letter that she is his enemy Asur raj Banasur’s daughter Usha and her friend Duryodhan’s daughter Lakshmana’s swayamvar is being performed without permission, and since Krishna always helped Kauravs and Pandavs, he should come and save Lakshmana. He then asks spies to go and not inform about it to anyone. On the other side, Radha sees Krishna sad and asks reason. He says this is the silence before flood and he is worried. Sam thinks Banasur is Krishna’s enemy and enemy’s enemy is a friend, he will use Banasur against Krishna now.

Precap: Krishna tells Radha that this world’s biggest power will attack Anirudh.
Sam thinks if Banasur attacks Anirudh, Krishna will try to protect him and fight with Banasur.

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