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Qurbaan Hua 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Chahat proves that Neel is innocent and Baleq stole the gold coins

Qurbaan Hua 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Viyas jee leaves the lawn without listening to anyone and even when Chahat tries to explain he refuses saying that he doesnot want to talk about the matter anymore, everyone in the family leaves after him, Neel wonders why is this happening to him as he cannot bear it any longer, he heads back into the house, Baleq exclaims that such things would happen till the time he leaves the house to go back Delhi after which Chahat would be forced to marry him.
Neel enters the room explaining that he does not have the strength to face everyone and can no longer live with this face because if he had the strength then would have met the jeweller after which such mistake would not have happened, then he starts packing the bags but Chahat stops him explaining that they both will face the situation together as the Neel she knew was practical and there was nothing wrong with what has happened, she explains that he doesnot have to feel like this. Neel mentions that he accepts he has never done anything worth mentioning for Viyas jee but he also doesnot have the right to make him feel any embarrassment, Chahat consoles him explaining that she knows that they have been in an accident but he should not loose hope as they would have to first find out what has happened with the original coins that Neel ordered.
Bopho is amazed after seeing Chahat, he explains that she has made a strong plan with which they would be able to catch the real culprit. Neel also comes dressed in the attire of a police man, Bopho praises him then even performs the Sadqah, Bopho mentions that Chahat has really changed the personality of Neel, Chahat reveals that they would also have to perform the act, Neel says that she should not spend so much time with Bopho as would she be able to act because when she would start talking everyone would come to know that she is acting, Chahat feels offended and so acts as if she is really a villager, Bopho exclaims that she would surely teach Neel acting then they all head out.
A person is riding his vespa when he hits a women who is actually Chahat, she exclaims that he has ruined her life and she would give her life because of him, the man exclaims what he has done to her, she calls for a police man and then Neel comes on a scooter, he asks why has he not given her the money at which the person exclaims that he must catch the person who ordered the coins as and upon inquiring he reveals that it was the son of Viyas jee and he was a weird character because he first ordered some gold coins then again called him a second time for the order of steel coins and some paint, the jeweller calls the number and Jamuna answers it, Neel exclaims that it is the number of the landline, the jeweller asks who they both are, Neel reveals that they are the family members of Viyas jee and require his help to reveal who stole the gold coins.
In the house Godambari inquires why are they wearing such clothes t which Chahat mentions that the blame which was placed on Neel was wrong and they found the jeweller who mentioned that someone else called him to order the coins made of steel, so they have brought a scanner and the person who mixed the colour over the coins would have no effect from the scanner while the hands of everyone else would turn red. Baleq gets nervous hearing about this, Godambari says that they would not perform this as no one from their family would steal, Viyas jee however exclaims that everyone would perform this test and he would be the first one to do so.
Viyas jee performs the scan and is followed by everyone, Baleq realizing that he has some time goes to the Mandir to cover his hands with the Kumkum and after scanning he exclaims with joy that his hands have already started to be red. Neel and Chahat are shocked at this news, Baleq exclaims that he cannot understand who is the person, Chahat exclaims that why did he have to do such a heinous act Chahat inquires why did he have to steal from his family members, Neel explains that he lied as the machine doesnot make their hands red as he lied.
Viyas jee asks the jeweller to leave, Chahat explains to Viyas jee that she informed him that Neel can never do anything like this with his family as he always cares for him, Baleq goes to Viyas jee trying to prove that he can never think of doing anything like this and they both are lying, Viyas jee however doesnot believe him saying that he made Baleq a member of his family however he turned out to be a snake amongst them, Viyas jee out of anger slaps him.

Precap: Chahat reads the article, she explains to Viyas jee that she read about a plant which can cure any illness, Viyas jee mentions that the plant only grows when two people meet whose love has no bounds, Chahat sees the flower but in the attempt to get to it she falls down and injures herself.

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