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Molkki 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: The news of Priyu’s pregnancy shocks her family

Molkki 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Sudha comes to meet Purvi and asks her why she dint come to the wedding. Haldi ritual has already happened. I want to show you something. She takes Purvi to her new home. There will be no water logging here and no wild animal can come here. I will show you the view from the window. She imagines living in that house with her family and smiles. Sudha shakes her out of her reverie. How is everything? Purvi says it is good. Sudha gives her her old lehenga and books. Purvi points out that she loves to study. Sudha says one cannot study after marriage. A wife needs to do things as per her husband’s wish. A lady comes to call Sudha. Sudha heads back home. Purvi looks at the house. I will make a similar home for Ma one day.

Priyu helps Purvi dress well and even applies kajal on her. She gives her a neckpiece. You look great. Priyu realises that they have broken slippers. Purvi lowers her lehenga a little so as to cover her slippers. Priyu gives her a handbag. Tell Chachi to fill it with food till the top. You know how Baba will react otherwise. Purvi leaves. Her mother prays for her well being.

A guy (Kanji Bhai) is keeping an eye on the girls. He notices Purvi and gets intrigued. Purvi notices him looking at her. She walks away hurriedly. Sudha’s father welcomes Kanji Bhai inside. We have been waiting for you since long.

Few girls pull Purvi on the dance floor. She joins them. Sudha smiles seeing Purvi happy. Everyone rushes to welcome the leader of their town, Virender. Purvi wonders why everyone is so curious to meet him. She stands in the end. A lady tells her that he is the owner of Sakshi Mills. Purvi recalls how her mother was cursing the owner of Sakshi Mill the other day. She notices the wound in Virender’s feet and gets tensed. I attacked the owner of the Mill? Virender’s mother asks her son about his wound. He shares that a thief got inside the mill and hit her. Purvi hears their convo from far.

Purvi overhears Kanji Bhai giving 5 lacs to Sudha’s father. Your daughter is Molkki from today. Sudha’s father happily agrees. Purvi realises why her mother was against the idea of her going to the wedding. Sudha’s father thanks Kanji Bhai. Kanji Bhai leaves. Sudha’s mother is sad that they may not be able to meet their daughter ever again. We should have killed her instead of selling her. Her husband tells her not to be mad. Purvi decides to do something about it. I cannot let this happen. She runs to find Sudha.

Purvi is looking for Sudha. Virender is also headed somewhere. Purvi sends all the girls outside so as to speak to Sudha in private. Sudha’s mother knocks at the door just then. Purvi stops Sudha and takes her outside from the other door. Sudha tells her it is time for pheras. Purvi informs her friend what she had overheard. You are going to be Molkki bride. Virender overhears it and stands in their way. Where were you running off with the bride? What were you saying? Purvi bows down and folds her hands. I am not lying. This is a Molkki wedding. Her Baba has sold her off. Please do something. Virender tells her to stop. This isn’t some ordinary theft but Molkki. Do you even know what it is? It isn’t a deal but a tradition made to help the poor. Girls give their acceptance before everything else. Marriage cannot happen without it. He asks Sudha if she has become Molkki by choice. Sudha agrees. Purvi is stunned. Sudha tells Purvi to understand. I cannot see my parents spending their life in poverty. I am only trying to arrange meals for them. Monsoons are beautiful for others but it is a thing of fear for us! Virender ji is right. This money will help my parents. They will be happy after my wedding and I might be happy too. She apologizes to Virender on Purvi’s behalf and goes back inside. Virender walks away as well.

Sudha gets married. Title song plays in the background. Purvi is still feeling bad. She gets some food packed for her family.

Virender’s mother’s necklace falls down when she is wiping her hands. A guy picks it up. Purvi notices this and chases him. She hits him with a stick and confronts him.

Virender’s mother realises that her necklace is missing. Everyone starts looking for it.

Purvi asks the guy to admit that he stole the necklace. He manages to run away. She keeps the necklace in her bag for safekeeping. I will give it to her. Purvi goes to give the necklace to Virender’s mother but the guy blames Purvi. She has stolen the necklace. He points out that she is poor and even makes everyone look at her feet. He empties her bag. The necklace falls down in the process. Kanji Bhai is watching everything. The guy continues to blame Purvi. Sudha’s mother asks Purvi why she stole it. You could have let us know if you needed money. Everyone blames Purvi. Purvi requests Sudha to tell everyone she cannot do this but even Sudha misunderstands her. Purvi requests them to believe her. The same guy tells everyone to hand Sudha to police. Virender’s Mama blames the guy instead. She came here to return the necklace. You are the one who stole it! I saw everything with my own eyes. Flashback shows Virender’s Mama watching everything that happened inside. Purvi is crying. Virender’s Mama feels bad for her. She folds her hands in gratitude and thanks him for saving her dignity. He says truth had to come out in open. Virender glares at the real thief. You were trying to blame an innocent girl. You will be punished for it! His men take him away. Virender thanks Purvi for saving his mother’s necklace. You can keep it now.

Vidaai ceremony happens. Sudha leaves for her home.

Priyu’s father finds her anklets. He is furious with her and slaps her but his wife tries to intervene. He manages to beat her. He is about to hit her in her stomach when she requests him against it. I am pregnant. Purvi enters just then and stops in her tracks in shock.

Precap: Purvi agrees to get married so her sister does not have to face the wrath of her father or the society. Virender is against second marriage but his Mama tries to snatch the land of Sakshi Mills from him. Virender tries to challenge him but his Mama experiences a heart attack during the confrontation. He gets admitted to the hospital. Even Purvi’s father is admitted to hospital for some reason. Later, Purvi’s father tells Kanji Bhai to fix Purvi’s Molkki wedding. She later gets married to Virender.

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