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Mere Sai 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarkar challenges Sai to save Raghav’s family

Mere Sai 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Rama wonders if this was Sai’s doing. He is the one who has always taken care of us. Sumati says till when he will save us. We fall in problems one after another and he helps us every single time. Now even I feel that this is of no use. Rama says I told your Baba not to take so much loan but he wanted to continue the festivities for 7 days. He wanted to show everyone that even an ordinary man can marry his kids like the elite. The same people are watching us suffer now. Raghav overhears this from outside and feels bad. Sumati says even I have lost faith now. We wont be able to repay this debt ever. Baba was going to take another loan to pay off this loan. Rama says that was out of habit. Sumati wonders when Baba will realise his mistakes. She apologizes to Ashok for promising to help him. Ashok says I don’t want to give exams. I accept it today that we are Sarkar’s servants so no one can hurt my sister again. Sumati feels bad to see him giving up his dream like she had to. Servitude is trying to snatch my brother’s childhood and I can do nothing but look on helplessly. Raghav feels bad to see his daughter losing faith. Her hope was the only thing that kept me going. I should be punished for my sins. He leaves.

Chandu thanks Sai. Sai blesses him but get tensed the next second. Everyone notices him leaving in haste.

Raghav comes to the jungle. Sai is walking hurriedly. Raghav notices a corner with holes and realises that snakes live here. I deserve the same amount of pain that I have caused to my family. He picks a stone and throws it on the small hill. 4 Snakes come out of their holes. Raghav kneels down on the ground and extends his hands. I couldn’t give you a good life. Forgive me. I may be able to take care of you all in the next birth.

Sai stops in his tracks. Stop now. He broke your house so you can bite him but it isn’t his time right now. Let him go. Raghav is surprised to see the snakes going back inside the holes. He shouts after them. I broke your house! Come and kill me. Sai asks him if the lives of your loved ones be good after your death. Running away from your responsibilities is cowardice. Raghav says I was living for my family till now. Rama had given up long ago but Sumati and Ashok were hopeful. They have lost their faith today. It isn’t Sarkar but I who has snatched their happiness. Ashok was willing to give exam till yesterday but he refused to give exam today! Sai tells him to look at the sun. What do you see? Raghav says it is sinking just like my happiness. Sai says it wont be for forever. It will rise again tomorrow. Kids are pure hearted. How can you think that they have lost hope? You must fix your mistake. Raghav asks him how it can be done. Sai asks him to come with him.

Rama goes to wash clothes. She tells Sumati to take care of Ashok. Sumati notices Rukmani plucking flowers from the garden. She recalls the lesson taught by Sai the other day. What had gotten into me? How could I forget what Sai had taught me? How could I forget that he is always with us? How could I lose hope even when my hand was fixed? I cannot back off now. We are so close to our aim. Prahalad tells Sumati he has completed his lessons. Now Ashok can study too. Sumati considers it a sign. I am thinking in the right direction. She asks Ashok to come and study. Ashok refuses to study. Sai and Raghav look at them from the window. Sumati wipes Ashok’s tears. You will surely study as this was a sign that there is someone who wants you to study. Lots of people want you to study. We will try till the end. We will accept defeat if we lose. We will keep trying till then. Ashok does not want her to get hurt in the process. Sumati tells him to study to make sure no one else meets the same fate ever again. The pain of you giving up studies will last for our lifetime. You will study so we are able to get out of this mess. Ashok asks her how he will give exam. She says we will find a way. Study now. He nods and hugs her. Sai and Raghav smile.

Sai asks Raghav if he still thinks they have given up home and will be in a better place if he dies. They will lose any amount of hope that’s left in them. How can you give up when you believe in Hanuman ji and offer oil to him every week? Raghav says I am trapped. What should I do now? Sai tells him to learn from his mistake. You should only spend what you are capable of. Raghav apologizes to Sai. I will never make this mistake again. Sai says everyone comes to a decision together in a family. Raghav agrees to do his best to make sure that Ashok gives the exam tomorrow. Santa and Banta overhear them.

Raghav calls out to Sumati emotionally. Sumati and Ashok are shocked to see his bruises. How did this happen? Rama comes there as well. Raghav says it will be fine and our condition will change as well. I wont sit peacefully till the time things change for good. I have made many mistakes till date but now I will rectify them. I apologize to all of you. I made decisions on my own till date. I will now ask everyone’s opinion. Sai says consider this a new birth when one decides to learn from his mistakes and change for good. Sumati and Ashok hug their Baba. Rama smiles at her husband. Raghav requests Sai to guide them to turn things around.

Tejasvi calls out to Prahalad. Everyone looks at Tejasvi and Sarkar. Tejasvi says I knew that Prahalad was helping them. I will teach you a lesson now. Sarkar puts the blame on Sai and Raghav’s family. Now they will be punished for this too! Sai says Prahalad did the right thing. He deserves the credit for it. Sarkar glares at Sai. Stop you nonsense. Who gave you the permission to stand in my courtyard and lecture me? Sai says Gopal did (Krishna ji). Sarkar is puzzled. Which Gopal? Sai explains that he is the one who runs the world. There are no distinctions when everything belongs to Gopal? Sarkar says I can send you to jail for entering in my property without my permission. You are also trying to fuel my grandson and my servants against me! Sai says I help all those who need help. Sarkar tells him to go back to Dwarkamai and do all this there. You don’t know how things will turn out otherwise. Sai says everything is in Ram ji’s hands. We can only be mindful about our karma. Sarkar says this place runs by my rules. Sai chants a shloka but Sarkar, Tejasvi, Santa and Banta are unable to understand its meaning. Sarkar tells Raghav and his family that no one can save them now. Raghav goes to Sakori temple to pray but things just turned ugly for you. You tried to take advantage of my family members. It was my intention to let you stay here as my servants. You deserve to be in jail! I will send you all to jail tomorrow morning. You can give your exam then! You can dare to make your dreams come true there. You can continue trusting this Fakir. I will see how he will save you now! He challenges Sai to use his black magic and save them if he can! Sai smiles and blesses him. Sarkar takes offence against that as well. He instructs the accountant to call police tomorrow. This family will be in jail tomorrow. Raghav folds his hands. Sarkar tells Sai to leave. Why do you want me to insult you more? You too will rot in jail if you are seen here again! Sai turns to Raghav’s family and blesses them.

Precap: Sumati notices Santa and Banta sitting outside. we cannot come out till the time they will be here. A lady gives food to Sai. Sai eats a lot of it. She tries to stop him as it can make anyone sleepy. Sai smiles.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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