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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Amber plans to get Nia and Kabir married

Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nia telling Kabir that the tickets are booked and it is after Diwali. She asks if he will manage. Kabir says yes, and asks if she will manage? Nia says it is going to be tough. Kabir says we will make video calls to each other and then everything will be managed. Amber asks what is he hiding? Kabir holds Nia’s hand and says will you accept or not? He says Kajal said that you will have problem and Nia said no. He says Kajal said that you will make me drink bitter coffee. Amber asks what you was telling about 2 years. Kabir says Shri was saying that Uncle will accept, but it can take even 2 years. Amber looks on. Kabir and Nia are about to leave each other’s hand, but Amber makes them hold their hands. He says Kabir has won his heart and invites him for dinner.

Kajal says how progressive, father and daughter on double date. Amber says we will meet. Shri says we are not human and don’t eat food at night. Nia asks what is the occasion for the dinner. Amber says every dinner will be occasion now and there are good news for both too. Kabir asks what is the special news and asks Nia to tell her news to him, before he tells his news. Nia says I can’t tell him now.

Guneet comes to the kitchen and asks if he made food for all the mohalla. Amber says Kabir, Shri, Kajal, Pammi, Dr. Pandey are coming for dinner. Guneet asks shall I help? Amber says don’t touch anyone. Pammi comes and asks Amber if he made her daughter work. Dr. Pandey shows the chart of calcium and vitamin intake for her. Amber exercises and says if she is becoming mother, then I am also becoming a father. He says he will lose 9 kgs. Guneet asks about the dinner. Amber says it is a secret, big blast on Diwali. Pammi says what it could be.

They meet for the dinner. Shri says you have made the food in 3 hours. Kabir says what a food! Guneet says from where you got so much energy. Pammi says he is becoming father again, until when he will be a child. Amber says it is your daughter’s effect. Amber says I will tell you.

Amber tells that don’t know where life takes us, but it gives such a happiness which we have never thought of. He says look at me, I didn’t like change in my life…then Nia decided that I shall have a life partner and everything will change. He says Guneet, marriage and now child…He says I couldn’t even think of all. Dr. Pandey says you made us emotional. I thought to do a stand up comedy on this. Amber says I am not yet done, concentrate on it. He says until today, since 20 years, Nia and I had fight. He says for the first time, we are thinking same about Kabir and your future. Kabir asks what about our future? Amber says simple and logical, engagement on Diwali day and then we shall fix the date and get you both married. He says until the baby comes, he will have jija ji too along with Didi. Pammi says you said very good thing Amber. Dr. Pandey also likes it. Amber tells that happiness gets increased with sharing and I am sharing this with my daughter. He gives his hand to Nia. Nia gets thinking. Amber asks what happened? Why I am feeling that I said something wrong. Nia says no dad, we don’t want this. Amber says you said…Nia says you thought yourself and planned yourself. Kabir gets sad. Amber asks if all that thing was a joke. Nia says Dad. Amber gets upset and goes. Guneet says I will see him. Nia says I will talk to him. She goes behind him and asks what happened? She asks why is he behaving stupid? Amber says when your mom died, you had shifted your school and I agreed. He says I have done everything for you, as you wanted and for your happiness. Nia asks if this was not your happiness.

Amber says I want you to marry yamdood and be happy. He says for the first time, I am asking you to do a thing which is for both of our happiness. He says that’s why I told you not to talk to me now. Nia says sorry Dad. Amber says I want to double your happiness and says nothing else can make you more happy, asks her to understand. Nia says I am not refusing and says it will happen when the right time comes. He asks what is the hurry? Amber says lets go out. He says he never cared about what others thought about him. He says he is happy, but his happiness can’t increased until she settles down in her life. Nia says I am settling down in my career. Amber says he feels selfish to have moved on in life, while she is standing at the same place. He feels helpless not to do anything for her. Nia says come on my place and then you will know what you have done for me. Amber asks her to stand on his place and understand the truth.

Precap: Nia checks the lehanga. Amber asks shall I book the hall for engagement. Guneet tells Amber that Nia is going to Newyork for the 2 years course.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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