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Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 57

Hey friends I’m back with today’s episode. Thank you for commenting and supporting. Let’s go to episode now

Bottle is spinning and it stops facing Kartik and Viren. It’s Kartik’s turn to answer

Kartik: I go with truth

Viren: Good..then tell me who was your school crush

Kartik: Woh..woh.. I had a crush on Aashi during high school

Aashi is surprised to hear it while Naira is shocked.

Aashi hugs Kartik

Aashi: Sach..Kartik…you too feel for me..like I feel for you..what a weird proposal duffer..if I hadn’t  come here I would never have known it…and always consider mine as a one side love..

Naira gets up from the chair and storms away..

Kartik breaks away from the hug and is about to explain his love for Naira…just then Jeevika’s phone rings

Jeevika: It’s.Maa..I think Sara is crying I’ll go

Jeevika leaves…

Aashi: Kartik..you were saying something nah

Kartik: Aashi..I..

Aashi: Come on say those three magical words which I am waiting to hear

Everyone is irritated by Aashi’s behaviour. A guy from the drink counter runs to Kartik

Guy: Sir..the mam..of your family…has drunk a full bottle of alcohol and is beyond control..please come sir…

Kartik and others rush to see Naira on car with a drink bottle in her hand..

Kartik: Naira…what are you doing..please come down…

Naira: Hey..Kaarrtikk…you havvveee….cheated me…I need justice

Kartik: Naira please come down

Naira: Lawyer Viren Vadhera…take my case..i file a case on Kartik and Akash bhai arrest him

Naksh: Naira..please come down…

Naira: I won’t until I get just..ice..

Viren: Acha Naira..I’ll get you justice tell me what happened

Viren gestures everyone to take part in it to persuade Naira

Naira: Kartik…hid about his school friend from me…that’s ok but he didn’t tell that he had a crush on her..and hugged her in front of me…it’s cheating..I need justice

Akash: Whatever punishment you want you give him..but for that you must come down

Naira: Okay sir..

Naira jumps down but Kartik catches her…He carries her in his arms towards the bedroom

Naira: Why did you do like that Huh..bolo Kartik…you hugged another girl in front of me it’s …it’s cheating..I need justice

Meanwhile Aashi is complaining to Prerna: What’s this..why is she creating a drama on my love why should Kartik tell her about me..why shouldn’t he hug me..I think she is jealous of our love

Prerna: Aashi please understand Kartik had a crush on you during school..now Kartik and Naira love each other

Aashi: What…

Prerna: Yes…

Aashi: Stop kidding I won’t believe anything until Kartik himself says

She goes to her room.

Prerna goes to Anurag

Prerna: Pagal ladki..doesn’t understand the truth how can we make her understand

Anurag: She should have after seeing Naira’s reaction..

Prerna: She didn’t…says that Naira is jealous

Anurag holds Prerna closer and: Then it’s her who is going to get disappointed..I hope Kartik and Naira get to terms soon

Prerna: Definitely they will come to terms soon.

The scene freezes.

Next morning Naira wakes up late and comes to dining hall. Kartik goes to her. She avoids him and walks away. Kartik is following her.Mishti feels sad seeing this. Abir comes to her and hugs her understanding her tension

Mishti: Abir..someone will see

Abir: Let them..then our work will be simple..we need not tell anything they will understand themselves.

Mishti: Everything is fun for you..I feel bad for BFF and didi..that Aashi doesn’t understand anything

Abir: But that is good..bhabhi’s depth of love is public now..till now we knew the depth of bhai’s love

Mishti: Hope this fight ends soon

Abir: It will end soon..don’t worry..

Meanwhile Naira goes towards the pool..Kartik is behind her

Kartik: Naira..please don’t avoid me like this..scold me …beat me…but please don’t stay silent..talk to me…

Naira is dizzy due to hangover.
Kartik : Naira..I am sorry…I didn’t think that crush on Aashi is much important it was just a passing cloud..teenage hormone issue..that’s it..sorry nah jaan…please maan jao..

Naira is silent..Kartik is disappointed and turns to leave..Naira senses this and turns around to stop him but she slips an falls into the pool.

Naira is unable to swim to dizzy.

Kartik: Naaiaraaa..
He jumps into the pool. Kartik holds a drowning Naira and pulls her up.

Kartik holds her closer and: Naira..please be careful nah jaan..because of your anger on me don’t hurt yourself..if you say I will never come to you but..

Naira: Kartik..what are you saying..I fell as I slipped..actually I wanted to stop you from leaving and turned but I slipped and fell into the pool

Kartik: You didn’t jump intentionally

Naira nods in affirmation

Naira: What did you say..if I avoid you ..you will never come to me..how dare you say so

Kartik: Woh..

Naira: I  felt jealous when Aashi hugged you..when you told about your crush on her I got angry…I avoided you..but I have every right for it..but you don’t have any right to leave me..do you understand that

Naira’s eyes become wet with tears.

Kartik: Naira..I won’t leave you…I’m sorry for hiding about Aashi from you..but I swear it’s just an infatuation..you are the only girl I loved..I love and I will always love…

Naira hugs Kartik

Naira: I can’t see you with any other girl Kartik… I can’t lose you…if I lose you I’ll lose myself.

Kartik: Neither will I lose you nor will I let you lose me…

The scene freezes on Kartik Naira.

Scene shifts to dining hall. Everyone is gathered there for lunch. Jeevika is playing with Sara when Viren comes to them

Viren: Jeevika give Sara to me and go to have your lunch

Jeevika: Nahi Virenji..you eat I’ll eat later

Akshara comes there

Akshara: Jeevika give her to me..myself and Naitik will handle her..you eat..

Viren: But aunty

Akshara: I have brought up two children beta..go..

Jeevika and Viren give Sara to Jeevika and go for lunch.

Akshara takes Sara to Naitik and they start to play with her and put her to sleep in their arms..

Naitik: I just feel like I’m living in the past now..just remembering choti Naira in my arms..

Akshara: Haan Naitik..but now our choti Naira has found her Rajkumar

Just then Abir gathers their attention

Abir: Everyone please listen to me…I need to tell something,.actually I…Love has struck me too..till now only Kartik bhai and Naira bhabhi know about it..I have mpfound my true love…and it is

He goes to Mishti and holds her hand..

Abir: I love Mishti..I feel that she is the girl who can complete my life

Mishti: I too love Abir.

Everyone show a grim face. Kaira and Mishbir are shocked. Suddenly Manish goes to Naitik

Manish: Seems like our families are going to get one more relationship

He gets Sara in his arms

Manish: This Mahalakshmi has brought immense happiness in our families..Keerthi is alright and in addition to Keerthi-  Naksh and Naira- Kartik Mishti- Abir are joining our families again.

Everyone rejoice.

Anurag hugs Abir and: Rascal..is Kartik alone your bhai..am I a stranger..why did you hide it from me

Abir: Sorry bhai.

Prerna comes to Abir and holds his shirt collar

Prerna: Always saying bhabi..bhabi..but hid such an important thing from me

Abir: Bhabhi..bhabhi..sorry…I won’t do it again…

Prerna: Okay last warning…

Kartik: Our families are really awesome you accepted our love with such an open heart

Akhil: When you guys make the right decision and love the right person and also figure out what is love then why should we have doubts

The scene freezes on the happy faces of everyone.



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