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Is it really love?? (RIANSH) Episode 25: Another couple💕

Hello everyone!!

I am Sorry I am late today to publish the episode since I had gone out. And just some part was left to cover up so I completed it and then am posting!🥺

Disclaimer:- Please do not kill me or hate me for the last question 🥺👇 (after precap)


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The episode starts as…

In Riddhima’s and Sejal’s house at 07:00pm,

Riddhima opens the door. Vansh, Kabir and Angre enter inside. Vansh and Riddhima look at each other and recall the morning talks as they walk in. Everybody sits on the sofa. Sejal, Aryan, Ishani and Sia come as well.

Ishani: Hey bhai! When did you come?

Vansh: Just a while ago.

Sia: And so how was your meeting?

Kabir: Don’t ask! He didn’t pay attention at all. He was lost in his own world.

Vansh: There’s nothing like that.

Kabir: Whatever! Y’all need to trust me.

Ishani: Alright! If you say so.

Riddhima gets up and goes to the kitchen to get juice for everyone. Kabir follows her.

Kabir: Let me help you. What are you planning to serve?

Riddhima: It’s okay Kabir. I’ll do it myself. You don’t need to worry. Go and make yourself comfortable.

Kabir: Did you hear my question?

Riddhima: Yes! (Smiles) Your question was ‘Did you hear my question?’

Kabir(smiling): Riddhima, Seriously??

Riddhima(laughing): Okay, Sorry! I am planning to serve juice.

Kabir: Okay! So…….. I will help you out.

Riddhima: Even if I deny, it won’t affect you, so you can help.

Kabir: *winks*

Riddhima pours the juice in all the glasses and asks Kabir to take it and serve it to all. Riddhima turns back to get the plates to serve snacks. During this time, Kabir adds a diamond ring in one of the juice glasses. The ring has ‘LOVE’ written on it. Kabir takes all the glasses and leaves from there. He serves juice to everyone. One glass is still kept on the tray. Riddhima gets the snacks. She then picks her glass and sits besides Vansh because there was no other place vacant. Kabir looks at the glass which contains the ring and thinks, “I will confess myself today.” Everyone starts having the edibles. The environment is quite jolly but normal. And then,

Sejal(shouting): Oh God!

Aryan: Now what did I do? Why are you complaining about it to him?

Sejal: Not you! IDIOT!

Sejal has a smile on her face. Kabir comes forward to her.

Sejal: Yes, I will.

Kabir: Let me first take the step. You are more eager than me.

Aryan(confused): Can y’all please let us know what’s happening?

Kabir smiles. He gets on his knees and removes a ring out. Everyone is shocked.

Kabir: Sejal, Since the first day till today. I have always had a soft corner in my heart for you. But now you will own my heart completely. Will you marry me?

Sejal: Ofcourse, I will! I was waiting for this and if you wouldn’t have taken the initiative I would have.


Ishani(whispers to Aryan): Yeh kya ho raha hai? (What is happening?)

Aryan(whispers to Ishani): I am confused as well. Humne chingari Riddhima aur Vansh ko lagayi aur aag Kabir aur Sejal ko lagi. (We planned to instigate romance between Riddhima and Vansh but it’s being bloomed between Sejal and Kabir)

Ishani(whispers to Aryan: Exactly. But I am happy for them.

Aryan(whispers to Ishani): Me too!

Vansh(thinks): Great yaar! Kabir met Sejal the same day as I met Riddhima. Ishani met Aryan the same day as I met Riddhima. But look at them and then look at me. Their love stories track has started also and mine track isn’t even prepared. Anyways I am happy for the four.

Riddhima(thinks): Wow! Aryan and Sejal, both my best friends have got the love of their lives and an Idiot like me. I have my love but it’s not completely in my life. Anyways let someone be happy.

Aryan gets up and hits Sejal with a pillow.

Sejal(stressing on the word): Why????

Aryan: Since when did you start having feelings for him? Neither do you tell me anything nor does Riddhima.

Riddhima: Wait…… I also didn’t know about this. This fool didn’t tell me also. And why would she, who the hell are we?

Aryan: Exactly! Some stupid best friends who have……..

Riddhima: Night outs!

Aryan: Sleepovers!

Riddhima: Parties!

Aryan: And create all the possible drama.

Sejal: Guys, stop this emotional blackmail.

Aryan(sad tone): We are emotionally hurt. Right Riddhu?

Riddhima: Yes! And so I am going from here. Aryan, FOLLOW ME!

Aryan and Riddhima leave from there and enter Riddhima’s room. As soon as they enter they end up laughing.

Aryan: What do you think, will she come behind us?

Riddhima: Ofcourse she will. Just wait for a few minutes.

Sia: I feel you should go and convince them.

Sejal: Ya! I too feel the same thing.

Sejal goes to Riddhima’s room. As soon as she opens the door. A bucket full of water falls on her. She gets wet completely. Aryan and Riddhima come out and start laughing.

Sejal: Seriously guys! Tum log kabhi bade nahi ho sakte! (You guys will never grow up)

Aryan: Thanks babe! But we have showered all of our anger on you.

Sejal: Like this? Who the hell does it this way? Better than this y’all wouldn’t have spoken to me for a day.

Riddhima: We not speaking to you is not punishment, it’s a blessing for you.

Sejal: Arrey yaar! You took it seriously. Wait I’ll give you a hug to calm down.

Sejal walks towards Riddhima. Riddhima stops her.

Riddhima: No! I am already calm. Aryan needs a hug, go to him.

Aryan: No, I need a hug but I remember that I have already taken bath so……..

Sejal: Okay! Means since I am all wet you guys won’t even hug me. I understood today.

Aryan and Riddhima: What?

Sejal: All your love, care, affection, friendship and everything else was fake.

Aryan and Riddhima go closer to her and slap her turn by turn. And then hug her tightly.

Aryan(in a serious tone): You say anything, we don’t care. But dare if you call all our care and friendship fake.

Riddhima: Exactly! You would get another TIGHT SLAP from both of us.

Sejal: Sorry guys! I know y’all love me.

The three get back and notice tears on each other’s eyes. They call it the tears of happiness for having such an amazing and unbreakable bond of friendship. Just then, Kabir knocks on the door and walks in.

Kabir: If y’all don’t mind, Can I take her on a date with me tonight?

Aryan: If you take her then who will drop her back?

Kabir: Ofcourse I will. Don’t worry. She’s mine now. I will take care of her.

Riddhima and Aryan walk closer to Kabir and hold either of his collars.

Aryan: If you disrespect her or illtreat her then…….

Riddhima: Then you have no idea how we would treat you.

Aryan: You will see our worst side. And….

Riddhima: And we mean it, you’d hate us and yourself for ill-treating her because…..

Aryan: We are too possessive when it comes to our friends and….

Riddhima: And we hope you understood!

Kabir was surprised by the way they spoke to him. Sejal too couldn’t believe her ears, and tears started flowing out. Sejal hugged Riddhima and Aryan.

Aryan: Arrey, don’t cry in advance. He didn’t do anything till now. (Laughs)

Sejal(crying but with a smile on her face: [Gets back] These are tears of joy. I couldn’t receive a family but I received friends who are more precious than family. When I was small, I longed to have a brother who was caring and protective at the same time. I wanted a sister, who could be there by my side and always support me. And give me a tight slap if I was wrong (Laughs). You too mean the world to me. Y’all are the most precious gems I have. And I can’t afford to lose y’all.

Riddhima(tears in her eyes): Bas kar pagli, rulayegi kya? (Stop it babe, Are you gonna make us cry now?)

Riddhima, Aryan and Sejal join in for a hug. Kabir looks on and says, “ I guess I am invisible that’s why they can’t notice my presence.” Aryan pats on Kabir’s head and gets him in too.

Later, Sejal goes to change her clothes while the rest come out of the room. The three have tears in their eyes but smiles on their face.

Precap: Vansh comes down on knees to confess his feelings for Riddhima. Riddhima has a smile on her face but is equally surprised.


  • Do you think the precap is a dream of anyone?
  • And if it is someone’s dream, who’s can it be 🤷?

(If after reading precap y’all are worried or angry read the disclaimer again😲)


Loads of love from me to y’all 💞💞

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