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Interesting… Very interesting… Part 5 (Aryan & Vansh’s face-off)

Hey guys
Hope you all are fine. Thank you everyone for your support. This time also my episode came late, but this time I will not say sorry because I did it purposely because I wanted you to give a powerpact episode.

Raisinghania Manson

Vansh looking at the statute and said
Vansh : Bye sweet heart I’m getting late.

He went downstairs he said the whole family present there

Ishani : Bhai where are you going
Vansh : You know Ishani then why are you asking again.
Ishani : Are you going to the same spot, where you..
Vansh cuts in between
Vansh : where I lost my heart…my soul.
Angre ; Boss I will also be with you

Vansh gave him a glare look

Angre got his answer, he said
Angre: Sorry Boss
Siya : Bhai eat breakfast
Vansh : Dear you know that today will eat only outside food.
Siya : but..
Dadi : Ok Vansh then pray to God & go
Vansh: These things are show off. I don’t believe in this things.
Dadi : beta don’t say like that.
Vansh : then what will I say. That day the worst day. Your so called God had my everything from me. A person from my own family had helped the god to take back everything from me.

Everyone look went to one person it is none another’s than he is Aryan. Vansh comes to the Aryan and said

Vansh : If you didn’t say like that on the day then heart will be here. Why did you this ? Why did you lied?
Aryan : Bhai everything I said was truth.
Vansh : Aryan now also you are lying
Aryan : You will say like this only because you didn’t like me. From the childhood itself you used to get angry on me. You didnt even considered me as your Bhai

Vansh get angry and he slapped Aryan tightly

Dadi : Vansh
Aryan : dadi don’t stop him.
Vansh : If you loved her then you should have the guts to speak.
Aryan : But I was going to tell her but when I heard that my brother is loving her and going to tell her then what will I do. That time I thought that you will understand me .thats why I said everything to me. But I didn’t know where she went. I searched everywhere madly for her. Now I have the hope that she will come and I will confess love to her
Vansh : Wow nice story but I will not believe this
Aryan : I know you only believe with proofs only.
Vansh : Yes
Aryan :Then one minute

Aryan went back to his room and came back with a big suit case and he threw it to Vansh’s feet

Dadi : Aryan what is this
Aryan : Proof for Bhai

Aryan opened the box and said
Aryan : Look Bhai your proof
Vansh looks shocked and surprised

The episode ends here with the shocked and surprised face of Vansh.

Whom the girl which Vansh & Aryan are mentioning?
For the answer stay tuned
Nicks ❤💗

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