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Indiawaali Maa 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kaku offers a solution to Akshay

Indiawaali Maa 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kaku telling Akshay about the puja. Akshay says we never did the puja on diwali in this office since ten years. Cheenu recalls making diwali plans with Kaku. Balli praises Kaku. Everyone prays. Kirti shouts to call Akshay. She says I can’t find my laptop. He asks her to relax. Kirti says all my data is gone, lets call the police. He says we will find it. She says this never happens, I think Kaku has done it. Cheenu says we can’t blame anyone like this. Akshay asks Kirti to calm down. He asks security to find out. Cheenu says I left the office last. Kirti says I should see cctv footage. Hasmukh asks paying guest.

The man says yes, you can’t give house on rent or sell it, paying guest is the best option, I have seen someone for you. Hasmukh says the person should be good to stay here. Everyone checks the cctv footage. Akshay and Cheenu say the laptop isn’t stolen, no one can be doubted, lets get back to work. Kirti says rewind it. She shows Rohan and Kaku leaving. Akshay asks what’s he doing here. Kirti asks who is this guy. Kaku says he is Rohan, my son.

Kirti asks what was he saying here. Cheenu says you can’t doubt him. Kirti asks how can you say, he is the thief, he has taken the laptop. Kaku says he isn’t a thief. Kirti says he has come here without telling anyone, right. Akshay says I can call the police, he came here without my permission. Cheenu says I gave him permission, I called Rohan for the meeting. He says you know he has a big loan. Kaku says he can’t steal. Cheenu asks will he sell laptop to pay the loan, lets get back to work, clients will be waiting. He angrily goes.

Cheenu asks are you done, are you ready to bear more insult, you just support Rohan, any way, you help me in this project, then do anything you want, but not here. Fawad comes and says manager of NRI clients called, the couple had a fight, that wedding is cancelled.

Akshay says we lost a big contract, its a big loss for the company. Kaku asks why did they fight that they broke the relation, shall I talk to them once. Cheenu says we lost the clients, now you also go. Kaku recalls her words. Rohan is at home. He waits for Kaku. The man says I got a good party, he is going to pay you one year rent. Hasmukh looks at the strange looking guy. He asks whom did you get, he has no values. The guy hears it and says this jeans is worth 8000rs. Hasmukh asks what. The guy says we will have fun together, I will make tea for you. He goes.

Kaku says we will try once, there is a misunderstanding sometimes, maybe the wedding happens. Akshay asks Cheenu what do you think. Cheenu says we can do this. He says Kaku never accepts defeat, lets do this and get the project back. Cheenu says you got Akshay on your side. Kaku says no, he is on the profits’ side, I want to see profits in relations. Kaku asks Cheenu to help her, Rohan will also be needed.

Cheenu says yes, but Rohan can have a problem. Kaku says don’t worry. She gets Rohan’s call. He asks her to come out, he is waiting. Kaku says come, we will talk to him. Kirti sees Rohan outside. She goes to Akshay and says that laptop thief is here again. Kaku says its good you have come. Rohan smiles seeing Cheenu.

Kaku says you both will help me. Akshay comes to stop Rohan and Cheenu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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