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Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Happu’s spy plan backfires

Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 18th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rajjo coming out of the house and asking her kids why did they call her here. Hritik asks Rajjo not to hate Papa after hearing them. He tells about the bug/spy machine in their house, to listen to them. Ranbir says like we see in films, tells about the microphone in the house. Rajjo says that’s why he came to know everything. She says we will tell Amma. Hritik says I told her already. He says we have to give reply to Papa in his style. Rajjo kisses on his cheeks. He wipes his face. Happu asks Manohar to set up the machine. Manohar says your time don’t pass until you hear the gossip. Chamchi tells Amma that they were thinking not to give any gift to Papa this year. Kat says father is someone whose skin is gone, but money not gone. Chamchi says we are not feeling to give him money. Amma says you have snatched my thought and says when Happu is born, I didn’t get any happiness as all the villagers laugh at me for giving birth to a kaddu/bottle gourd. Kat says father is kaddu. Amma says though I am not happy, I am helpless to celebrate the birthday. Happu and Manohar listen to their conversation. Happu asks Manohar to set Rajjo’s room. Ranbir hears him standing outside the police station and informs Kat. The kids run to Rajjo’s room. Hritik asks Rajjo why she wants to celebrate his father’s birthday and asks her not to celebrate the birthday. Happu says Rajjo will scold him now. Rajjo tells that she got good alliance, but she got married to Happu. Malaika says she don’t want to call him Bapu.

Rajjo says she feels that this is her previous birth’s karma. She says just as I get the chance, I will flee from here, I can’t control this man. Happu gets heart broken and asks Manohar what did he hear? He says someone put hot oil in my ears. He asks Manohar to buy chocolate and give to his children, so that their misunderstanding gets cleared. Manohar asks for the money. Happu asks him to take the chocolate on credit. Resham Pal comes there and asks Happu about the machine. Happu asks him to give him a day’s time to give him the review. Manohar comes home and gives chocolate to Chamchi and hritik, says it is sent by your Papa. Chamchi says we love our Papa. Hritik says even I love him. Chamchi says he is world’s best Papa. Hritik says don’t say this. Happu hears in the Police station and prays to get the same children in next birth too. Manohar says I want to have 4-5 children seeing your love for your Papa. When he is gone, Hritik and Chamchi open the chocolate packet. Hritik says did you see that Papa wants to bribe us and sent chocolate. They say they shall throw this in gutter and will not eat it. Happu cries sitting in the PS.

Later in the night, Beni asks Happu what is his problem? Happu says you are my true friend and says his destiny is hitting him and he couldn’t do anything. Beni asks him to drink Happu drinks and says God makes us take birth in this world, we don’t choose our family, but choose our friend. He says you are my true friend. Beni says you are opening your heart and I want to share something with you. Happu asks what? If you are going to meet Vimlesh. Beni says no and tells that don’t say that, actually…..I am in love with someone else. Happu is shocked. Beni feels shy. Happu asks him to say again and asks who is the girl? Beni says I will not take her name, else she will get bad remark on her character. Happu asks if she is married? Beni says yes. Happu asks how is she? beni says don’t ask, all apsaras fail infront of her, when she walks, seems like peacock is walking and when she talks, it seems like flowers are falling. Happu laughs and asks who is she? He says I will not ask you further and asks him to elope with her, says I will handle her husband and offers his support. Beni asks promise. Happu says yes.

Precap: Beni tells Rajjo that he is mad for her since college, but she fell for Happu. Rajjo says even she used to like him. Amma is sitting and hearing their drama. Happu hears on spy machine and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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