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Gupta Brothers 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Gupta Brothers 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shiv asking Ganga why did she go there. Ganga says I thought they might be missing the food made by you and says sorry. Shiv says your intention was good and says lets eat kachori chaat made by you. Ganga thinks his brother shall not hurt him more. Rajat looks at his mother’s pic from and also the God’s idol in the other side of the house. He steps inside and tells God that he couldn’t study this time due to the tensions at home. Amba tells him that there are many people who are uneducated, but earns much. She asks him to do cheating and get the marks. Rajat says cheating. Amba says everyone sees the marks and not how you have passed. She asks him to get someone who makes him pass in the test.

Shiv tells Ganga that this is his new technique to get more sales and says husband will get 5 percent discount if he stays with wife during shopping. A couple comes there. Shiv asks them to stop together to get the discount. Ganga says your idea is working. Shiv sends her to get more sarees from godown.

Rajat meets his seniors and is afraid. Seniors asks him to go and get the photo copy of the question paper. He gets the question paper Xerox. Alok comes there and asks what is he doing? Rajat says he came to get the pen and asks him to give 100 Rs. Alok gives him money and says if you don’t get good marks then I will punish you. Ganga comes there and sees Rajat leaving from the Xerox shop and buying question paper from some guys, and paying them money. She gets shocked and follows him. She asks what is it? Rajat hides the question paper. Ganga says what you are hiding is wrong and asks since when this is going on? Rajat says who are you to ask you? Ganga says I am your Bhabhi and will not let you go on a wrong way. She asks him to show what is in his hand. Though he refuses, she tries to see. She finally sees it and finds it to be the Xerox copies of a question paper.

She gets shocked and says this is exam papers, you want to do cheating. Rajat says don’t tell Alok and Veeru, they will beat me. Ganga asks why, you was studying well? Rajat says he couldn’t concentrate on studies since few days. Ganga says I have done wrong, and now nobody believes me even if I do anything right. She says whatever I have bear, I won’t let you bear it. She throws the question paper and takes him to the seniors’ boy house. She slaps them and asks where are your parents? She threatens to call the Police. The boys plead infront of her to forgive them. Ganga asks them to bring all the papers and also the match stick and dustbin. She tears the question papers, throws it in the dustbin and burns them. She says I have forgiven you this time, but if you repeat this next time, then I will not forgive.

She asks Rajat to go to school and write whatever he knows and learnt. Rajat asks her not to tell anyone. Ganga says your brother Shiv has respect in the neighborhood and asks him not to repeat the mistake. Rajat asks her not to tell anyone. Ganga says I will not tell anyone. Rajat says thank you bhabhi and turns to go. Ganga goes. Rajat picks the thrown question paper and says sorry. He thinks if I fail then Alok Bhaiyya will beat me and Veeru Bhaiyya will break my head. She thinks today Rajat called her bhabhi, but she can’t tell her the truth right now. Later Ganga comes to Shiv and shows the gift which she brought for him.

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