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Excuse Me Madam 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Add gets beaten by Madam because of Sanam

Excuse Me Madam 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Madam tells Sanam that you can buy this chain back from me for 5 lacs. Sanam says but it’s just 50K worth. Madam says but I am wearing it so it has more value. Sanam says I can’t buy at that price. Madam says then you can do mujra and if I like then I will give it back. Sanam imagines himself dancing like a mujra dancer. He says I can’t do that, please give this back, I really need it. Madam says you won’t get this chain back. Sanam sadly leaves.

Sanam calls Addu and says madam is not giving the chain back that Kranti gifted me. Addu says this is difficult. Sanam says it has a locket and there is a picture of us inside. Addu says what I have to do? Sanam says you have to come here as a thief and snatch it from her. Addu says you will make me die someday.

Sanam is waiting for Addu to come to their office. Madam asks him to leave. Addu comes there dressed as a thief. He asks madam to give her chain to him. Madam says stop it. Addu tries to snatch it but Madam beats him, she says I will beat you so much. Addu says please let me go. Sanam thinks I have to act like beating him too. Madam asks Sanam to beat him. They both beat Addu. Addu cries and pleads to let him go. Sanam says I will take him to the police station. Madam leaves so Sanam hugs Addu.

Kranti calls Sanam and says why are you still not home? You said you were coming an hour ago. Sanam says there is a lot of traffic. I found Addu near my office and we went out for a drink. Addu says yes we are together, he ends the call. Amar tells Kranti to focus on her husband. She leaves. Kranti gets worried.

Scene 2
Sanam and Addu come home. Addu is beaten up. Kranti says you were late, I was worried. Amar asks Addu why his face is beaten? Kranti says to give the chain to Amar, she wants to get it replicated. Sanam says there was an incident, a thief snatched it from me. Addu tried to get it back but the thief beat him. Amar asks Addu you tried to beat a thief? You get scared of lizards. Addu says I am saying the truth. Kranti says it was my grandmother’s chain. Amar asks if they remember the thief’s face? Sanam says no. I was trying to save Addu so I didn’t look at his face. Amar says I know all thieves of this area so I will find him. Sanam says he didn’t look like from this area, they know Amar is my sister in law so it must be from some other area. Amar says I will find him.

Sanam comes to the office and glares at Madam. He says I am sorry for bragging about my card playing skills. I have learned my lesson. Can you give the chain back? Madam says this chain is lucky for me. I got my parking yesterday because of this chain. It’s lucky. Sanam says it was not lucky for me. I lost the card game. I just want it back. Madam says I am keeping it, she turns away. Sanam starts sit-ups and says please give it back. Madam says I am not giving it back. Sanam sits down and says I have a reason to get it back. Madam says I am giving you a chance. Sanam says it’s my mother’s chain. Madam says you bet on your mother’s chain? Sanam says I mean it’s from my mother’s jewelers. It’s precious to me. Madam says your stories are cheap. She asks him to leave. He cries and leaves.

PRECAP – Madam tells Sanam to take his chain back. Sanam gets the chain back but a thief comes there and steals it. Madam says I will call the police. She calls Amar and asks if she can help her. Sanam gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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