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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th November 2020 Written Episode Update

Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th November 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Maharaj orders 2 guys to keep a tab on Bela 24×7. Mangesh invites Maharaj over dinner at night. Maharaj agrees to join him. One of the Daasi’s with him isn’t happy that poor Bela will meet the same fate as them but the other one holds Maharaj in high pedestal and tells her to think positively.

Bhima wakes up Bela and offers her milk / tea as per her choice. She shares that she eats or drinks anything after completing her puja. They agree to wait till she does puja. Ram ji returns home. She asks him about her grandmother and Puranjan. Ram ji shares that her grandmother is at Vaid ji’s place. She is fine but she has suffered burns so she will take some time to recover. He lies about Puranjan that he has gone to Niranjan’s place and will be back once he calms down. You should stay with us till then. He goes inside. He tells them truth to his family about Puranjan. We fear that the people from upper community might have harmed him in some way. Bhima asks him till when will they let them kill someone from their community. Ram ji says we have to play defensive now but we need to be ready to attack if required. They hear the sound of bell and go outside. They are pleased to see Bela praying. The guy appointed by Maharaj is also keeping an eye on Bela from far. Bhima gives tea to Bela afterwards.

Kulkarni and Guru ji decide to find proof against the people of upper community so as to get justice for Puranjan and others.

Bhima gives tea to Bela. He tells Ram ji that he is taking Bela to Vaid ji to meet her grandmother. Ram ji tells Bela and Anand to accompany them. Bhimbai tells him to take care as well. Ram ji nods and leaves. Bhima tells his mother to cook food for them. Manjula goes with them as well. Ganga tells her mother that she should go to her home as well. I will call the kids back too. Tulsa will also come back here. It’s been long. We will see how things will go in future. Bhimbai comforts him. I can understand it but don’t go right now. I am not sure if your in-laws will be able to accept you or not. Let Baba come back. We will decide the next course of action then. Meera also tells her to have patience. Help me make lunch right now. Ganga goes with her.

Bhimbai is pained to think of all that happened recently since Maharaj has come to Satara. I get afraid thinking about my family as I am a wife and mother yet they give me hope for a better future too.

Bhima requests Bela to stay with them only. Manjula Didi will help you study and you will like it too.

One guy is told to sprinkle the milk from some specific plant in Bela’s hair. He starts walking towards the kids. Bhima notices the leaves in the hand of the guy approaching them. He shifts Bela to the other side just in time. The guy looks on in shock for a moment but walks away when Bhima turns to look at him. He meets Maharaj on his way. Maharaj realises that he was unable to do what he was told and slaps him. He orders one of his Daasi (the one who believe in Maharaj’s path) to complete the task. The braids in her hair will make people believe that it is God’s will. She will also become God’s Daasi like you two. The other Daasi isn’t happy with the plan though. Maharaj tells the Daasi to make sure she is able to pull it off successfully. She leaves.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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